A decade of good deeds
Published: 01.01.12, 09:05
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1. nice, but sad
jany ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.02.12)
A meaningful gesture, indeed. However I felt sad when a woman wrote it was hard to convince an academic to let her come here for a week. The woman is Jewish. Israel , I wish, should not be an exotic or unusual place for Jews to come. I came to live here from North America. My first visit was when I was 15. Why is it news when a few dozen Jews visit their spiritual home, which is also their back up place should their host country become unfriendly to Jews. News is when 1000's come or when NefeshbNefesh delivers a planeload of new immigrants. Thanks for the effort though- I know lots of Jews who could not find us on a map.
2. to #1
chava ,   yerushalayim   (01.03.12)
The principal's problem most likely was the timing, not the destination. Most high school teachers arrange their vacations during school vacations. To take a week off during the school year causes an interruption for the students who don't learn as well with a substitute, & a necessity of finding a substitute. The principal had to be convinced that the trip was worth the downsides for the students.
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