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Petition: Stop exclusion of women in ads
Aviad Glickman
Published: 02.01.12, 15:07
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1. Garbage
Dov   (01.02.12)
It's seems secular women have a hard time understanding that women on billboards, half naked is not acceptable to G-d and we dislike it. Now if you think this is discrimination you need help.
2. Women are targeting the wrong group
William ,   Israel   (01.02.12)
Instead of going after the violent protesters this group decides to attack Egged for a legal and proper business decision. Egged is a business and as such they are entitled to make choices, within the law, which mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase profit. If their capital equipment (buses and drivers) become the target of violence due to the ads they have every right to reject them on certain bus routes. Any attack with cost the company dearly in lost materials, increased insurance costs, and possibly injury to passengers. If you want to protect an offensive ad on the side of buses, then the group should pay for private security to follow the buses on their route, on the Left and Right sides.
3. So You Dislike It-Who Cares?
yaakov ,   TA   (01.02.12)
It's time for a certain segment of the population to learn they can do what they want (legally) in their own homes, but they don't rule Israel-We all don't want to dress like it's 16th Poland...
4. #1, then leave it up to God
Jacob ,   Holon   (01.02.12)
If God wants to come and use his divine can of spray paint to cover up the women in the ads, by all means he should. But if religious men can't control their senses of arousal when looking at not a real woman, but a picture of one while passing by it, then he needs to walk around wearing horse blinders. Currently advertisers will just avoid showing parts of women, particularly faces and breasts to avoid vandalism by the religious people who feel it is their duty to cover these things up, not due to a law. But that's not something they should have to do.
5. Relief
joan ,   ramat aviv   (01.02.12)
I have always found most of the ads degrading to women...very crude. Where were the protesters all these years?
6. Do the
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.02.12)
haredim prefer looking at the waist, hips & thighs of a woman on a bill board? Shaking my head in disbelief at this stupidity.
7. Stop using sex to sell goods
Yoni the JEW ,   Jewish Homeland   (01.02.12)
once the advertising world stops using sex to sell things I am sure people will have no problem using women in ads. Why dont womens rights groups get upset when they see half naked women being used to attract attention of men to sell goods? Because they are not there for womens rights
8. #7 what's the problem to use attractive woman to sell ?
Jonatan ,   Israel   (01.02.12)
If you don't like it then don't buy. What do you have against beautiful women? Why should we live by your way instead of having the power to decide what we want? We are in 2012 already, if god wouldn't like it he would have done something long ago.
9. Not the same issue as the bus at all
Gedalyah ,   Jerusalem   (01.03.12)
This will not gain the same support that the bus issue has, especially from Modern Orthodox and Dati Leumi Jews. It is one thing to push women to the back of a public bus, but wholly another to be offended by risque pics of women. Many of these pictures are simply offensive.
10. Does anyone remember
Devorah   (01.03.12)
when a woman was replaced by a dwarf in a bank ad last summer lol?
11. To: #1 & #7:
Israeli 2   (01.03.12)
#1: Where in the written or oral Torah is it written "half naked is not acceptable to G-d"? Fully naked is? #7: Sex was used to sell goods since life began.
12. #8 youre sick without realizing it
Yoni the JEW ,   Jewish Homeland   (01.03.12)
I dont know if you were honest about your last post or just making fun. The fact is that USING women to sell goods is degrading and immoral. You may have no problem with it but that is only because you dont realize how demoralizing it is to objectify a woman only to sell a product. Sex sells, its true. Society has brainwashed you to think that there is nothing wrong with using a body of a woman as a lure to sell some product. You have been desensitized to the value of a human being. You are so desensitized that you claim there is nothing wrong with it. Imagine if the woman was your daughter or mother. Imagine someone put your daughter in her underwear on a billboard so they can sell a car or clothing. If you think that is ok to use another human beings body as bait without regard to the dignity of the human being who beholds that body I have no words. Prostitution and pornography come from complete disregard for the human being and only caring to fill ones physical desires without paying attention to the dignity of others. If you cant see how sick this phenomenon is I have no idea what to say.
13. #12 Do you realize how dangerous your thinking is ?
Jonatan ,   Israel   (01.03.12)
I agree that using human beings ( not only women ) and to use them as objects it's not ok. But who are you to impose your thoughts onto other people ? We live in a democracy and people should be free to choose whatever they want to do without having other people's moral standard being imposed onto them. Why is this so hard to understand for you ? Why do you want to impose your way of living to other people ? Do whatever you want inside your house, but the public area belongs to all of us. Secondly if you asked me personally I wouldn't like to see my daughter or mother half naked on a billboard, like I wouldn't like her to marry an Arab, but if this is what they want to do, who am I to speak against it ? I don't own them, they can make their own decitions.
14. #11 you are brainwashed
Yoni the JEW ,   Jewish Homeland   (01.03.12)
you are a sad product of society and cannot think for yourself. If you can justify a wrong by saying it has been done for a long time by everyone there is no point having a conversation with you
15. #14: Why am I brainwashed?
Israeli 2   (01.03.12)
I was merely asking a question and stating the facts. I did not justify or nullify anything. And you call yourself a Jew? You are not too smart.
16. #14
JDE ,   Boston, USA   (01.03.12)
"you are a sad product of society and cannot think for yourself" Did you remember to consult your rebbe before expressing that opinion?
17. 15 Israeli 2 ,"it sells" a fact? Yes.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.03.12)
You are right. It sells in the first place one s soul.
18. once sided rights??
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.03.12)
You're happy for companies to use women's bodies (and men's inability to resist that ) to sell articles but when the advertising companies find that women's bodies have the opposite effect - suddenly the same companies dont have the right to reject those adds. yet again Rights are only for the left. You are only demanding your right to have half naked women on buses for your viewing pleasure. Do you actually notice what they're advertising? Men!!!
19. #13 imposing morals on society is your duty
Yoni the Jew ,   Jewish homeland   (01.03.12)
Law = imposing morals on society. If you didnt impose morals on society there would be total chaos and anarchy. Laws against harming others , dignity within society, respect. These are your obligation to prevent as a member of society. Prostitution should be outlawed as should porn and other forms of sexual exploiting. Your way of thinking would lead to a society of anarchy
20. Women apartheid
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (07.05.12)
This hahedis are completly out of the loop ,they want to impose on us they way,they are 100% sure that they are right and that IS the problem.they should be deported out of the country what do the bring to this country??? They preiyers ?? Did it help during the shoa? Or the inquisition??we need a solid economies and a solid defense system not a bunch of useless macho ,rasist ,dirty,laisy people that are trying to bring us back to the 16 th century
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