Israeli suspected of causing Chile wildfire
Ynet and AFP
Published: 01.01.12, 01:02
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31. It is just a fire set by accident or negligence.
leo ,   usa   (01.01.12)
Just because Israeli s a suspect does not mean it is the only fire even happened so far of the only fire, which will ever happen. No need to draw silly conclusions. You better worry about fires set deliberately.
32. Again? Really?
George ,   Santiago, Chile   (01.01.12)
'll go out on a limb here to say that probably the Israeli government WILL NOT help with the reforestation efforts as the Czech Republic did after one of their own did the same thing. Just put a "reforestation" fee for tourist visas for Israeli nationals to pay for this. Enough is enough. This issue keeps happening time and time again. There should be a "common sense" type of test to enter the park, to weed-out the baboons like this one....
33. Chile Fire
Yosi ,   Sydney   (01.01.12)
No 2 Exporting Israeli Lawlessness. Your comments are spot on.Many Israelis who travel abroad have brought shame on Israel in their disgraceful behaviour.Chile has just been added to the long list of countries where Israelis will not be welcomed!
34. #10 edithann - you ask a lot of questions
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.01.12)
why is it that I can't get you to answer any? What was the Capital City of your fictional Palestine, what was its name? Who were the lasst three Palestinian rulers? Where oh where can I see some evidence, any evidence, that your phantom Palestine ever existed, maybe a couple of coins? C'mon gal,time to fess up, there never, ever was a Palestine, it is and was an outright lie
35. #23 Marwan - you're correct
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.01.12)
Land is occupied by its rightful owners, the Jews Israel/Judea = Jews-Israeli's Arabs = Arabia Get the idea? You're lot is squatting on a land that you have no legitimate claim to I will ask you the same questions that I have asked many others, maybe you can be the first that will be able to answer them 1) Where was the Capital City of your fictional Palestinel located, what was its name ? 2) Who were the last three rulers of your fake homeland? 3) Where can we view a few antiquities, such as genuine Palestinian coins, made in your own mint? Since it is my land, I am free to clear any vegetation that I feel like clearing Now, take what's left of your olive trees and return to Arabia, from whence you came, as your name of Arab indicates Before you leave, explain,if you can, why there is no mention in your Quraan of Palestine, Jerusalem or Al Aqsa ???
36. This fellow is a distraction
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.01.12)
Cjo;e has been in a state of unrest, riots, demonstations and burning of pubic & private property that was intentional It's not as if fire is unknown in Chile. tit has been used by Chileans's to express their displeasure with their own government, Gogole"Unrest in Chile", you'll get the idea
37. Convicted of being JEWISH before an arson trial.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.01.12)
38. #7
you and your conspiracy theories are despicable and moronic.
39. @10
and for a second, i was most certain you are describing the smelly and uneducated arab population dear.
40. Israeli suspected of causing Chile wildfire
Ariel Preminger ,   Calabasas   (01.01.12)
In reading talk back comments on chilean newspapers regarding this tragedy I can sense the negativity of chileans vis a vis Israeli backpackers. As a Jew born in Chile I believe Israel should educate the tens of thousands of young Israelis who back pack around the world regarding the impact they cause when they behave poorly in host countries. Maybe the IDF could teach them to be more aware of their behavior and the consequences it brings when they behave poorly?
41. Israeli suspected of causing wilfire in Chile
Anna Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.01.12)
Oh, c'mon! The guy did something VERY silly and/or stupid. The fact he is an Israeli citizen is of minor relevance. As a tourist in Chile, any foreigner has his nationality mentioned when it comes to news - good or bad ones. He should pay for his foolhardyness. Unfortunatelly, the damages he caused to the Chilean - and to the EARTH wildlife cannot be fixed with just money or time done in a cell. But what is really odd are those people who try to blame the forest guards for the Israeli guy stupidity. Crazy sense of justice.
42. Plant and animal life!
David ,   USA   (01.01.12)
With all the fires around the world it is hard to hear about those that could had been prevented. This could have been an accident and lets hope so. We must understand that we all make mistakes, and do things that we are not to do. Tell me who doesn't fit this bill, and I'll show you life on Mars. It is just a big lost to the animal kingdom that hurts in this case.
43. Maybe he thought he was in the promised land.
papi ,   Promised land   (01.01.12)
44. Worlds lawlessness
Nechama ,   USA   (01.01.12)
Well, man you hadn't been in NYC lightly...I guess. Nervy!...NY's even more nervy and arrogant...if not go and visit...Brighton Beach full of cut glasses on the beach itself..or the pee on the subway and the smoking on your nose not matter what. Pushing and shoving in Manhattan is first priority done by all sweet NYr's... Besides the point he hadn't been sentenced yet!..and you are sentencing all of us!...I hope he is not a corban and they are covering up who really did it! This means simply...yo be nice and instead to be so rude!
45. Got it right!
Nechama ,   USA   (01.01.12)
Drinking only? playing cards and starting with the girls. A fire of this magnitude and spreading has to be full neglection from their local rangers. Is better to blame it to some jews than to take some responsibility.
46. not a bit different
DGS ,   Israel   (01.01.12)
He should be treated EXACTLY as a Chilean citizen would be treated in an equal case, and not a bit different because of his jewishness or israelisness.
47. #2 really?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.01.12)
Maybe you are right about Israelis, maybe you are wrong, although I have noticed that behavior amongst Tel Avivian Leftists. Rotem says he did not set the fire and I understand that the Chilean court has already released him. Maybe the fire was set by a British tourist? An American? An Arab?
48. Rotten Singer burns chile while trying to dispose of his
Al   (01.01.12)
toilet paper. He was trying to be environmentally friendly after having wiped his ass with the toilet paper. He didnt want to spoil nature so he burned his toilet paper. Another fine example of the occupy social justice youth. He was one of those candle children weepy eyed about peace ala 1995. Israel, you've done well in raising a generation of petz. This crap is supposed to protect you against the enemy??? Good luck with that one!
49. Why such a small price to pay?
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (01.01.12)
50. Secular Israelis hate the environment and burn down forests
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (01.01.12)
51. a bit of a nerd?
Rachel   (01.01.12)
well- if that description is anywhere close- he most likely did NOT put out the fire completely. All it takes is a tiny spark-. Now the anti semitic accusations are starting to surface- sure- it is always a surefire excuse, excuse the pun.
52. Thoughts from Chile.
Peter ,   Santiago, Chile   (01.01.12)
Be a little more careful with your opinions. Chilean justice is not making any judgement on his race-religion. It would have been the same if the one who started the fire was chinese, german, american or indian. There's no antisemitic thing going on. Sure, there'll be people on the social networks saying anti-jew stuff (same will happen probably if the guy was japanese, "gringo", etc), but that's NOT the official feeling, just personal garbage. Also, I agree that there wasn't a strong initial response to the fire, but that doesn't mean this guy isn't guilty of doing something not so clever: burning paper in the middle of a national park.
53. No. 52
Lauren ,   Israel   (01.01.12)
I agree. There is nothing anti Semitic here, that is taking the whole thing to a ridiculous level. This guy, regardless of nationality, race, religion, etc. is just a very selfish and thoughtless person. And that kind of attitude is what I refer to about Israelis: this kind of careless, what do I care I'm not a friar attitude is what leads to trouble. This instance is not the first time we all read about absolutely stupid and reckless behavior regarding Israelis and not taking the law seriously. It's happened in too many places over the years. As an Israeli, I expect a lot more regarding respect for others and general "derech eretz" from my fellow Israelis.
54. #50 Rod - where did you get that from?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.02.12)
One day, on manuvers, I tried to tear a branch off an Eucalyptus tree to use for camouflage of our cannon As soon as my officer saw me trying to do it, he literally handed my head to me Israel at one time was a very arid land in some places and swampland in others Trees were planted to alleviate by problems I must congratulate you, yours is most certainly the most idiotic posting I have seen in the last week
56. Chile this time
Brian ,   uk   (12.06.12)
In such instances, the whole world is merely reaping what THEY sow in any case, and the only two Chileans I've ever met I found to be surly or unpleasant. Brian, uk
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