Palestinian film: Jihad drove Israel away from Strip
Elior Levy
Published: 30.12.11, 14:31
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1. tactics drew Israel away from unwanted Gaza
zionist forever   (12.30.11)
For decades successive governments on the right and left have wanted to get rid of Gaza with its 8000 Jews surrounded by a million arabs costing the IDF a fortune to defend but no government had the courage to propose ditching it. Sharon's tactic was get out of Gaza and Bush will support israel keeping more strategically valuable parts of Judea & Samaria. He had to give Bush something. The tactic whilst controversial might have worked, it was a gamble as all military operations are. Unfortunately this time is didn't pay off. If it had worked though it would have been a great coup for Sharon, no terror from Gaza, saving a fortune for the military and the US supporting Israel keeping more valuable parts of Judea & Samaria. Unlike the Olmert / Livni Kadima Sharon's party was supposed to be Israel takes what it wants and they gives the rest to the arabs and says you got your state now. This is in keeping with the idea of the Gaza pullout, we didn't want it in exchange for keeping land we want more. It was all about international politics & money not jihad.
2. LOL!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.30.11)
Pass the popcorn. I have a great idea for a trailer for the film -- let's send the film festival heads actual footage of how Israel blows up cars in which Islamic Jihad members are traveling, or perhaps some footage of an Islamic Jihad missile launching team getting blown up before it gets a chance to launch. Make that an extra-large bucket of popcorn!
3. Give me a break
Joseph ,   Fl   (12.30.11)
Mossad doesn't send death threats. Death is not a threat if you're already dead.
4. elan grapel mystery solved
yosef ,   williamsburg   (12.30.11)
so thes is why elan grapel was in Egypt yes?
5. Change the name of the "movie" to
Natan   (12.30.11)
Jihad in Fantasy land
6. At least they have films to fall back on
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (12.30.11)
7. 6-Ha ha ha!!!!
Ypip ,   Canada   (12.30.11)
Death Bridge...the life and times of hairy pot bellied trolls.
8. Time to make some PRO ISRAELI Movies!!!
Matt ,   LA,USA   (12.30.11)
It's just a shame to the strong Jewish Community of the World whom influence their influence in film industry is quite remarkable & phenomenon. People like Spielberg could really clean the ruined image of IDF by making some pro Israeli move instead of WWII movies, Holocaust was over lets not let another one happens and stick to the moment, an International devil force has already began towards ISRAEL wich clearly targets JEWS in General!
9. Israeli pullouts lead to all Israel's worst problems.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
It is ludicrous to maintain that "Palestinian" opposition lead to Israel's disastrous Gaza pullout. That was a dumb decision on the part of Israel's leaders. However, Israeli pullouts are the direct cause of virtually all Israel's worst problems. For instance, the only reason we face thousands of rockets and war in Gaza is because of our Gaza pullout. The same applies to our Sinai and South Lebanon pullouts. Israeli retreat is a lunatic policy.
10. "we too have Israeli collaborators" priceless statement...
Peacefor ,   Peace   (12.30.11)
"Just like the Israeli army has collaborators within the Palestinian society, we too have Israeli collaborators," guess who he is referring to leftists ...
11. Jihad led to Cast Lead
William ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
It's our psychological warfare against Gazan terrorists.
12. Movie
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.30.11)
More brainwashing.
13. It happened once, it will happen again Hollywood will
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.30.11)
make a much better remake in the future- and I thought Arabs had no sense of humor!
14. #2 Sarah..LOL.with you....You seem to....have been...
ali ,   villanova-usa   (12.30.11)
Married to a Palestinians before... and then things TURNED sour... YOUR Sarcastic comments are not coming from Pleasant experiences. They seem to be LOADED and VENGEFUL...Too BAD.. I am also..LOL with you.. and wonder ..what happened....MOST of the JEWS DO WANT TO FORGE THE past...not YOU...ANd..pls keep US LOL-ING....
15. AZA
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (12.30.11)
16. great arab epic
daze ,   US   (12.30.11)
For movie accuracy, shouldn't the arab, firing the rifle in the picture above have a bunch of women and children (extras) in front of him? Also, in that live ammo was used, if an actor gets shot and killed, are they considered martyrs, and if so, are their 72 virgins real, or are they just acting?
17. Agree with #1 - context missing from their statement
William ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
"Our tactics drove Israel out of Gaza (a hellish place that even Gazans want to leave, and Egyptians repeatedly rejected responsibility for)" It wasn't Jihad that "drove" Israel out of Gaza, it was the distastefulness of Gaza itself. truth is, no one wants it.
18. main point of the article:
EZ   (12.30.11)
"The purpose of the film was to soften the image of the Palestinian terrorist.." And he does this by showing how armed men ambush a middle aged couple driving home from seeing their family? Somehow the terrorists also manage to have two of their own killed? Vicious and incompetent. Keep making films. Show us what you are. Remind those of us who forget what you are capable of.
19. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.30.11)
First of all, I am married to an Israeli Jew -- the real Palestinians. As to "pleasant experiences" -- seven decades of unremitting ersatz "Palestinian" terror and violence; six wars -- that's why no one with half a brain can stand the ersatz "Palestinians." As to most Jews wanting to forget the past -- what a remarkably stupid thing to say (not surprising, but remarkably stupid nonetheless). Aren't you forgetting the slogan "Never Again?"
20. Israel left to preserve a Jewish state
MARK KLEIN, M.D. ,   OAKLAND, CA   (12.31.11)
The Gaza occupation left too many Arabs under Israel's direct political control. The withdrawal was like amputating a gangrenous limb. The Palestinians are living in the clouds to believe their mostly failed military operations dictated Jerusalem's decision to abandon Gaza.
21. HAMAS terrorists must belong to Arabia.
Jules   (12.31.11)
Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jewish People. Forever.
22. Suuuuuure....
shmulke ,   w coast, USA   (12.31.11)
This Pallywood propaganda movie has about as much truth in it as the claim that there is a Palestinian people...that is, less than none. Both claims are pure fabrications for political purposes based on Jew hatred.
23. Desney...
Joe ,   Newtown USA   (12.31.11)
a sequence to Alice in Wonderland...
24. They really are who they claim to be
AnitaK ,   USA   (12.31.11)
The Palestinians couldn't have described themselves better.."Palestinian terror organizations." This is who these people are.
25. LOL
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (12.31.11)
LOL keep these idiots dreaming, they can only defeat us in their DREAMS, haha! :D
26. To Mr's Sarah B
Luiz Felipe HaddadN ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (12.31.11)
Dear Mr's Sarah B. "Never again" is an excellent expression. The Jewish people, and the State of Israel, must be strong against their enemies; but, of course, moderated. I repeat that you are not isolated around the world. A happy new year (from Christian calendar) for you, your husband and all your relatives. "Um abra├žo", in Portuguese.
27. The SHAMEFUL Silence on Horrendous Suffering of Non-Muslims
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.31.11)
The silence of government and media worldwide on the horrendous suffering of non-Muslim innocents is unforgivable. Their sinful silence aids and abets the Jihad Against the Free World. PAKISTAN: A lawyer from Hindu community is missing and police refuse to register the case claiming that the abduction of Hindus is of no consequence. December 30, 2011 The abductors have asked for ransom of Rs. 10 million but still the police refuse to register the case and are also not investigating it as the abductions of Hindus are not a new thing and the routine business of Muslim fundamentalist groups. It is feared by his family that he would be killed if he does not embrace Islam or pay the ransom. The Hindu community remains under threats of abduction, forced conversion to Islam and persecution in the name of blasphemy since many years by the fundamentalist religious organizations that operate through their seminaries (Madressas). Most of the Madressas are not registered by the government but are free to operate with the patronage of the police. It is alleged that provincial police know that he has been abducted by the Muslim religious groups who are operating freely in the areas of the Hindu population in the rural parts of the province through the seminaries. Forced conversion to Islam by the abduction of girls and their forcibly marriage to Muslims is common. The situation of abduction, rape and forced conversion has reached such a position that many Hindu families migrated to India among them are also Hindu legislators. Murders, kidnappings, looting of Hindu families are on high all around the Pakistan. Fear has spread among the Sikhs and Hindus of Pakistan after the atrocious beheading incident involving a young Sikh man because of his refusal to convert. Furthermore, the Pakistani State has failed to protect the rights of the religious minorities which has left them feeling helpless while living with daily fear. A Hindu is being beaten by the Muslim clergy to convert to Islam. Photo by Chakra website. The Asian Human Rights Commission has estimated that every year more Christians and Hindus are forcibly converted to Islam.
28. I can't wait for the 4th Sequel to the Death of Muhamad Dura
meir elazar   (01.01.12)
The whole PAL existence in Israel is one big fiction. They were nomads who overstayed their welcome. At no time did they ever rule or even have a govt. in Israel. Before Israel there was the British Mandate and before that for 500 years there was the Ottoman Empire. Before that wandering nomads at best but never a PAL govt. The PALs pioneered TERRORISM in the early 1900's with multiple massacres of Jews. While Nazi hid their agenda of annihilating the Jews, HAMAS proudly boasts it in their Hamas Charter. It is time to do to the Gaza terrorists what they aspire to do to us.
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