Saudis to apply law for women only to sell lingerie
Associated Press
Published: 02.01.12, 18:01
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1. How progressive of them. Too bad some
zJoe ,   Ohio, USA   (01.02.12)
one will have to drive them to work and stand gaurd over them so they don't show their face or talk to anybody
2. By the standards of our Taliban quite progressive.
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.02.12)
3. thats fair enough
zionist forever   (01.02.12)
It's the women that wear lingerie and it is a personal thing for women so I think this is a fair enough rule. Even in the west while its not a law its usually women who work the lingerie counters anyway. I think its the man who will be embarrassed when he is in the store alone buying lingerie. When a woman comes into buy the stuff its a just an item for personal use but if a man comes in its because he wants to see a woman he is probably because he wants to see a woman wearing it unless of course they get their kicks dressing up in women's underwear.
4. same mentality with haredim
5. #1
Avdi ,   KSA   (01.02.12)
Sounds like Israel in 2025. Then again perhaps its better their faces are covered. At least that way, they wont be spat on...right?
6. So would they also apply law for men only to sell boxers?
lol   (01.02.12)
7. really
observer ,   Egypt   (01.02.12)
it's very odd for a man to walk freely in the female section of any Western Dept store. HYPOCRITE.
8. In the Torah, it is an abomination for males to be midwives.
Rivkah   (01.02.12)
That is something the West must consider changing so that only female doctors and nurses deliver babies and examine private parts of women since for males to do that is an abomination to HaShem.
9. I wonder if the men have done the bra fittings? Does Islam
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.02.12)
OK that because women are not supposed to work?
10. thats use in haredi coms already^^
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (01.02.12)
Dont complain, haredi shops often have 2 different entrances and sales staff nicely gender seperated^^ boker tow israelstan!
11. 8
zionist forever   (01.02.12)
Male doctors examining women is not exactly like having a man measuring you up for a new bra. You go see a doctor for health reasons and health should always be a priority. Usually when people have choice they will go to a doctor who is of the same sex anyway but if there isn't one then its better you go to a doctor of the opposite sex than not go to the doctor at all. If you worried about your health if you couldn't find a female doctor to examine you would you just not go to the doctor or would you let a man do it? Also if your going to have a baby and there is only a male nurse on duty would you say I would rather not have a nurse there because the nurse is a man? Hashem wants you to put your health first.
12. Men will have to wear hijab and serve
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (01.02.12)
a bit of mascara on eye lashes ,kohl on the eyes and no one will tell the difference, unless they have a feel for it! What a lark!
13. Hillary Clinton is shocked and told them
Robert ,   NY USA   (01.02.12)
she can't believe that they didn't think of this before. bravo!
14. Fair enough
Matt   (01.02.12)
I would not want some guy looking at my women unless he is gay.
15. #7 Observer - Not very observant
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.02.12)
Men frequent the female portions of the stores to buy gifts, such as lingerie,pajamas perfume for the ladies I'm going to bet you don't have a female friend, that's why you made such an ignorant comment
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