Minister: Haredi Shoah display 'insane'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.01.12, 10:09
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1. Obviously we - Israel - have a group of extremists
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.01.12)
that are mass insane. I pity the children, to have to brought up with such negative thoughts and hatred. The Israeli people (from all factions) do not hate the haredim - we could even live with them in peace, if they would just "live and let live". But now they are crossing red lines of behavior and thought. The government has GOT to get a move on its next procedure of handling the haredim.
2. Haredi Shoah demonstration
Ehud ,   Israel   (01.01.12)
A sad day , the hadedim have lost all proportion. They should not be wearing the yellow star but the ss sign. They are passing their version of "Nuremberg Laws, Women can't travel on public transport with them, they can't sit by them then can't hear them sing, not allowed to work in shops or serve haredi men ( even at checkout) boycotting shops and businesses not run by Hasidim. I think they are confused they should be forcing the women to wear the yellow star! and then they can spit on them and call them whores I fear there is worse to come ,,, there already have been statements that it's better to die than hear a woman sing,,, this type of thing will lead to violence ,, I hope am wrong but it's only a matter of time until they adopt "Hamas"style tactics. Sorry about the content and language but have not said anything or used any terms that haven't already been used
3. Haredim
Mike ,   Uk   (01.01.12)
These Haredim are insane but that's what you get when you a group to be part of a society but live by their own rules and educational needs. Israel has created this monster, one day it will explode and the Zionist dream will be no more.
4. Speachless!! Mr. Hirsch you & yours have crossed the line.
Mike ,   Raanana Israel   (01.01.12)
You still have some choices left. 1. Live in peace do as you please within the law and let others live. 2. Pack-up and leave Israel to a place where you feel you will be free to practice. or 3. Continue the course you are on and face the full weight of the law, lose all social benifits, lose the protectection of the police and the IDF. enough is enough
5. A question to Peled
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.01.12)
Mr. Peled, were you equally offended when Leftists Leibowitz, Zimmerman and Lapid used Nazi imagery to attack the IDF and their political opponents?
6. I suggest that everyone take a chill pill and grow up.
Al   (01.01.12)
Everything today is about the sound bite. Take the PM for example, he is nothing but the sound bite.He is that empty of a suit. Whats goes around comes around. The constant beating of the drums against religious Jews in Israel is insane as well, would you not agree? Calm down and save your anger and blood lust against the enemies who try to kill you day in and day out. Stop the pettiness and grow up.
7. If these sadistic crazies do this to their children
Devorah   (01.01.12)
in public, what must these self-absorbed sickos do to them in their homes? These breeders made a mocking satire and parody out of Shoah at their childrens' expense and at the expense of all Jews by whining that their perceived "exclusion" issue is greater than Shoah. How dare they. They are a malignant offense to G-D, to the soil they tread at the government's expense and to Jews everywhere.
9. Neturei are enemies of the state and sane Jewish people
Really not difficult ,   Israel   (01.01.12)
Absolutely shut off any and all financial assistance from the state. If they commit treason, put them in jail with long sebtences just like you must do with others who commit treason from the Arab side or deport them. This is the modern state of Israel. If they don't support the state they don't belong here. All citizens must sign a statement of loyalty to the state or NO CITIZENSHIP. THAT INCLUDES JEWS.
10. They're learning 'victimisation' from the Arabs
Righteous Zionists ,   Israel   (01.01.12)
Trouble is the rest of the world, the UN, the Civil Rights groups, won't give a monkey's because they're only Jews, and ultra-orthodox stereotyped ones to boot.
11. Of course it is insane
Sagi   (01.01.12)
These people are insane. Their whole being is insane. I have contended for years now that they are in a deep psychotic state and are in need of medical attention. Just as Shevach Weiss stated, although I personally belive that they have crossed the point of no return.
12. They have no soul
Debbie ,   Israel   (01.01.12)
13. Media Hate Hysteria Incitement Caused It !
QueensOfMeanOnTV ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.01.12)
The media's incitement caused this it did not have to be handled in such a hysterical manner by the "enlgihtened" media a whole community now feels threatened time and time again the media has done this and I say this as a secular Jew shame on the media the leaders of which seem to be the current Queens of Mean extreme feminist media presenters.
14. Those Haredim are completely insane ! Shame !
15. Each and every holder
Sagi   (01.01.12)
of Israeli citizenship should be required by law to sign an oath committing him or her to uphold and respect the Laws of the Land with unquestionable loyalty. Those who refuse should be stripped of their citizenship and passport and given 30 days to leave voluntarily under threat of deportation if they do not. This goes for everybody, Jew and Arab alike and any others from whatever creed or denomination. This country must be based on freedom and not on "holiness". Holy is a concept of Man. No stone or object is "holier" than another, certainly nothing is holier than human life.
16. 8 Charles ? "Well let s do it"
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.01.12)
17. The Hareidim are like spoiled children, created by Israel
Vered, Israel   (01.01.12)
By funding their private existence for decades, Israel has been like an indulgent parent, shocked that his spoiled teenager doesn't appreciate anything. The sooner we stop funding their lifestyle, the sooner they will moderate.
18. To # 5
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (01.01.12)
It was Bibi and his mob that viewed from a balcony in Jerusalem, their supporters carrying banners of pictures of Rabin dressed as a Nazi or SS officer.I can never ever forget this, presumably you have, or that that your memory is "selective"
19. Time
Orlando ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.01.12)
....for our governments to wake up and start governing. Left or right both have a bad history with this issue.
20. My mother would have cried at th site og that
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.01.12)
she lost her whole family in Germany. This disgusts me and is against Halacha.
21. #17
Gili   (01.01.12)
We will never be like you. Our lifestyle will be the way it is and nothing will change that. Go ahead cut of the state funds you will only make things worst and if you think we wont fight back when pressed against a corner, and just embrace your version of being a so called "moderate" (whatever version that may be) you are dead wrong. If people want to be secularist go ahead but you When G-d destroys you for creating and embracing a secular society and making a mockery of his laws you will get what's coming.
22. This I cannot excuse.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.01.12)
I do believe the media, backed by the leftists in Israel, are out to get the Hardim, but this symbolism is not the answer.
23. Irony worthy of a grin
Cameron ,   USA   (01.01.12)
24. It would be better to buy a camp in the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.01.12)
Gulag. Then ship all these anti Semitic hara-dim there. Pay for russian soldiers to guard them. Or perhaps they would feel more at home in germany or poland? They are as bad as our worst enemies.
25. #18 Philip, I agree!
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.01.12)
I wholeheartedly support your condemnation of Leibowitz, Zimmerman, Lapid and the Haredi for using the Shoah. The picture of Rabin dressed as an SS Officer was prepared by GSS agent Avishai Raviv and had nothing to do with Netanyahu. I would join both you and Yossi Peled in beating and jailing Raviv (and deprive him of his GSS pension) for that awful and offensive poster. Sadly, Raviv was never punished. By the way, less than a month ago the Attorney General Office (I think it was Lador) decided that such a poster is protected free speech.
26. Deplorable!
rivkah f. ,   jerusalem   (01.01.12)
Hirsch lies. Haredim receive municipal services, such as special education, garbage collection & transportation, their own schools, kashrut, court facilities. They have thrived in Israel with large yeshivas & large families, entire communities & cities, more than they ever did in Poland or Hungary. They may opt out of military & national service if they wish. No one is putting them in ghettos, taking away their citizenship, deporting them, beating them, killing them, which was Nazi policy. I think that radical secularists should not have provoked them by riding their bus lines (which arenot paid for by hareidim but by all of us). But this canard of comparing Israel to the Nazis because of bus lines is so disgusting & such a blatant lie, that they have lost any sympathy I may have had. They have joined the enemies of our people.
27. Immediate expulsion from the country
Liz   (01.01.12)
for everyone who participated in this and their families too. To the North Pole.
28. Exactly the behavior that is....
Gideon Reader   (01.01.12)
...ALWAYS expected from the Chazerei Karta. Totally UN-Jewish attitude and contra to everything relating to common decency ever as acceptable for Jews, since the begining. This behavior and adoption of Shoah themes by people who if in their right monds would and should know better, is ethno-politically pornographic, and deserving of the legal treatment on a level of sedition, treason and outright war.
29. on the radio their rep said they want to move to Jordan...
David ,   USA   (01.01.12)
and that they are going to meet with the Jordanian Ambassador in Israel in order to fully organize and move to Jordan. Ok then as we say in the USA "don't let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out!" Good riddance!
30. We fell for it
Leon Zacharowicz MD ,   New York   (01.01.12)
We have again fallen for Hirsh's attention-seeking antics. He represents no one, except maybe a handful of very disturbed, brainwashed individuals, a lunatic fringe. We should all know better than to allow the media, working together with this publicity hound, to stereotype hundreds of thousands of people. Isn't that what the Nazis did?
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