Israeli suspected of causing Chile wildfire
Ynet and AFP
Published: 01.01.12, 01:02
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1. Obviously we export both the best &not so great stuff....
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.31.11)
2. Exporting Israeli lawlessness
Sagi   (12.31.11)
Yes, the average Israeli sticks his fingers at the law. The average Israeli will sit down on the promenade or in a public park on a holiday or weekend and light a barbecue fire right under a sign forbidding this with a penalty for not abiding by the instructions. The average Israeli will sit in a restaurant again under a sign stating that smoking is against the law. The average Israeli driver stops not before the traffic light at the white line but past it and over the pedestrian crossing thus blocking the way by gaining a few more meters. The average Israeli brings shame on us when abroad. This is a result of bad upbringing and bad manners which in turn are a result of inefficient levels of law enforcement. I hope he goes to jail for many years and learns a lesson.
3. If he's proven guilty make him replant the forest.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.31.11)
4. Israelis behaving badly
Baloo   (12.31.11)
All backpacking Israeli youths should be required to take a course on the basics of human interaction prior to being allowed to leave the country: 1. Basic courtesies 2. Obeying laws in foreign lands 3. Intermediate courtesy and 4. Advanced courtesy
5. Amen!
Jock Hewing ,   Dallas, USA   (12.31.11)
6. blame the jews... this time is true !!
moscow   (12.31.11)
7. Price Tag?
Nina ,   NYC   (12.31.11)
As payback for Chilean UN vote?
8. Product of Israeli Anarchisitc Culture
RulesDontApplyToMe ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.31.11)
Whats the problem he is just one more secular Israeli touring the world in search of him/herself brought up by parents who like him see no reason to observe basic rules of civilized society if it interferes with their selfish desires and "needs" there are a couple of million like him here. The products of extreme synical Israeli culture propagated by the equally anachistic Israeli media.Expect more of the same and growing hate of all things Israeli by much of the world.
9. No. 2
Lauren ,   Israel   (12.31.11)
I could not agree with you more. It's almost like Israelis have no connection with any concept of cause and effect, and rules are for other people. Like silly Americans who are still light years ahead of us when it comes to good manners. I've lived here for 42 years now, and I still feel like I live in the Wild East, where anything goes and usually below the belt too. And I hate it. No good reason why Israelis still have to cling to obnoxiousness or downright rudeness.
Edithann ,   USA   (12.31.11)
Are the Chilians anti Semitic too? TATA
11. Israeli culture
Raptor   (12.31.11)
and behaviour, Israeli customs, and in general Israeli attitude to others and to public property are all reflected in what this person has done. He should be made to pay for this but so also should Israel be made to pay for the damage and the cost of replanting. This person's behaviour is a direct outcome of the lax attitude of law enforcement resulting in people flouting the law, indeed it is the norm rather than the exception.
12. #6 I blame all the russians of Moscow
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (12.31.11)
Beside the stupid Blame from Moscow, The thing to do with this stupid kid is to teach him a lesson that will set the exemple for others.
13. 9 Lauren The majority of Israelis
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.31.11)
are fine people,but they do not make the headlines. Show me one democratic state without hooligans.
14. Well....
Jori   (12.31.11)
the Israeli media will probably blame it on the Haredi
15. Chile will probably go after their Jewish community
k ,   US   (12.31.11)
it does not take much for Catholics to go after the Jews, surprised it has not started already
16. #8 Product of Israeli Anarchistic Culture
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (12.31.11)
As an Israeli yourself, it makes you the product of cynisism and negativism. Have a shut of Mary Jane, kick back and relax. Happy New Year to Jerusalem Israel.
17. #11 Israeli culture is a good culture.
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (12.31.11)
Do not generalize people of your nationality or culture as you are generalizing the Israel national culture. It is unfair and ignorant to say that people in general are all the same . OK Mr or Madame Raptor?
18. Civil War
Emanuel ,   USA   (12.31.11)
Civil war including aginst the anarchists and your left wing crazy friends. I hope you aagree?
19. #10 Childish comment
Scott ,   QLD Australia   (01.01.12)
20. #9 Unfair generalisations are exactly that
Scott ,   QLD   (01.01.12)
There are good, bad, bright and stupid in every society / community.
21. Fire in Chile
Quebec observer ,   Canada   (01.01.12)
Normally there are forest gards to look after a national park. Where were they? It looks like they were very busy drinking. Is a chilean national sport.
22. #9 Yes Ora agree
Maxim ,   ISREAELOAMERICAN   (01.01.12)
Check the Arab Spring Holly Hooligans. Not counting hooligans from New York, Paris, London, Frankfurt, and all world metropolitan cities. VOILA!
23. now act like you're all surprised, and maybe they'd buy it!
Marwan ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (01.01.12)
what do you expect from a thug who grew up in an occupied land, where he was taught it's a patriotic & heroic act to burn the olive trees of the palestinians?!
24. fire
Ronald ,   UK London   (12.31.11)
interesting if he was of any other country it would not have been mentioned, but because he is Israeli , then it is highlighted
25. #13 ORA ,#9,#2
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (01.01.12)
I am afraid I find 9 & 2 right. Administration of the law is a joke here; same case, 3 judges, 3 different results: Each Judge thinks he is as wise as Solomon whilst judgements are up with those in Sodom & Gomorah People committ crime here knowing they can rely on the lethargy of the system, and a teflon attitude by those responsible refusing to take on any responsibility throughout. Corruption, even in high places is rife, and will corrode our people. Anarchy will be the outcome given a little more time if the nettle is not grasped.
26. Re: Chile will probably go after their Jewish community
Miguel ,   Chile   (01.01.12)
Chile don't do that. Chile is a tolerant country of religion and cultures from overseas. We are not tolerant of idiots who don't follow the rules in a Natural Park likr that, Before in, every tourist receives a paper explaining the rules.
27. #24 100% agree - Other nationality wouldnt rate a mention
Scott ,   QLD Australia   (01.01.12)
28. nonsense
SeppeSai ,   Chile   (01.01.12)
imma firefighter and I think you're talking nonsense, maybe over there a national park is just 2 acres long, but here in the south, entire regions are wildlife reserves, can you put guards everywhere, ovbiously not, so we have to trust on education and responsibility, obviously some foreigners know not of them (some years ago a Zcech caused us the same amount of trouble).
29. If he is tried and found guilty. Let him
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.01.12)
do his time in a chilean prison. We do not need to bring him here to serve his time. Hopefully we will not hear his family and friends demanding he do his time here.
30. the man isn't a hoodlum,just low I.Q.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.01.12)
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