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Father Christmas shares culinary delights
Morten Berthelsen
Published: 31.12.11, 10:37
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1. Why do you put recipes for disgusting (non kosher)
Repugnant! ,   Israel   (12.31.11)
goy food in a mainstream Israeli newspaper? Please don't insult your majority audience.
2. to poster number 1
Ariel ,   Tel Aviv,Israel   (01.01.12)
and who told you that everybody in israel keeps kohser?regarding the other part of your cokmenatry is disgusting,by the way,did you knew that not every israeli citizen is a jew?
3. Christmas in Denmark....
Danielle ,   centre   (01.01.12)
I just got back from a wonderful Christmas in Denmark....The food was amazing. I recommend this to any free minded and worldly person, the rest of you can f off.
4. Insulting........?
Kim Praestekjaer ,   Denmark   (01.01.12)
I do recall my late grandfather helping Jews from denmark to sweden during 2nd. world war - I am sure he was not insulted by the fact that you did not like our food - and he took his risk helping anyway... I am proud and happy that he was not that narrow minded
5. re 1. Why do you put recipes for disgusting (non kosher)
n. levner ,   carmiel, israel   (08.01.12)
IF you were really a jew, you know that duck is a perfectly fine kosher bird. All natural vegetables are as well.
6. If you are making risalamande not for Christmas
Gilad ,   Svendborg, Denmark   (10.23.12)
then you don't have to put the one almond aside. The reason for doing that is a Danish custom in which the one who finds the whole almond gets a small present from the host/ess.
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