El Al raises fares for 3rd time in year
Published: 03.01.12, 14:45
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1. Flight costs
Astrid ,   Israel   (01.03.12)
I think someone should do an in depth report on how much it costs to fly inside Europe. In fact, it costs almost the same as taking the bus, without much exaggeration. Europeans fly freely inside Europe without thinking too much about the cost. In fact a 5 hour flight from Oslo to Malaga is about 200 shekels while a 2.5 hour trip to Frankfurt can be had for 30 shekels on some trips. Why is everything so expensive here? Why can't the market be opened up to competition so that Israelis as well can enjoy travelling abroad for the same ridiculous prices.
2. Why does anyone fly ElAl?
Jacob ,   Holon   (01.03.12)
I don't see why anyone even uses ElAl anymore. If I was still single I might say for the good looking Israeli flight attendents... but that's the only reason I can think of.
3. 2
as for me, i fly it because it is the safest way to get to israel. i won't fly any other airline except el al to israel because i do not trust other airlines safety procedures. el al never got highjacked except once. that is a sure thing that i will get there in one piece. i trust those israeli iaf pilots with my life. trhis is why i will always fly el al to israel no matter the cost.
4. 2 Jacob, Holon: El Al has missile defense capabilities that
Rivkah   (01.04.12)
cost a million dollars an airplane to put in. That means a surface to air missile cannot hit an El Al airplane in flight. That is a good reason to fly El Al.
5. Re: Why does anyone fly ElAl
Gil ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.04.12)
Jacob - we fly El Al because it has the most direct flights from Tel Aviv. Why would I want to change planes somewhere if I don't have to? It's simply a matter of convenience. Additionaly, it's nice to be able to speak in Hebrew to the flight crew.
6. #2
Ester   (01.04.12)
actually im flying with el al tonight at 22:55.. and i fly with el al cause its israeli and i dont care about the costs
7. @4 ur comments r correct but u neglected 2 mention....
Rachel ,   Israel   (01.04.12)
that the "Flight Guard" defense system (the ability each ELAL plane has to defend itself against surface to air missiles) was developed by the Israeli Aerospace Industries and was PAID FOR BY THE STATE OF ISRAEL! Since that is the case ELAL company shouldn't be passing forward a cost that they didn't have!
8. Nu?! let the Haradim use it; I'll fly w/ cheaper companies
9. #2 Why fly with other airlines than EL AL
Sami ,   New York, USA   (01.04.12)
#2 I have been flying EL AL since 1962. The service is a lot better than the US airlines or some European airlines. Decent food, decent legroom and good entertainment. And one feels at home.
10. i agree with #2
morris ,   jerusalem   (01.05.12)
el al is crap and so is their food and crappy entertainment plus every retard on the plane claps each time the plane takes off or lands its rediculous. im flying to the states in the summer and although el al was cheaper by 200 dollars i reserved with lufthansa instead way better airlines , better treatment normal people on board hot stewardesses and good food plus no clapppppping people
11. elal deserves less
oferdesade ,   israel   (01.15.12)
the cynicism of elal's frequent flier gives you get 25 points for a return flight tel aviv rome. you need 800 points to get a freebe. you dont get any points for tickets purchased on their special deels website. the result - people will stop buying elal tickets on the ineternet, which is becoming the major source for buying tickets. the attendantsĀ­, who sweat blood will have to be fired. the cynical desk jockeys will get a raise.
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