Israeli man gives birth
Neri Brener
Published: 30.12.11, 19:16
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1. Nebich
Josh ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.30.11)
2. Sorry: this is sick and pathetically unnatural
Ezra ,   USA ISRAEL   (12.30.11)
As well as selfish, greedy, self-serving and diametrically opposed to the nature of humanity. Sexual preference is one thing but this trend towards Outlandishly changing ones nature to suit a selfish desire rather than accepting what is (concerning sexual preference) is so beyond selfishness dimentia it can't even be called human behavior. In California, two gay women adopted a Jewish boy and at the age of 7 began dressing him as a girl and giving him hormone treatments to change his sex to a girl. The state supported it. "Tommy" is now "Tamy" and at 11 looks like a girl indeed. This has gone too far into the real of perversion and rebellion against the laws of nature, it must be stopped somewhere along the line. It's disgustingly UN-human.
3. No baby deserves this kind of screwed up family.
Terrible!!! ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
If they have any heart at all for the child they should give it up for adoption to a NORMAL family.
4. More accurately: First legal male ...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.30.11)
... of Israeli nationality to give birth. Readers who were confused should feel no shame as that distinction was not made clear. Not everyone is familiar with the term "transgender man." It means a man who was born a woman, not the other way around or anywhere inbetween.
5. WOW and this is supposed to be the Holy Land of Israel
aiman ,   jersey   (12.30.11)
6. Disgusting
Judah ,   Baltimore,USA   (12.30.11)
7. Discgusting!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (12.30.11)
What is one supposed to do in this case? Wish this deranged sorry excuse for a human being transgender "mazal tov"? Israel is on its way to becoming an abominable nation.
8. Oh get over it
Dani ,   Phila, USA   (12.30.11)
Yeah and kids are so much safer in broken heterosexual families, right? This man was born a woman, in the wrong body and had surgery. I can't believe the level of ignorance and homophobia! Why am I even surprised?
9. Sorry if you have a vagina you're a woman
Gav ,   USA   (12.30.11)
10. ignorants
luis ,   tj   (12.30.11)
you idiot people that wrote this article, first of he is not a man she's a women by nature and the fact that she had a sex change doesnt chage the real fact that internally she is is still a women, so sorry to dissapoint you not today and not ever will a real man be able to give birth do to natural causes.
11. Israeli man gives birth
rachel ,   zurich   (12.30.11)
My dad would have said : A jewish child is born !! Welcome !
12. #5
Jane   (12.30.11)
Still, it affirms life. Unlike honor killings and suicide bomings, Aiman.
13. YES #5! You said it. With these things
Israeli 2   (12.30.11)
happening in Israel, we need no Iran to worry about. Honestly, I don't know what is worst... after all Sdom and Amorah were finally BLASTED off the map.
14. That Mifletzet is no male...only a
Israeli 2   (12.30.11)
screwed up female.
15. What's the problem?
Everyone should be free to do what he wants from his body.
17. And you are tearing Israel to pieces
Christian ,   Sweden   (12.30.11)
b/c you are taking offence to haredi lifestyle? Please enjoy!
18. No, a man cannot give birth
Susanne ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.30.11)
Whatever kinds of surgery or drug treatments this person has or is undergoing, she clearly has a functional womb and vagina, and possibly ovaries.
19. ...and if any of you read the full length article a while...
hetero granny ,   Israel   (12.30.11)
a while back you would all know that this young man started out as a female in an ultra-orthodox family! May the family be blessed with all goodly blessing.
20. Man or woman
Chris Perver ,   Bangor, N. Ireland   (12.30.11)
The fact that "he" was able to conceive and give birth shows that he is not a man at all. He is a women who behaves like a man. This makes a nonsense of the idea that sexual orientation is something that can be changed at will.
21. Whoa, what does one say?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.30.11)
22. What a horrible thing to do to a child. Shame.
Jake ,   USA   (12.30.11)
23. Normal?
Yariv ,   Oklahoma   (12.30.11)
How dare you! You should be ashamed, I hope nothing but the best for this family, May HaShem shower his blessings upon them. <3
24. Open your minds
Iris ,   Boulder, Colorado   (12.30.11)
Wow, Ezra. I feel sorry for you for all the hate you carry in your heart for people who are only trying to do what they can to be themselves. Gender identity disorder is serious. Could you imagine feeling like a woman on the inside and looking like a man on the outside, or vice versa? Nobody goes through such a culturally taboo and drastic change without serious thought and conviction. These people just want to be themselves, and sometimes, what "god" gave them doen't match how they feel inside. Open your mind. Read about the hell these people go through just to feel comfortable in their own skin. It's the rhetoric you preach that breeds hatred towards people different than you, and this hatred often turns into violence and murder. Spend your energy elsewhere, maybe for good. You'll feel better.
25. A humongous shame
ADI ,   Haifa Israel   (12.30.11)
that this story was published at all. This family should be left in peace to get on and cope as best they can. May God bless them
26. You are all disgusting!
Michael ,   West Jerusalem/Ny   (12.30.11)
I hope you all know that the things you people say make people kill themselves.
27. Israeli Man Gives Birth
Rochel Miller ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.30.11)
Does he belong to the Labor Party?
28. Israeli Man gives Birth
Abdula ,   Canada   (12.30.11)
My first tthought was wow Cool but then I read the comments and I thought poor guy has to put up with all this intolerance. I wonder why these even got printed concidering the policy - "Comments containing incitement, slander, racist slurs and inappropriate language deemed to violate our terms of use won't be published. " I guess sexism doesn't count?
29. man gives birth
Jen ,   Vancouver Canada   (12.30.11)
all you have to do is look at Romans1:18-32 whether you are Jew or Gentile and you will see the absolute truth of why this is happening. May God forgive us!
30. @5 aiman
by your name, you sound like a muslim arab. so, your comment is in line with your mentality. the fact is, as opposed to all backwards, uneducated, despotic and depraved muslim countries where killing, intolerance, decapitation, lashings, sharia islamic violent law rules, israel is a modern, advanced, liberal and very humane nation where tolerance of all is practiced no matter how strange or unacceptable to you muslims. god above made us all who we are. it is only in islamic nations under sharia law that the "different" human is treated violently, despicably and without mercy. clean your backyard and religious dogma before spewing judgement on any modern democratic and civilized nation. you guys have a very very long journey to go because you are stuck in the 6th century in the middle of the 21st.
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