Haredi who called soldier 'slut': She acted provocatively
Aviad Glickman
Published: 02.01.12, 21:31
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1. Tough Situation.....
Froike ,   NY NY   (01.02.12)
One may always distance oneself from "unholy" things by covering one's eyes or simply not looking. The young lady was dressed in an Army Uniform? How alluring is that? Having lived in Israel, gotta say that some Chayalot are indeed beautiful, but again, one is not forced to gaze upon them. Certainly, calling a Chayelet a "slut" does not make one a Tzaddik.... Derech Eretz Kadma LaTorah!
Zimbi ,   NJUSA   (01.02.12)
3. He can always make up the hours of studying and if he didn't
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.02.12)
want to lose the ones he lost then he shouldn't have called her names. Is there some portion of the Torah or Talmud that says you should act like a small child and call people names? If he didn't want to have this happen he should have tried to handle things calmly rather than calling her a shiska. Amazingly enough you can actually deal with problems without resorting to name-calling. It was completely his own choice to do so. I would like it if fellows who spent so much time studying had a more learned attitude.
4. She and other soldiers do protect him
Blue & White ,   Israel   (01.02.12)
She and other soldiers do protect him and others. They protect in preserving Israel and help the nation continue to be a nation.
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (01.02.12)
he will not forgive her, nor the police?? Its a crime for a woman to stand among man? he has no clue that he can study peacefully cos IDF protects israel? SORRY FOLKS, but that crosses the red line to far! ISRAEL IS A DEMOCRACY! NOT A HAREDI THEOCRATY! WOMEN CAN SIT WHEREEVER THEY WANT! Geez!
6. This is getting more complicated & further for where it all
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (01.02.12)
Now that the other side of the story has been reported. I am at a loss to know where the truth begins & stops. Clearly his story places a completely new slant on things. First if the woman misunderstood the first conversation that is a pity but it happens. Calling him a parasite is unfair & gets into a personal argument. Mind you I don't think G-d really wants us spending ALL our lives reading Holy Books but rather living a holy life (which we will never actually be able to do). I don't think calling her a slut or a whore is acceptable either as the woman clearly did not conduct herself in a manner that would justify it. It appears that we may have a situation where a misunderstanding has let to an argument that got heated & personal insults were exchanged. Who hasn't done that.
7. Mr. Fuchs
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.02.12)
Mr. Fuchs would have us believe that he did not understand the significance of the word slut when he uttered it. Perhaps if he spent less time in shul and more time among the people he would learn that only a putz would justify his ignorance of such a slur. Then again, he must not know the meaning of putz. Mr. Fuchs, a putz is someone like Helen Thomas and you Sir and your kind are a perfect putzes or putzim !
8. A bus is not a toilet.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.02.12)
9. sir, just apologize it is really that simple!
10. Protection - #4
The Professor ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.02.12)
It may be difficult for you to understand, but they really do protect each other - though neither of them seems sufficiently sensitive. Without Jews learning Torah (not necessarily on a full-time basis), then there is nothing to differentiate Israel from any other Asian country. We have Divine oversight because of limud Ha-Torah. On the other hand, we would be eaten alive by enemies without a strong army.
11. amidst men
RC ,   USA   (01.02.12)
I wonder if this man would have had the courage to tell Deborah (Judges 4:4), and Esther (Esther 5:2), that they could not stand amidst men.
12. #9
Ramon   (01.02.12)
He should not apologize. He is 100% correct, the women was a provoker. I can already tell she is loving the attention. She immediately plays the victim and immediately goes to the press having pictures of herself taken and doing interviews, leaving critical information out.
13. IDF woman I worked for were the best
Dave Franklin ,   Jacksonville FL   (01.02.12)
I served as a volunteer on IDF Bases. The Volunteer program is run by Israeli Army women. I was proud to work with them and observed that their dedication to the State of Israel is incredible. Israeli women are a very important part of and backbone of the IDF. I visited the Oketz battalion where all the dogs that are trained to detect explosives and weapons and the enemy. The woman soldiers train these dogs. Israeli women are highly motivated and very strong people . The people who do not love them and respect them like I do should move to Iran. I belong in the back of the bus. These great women belong in the front .
14. rabbi
fred lapides ,   orange, USA   (01.02.12)
What a disgusting human being. W@hat he believes in is rotten.d
15. he belongs in the loony bin...
mike ,   ta   (01.02.12)
he protects her by sitting in the shul all day? he is certainly a parasite on the state. why can ultra-orthodox work and be civil everywhere else in the world, but not in israel? if these fringe haredim sects behaved more like Chabad haredim then this wouldn't be an issue at all. he and those like him have their worldview ass backwards.
16. Shlomo What?
Ali ,   Washington, DC   (01.02.12)
17. Bankrupt
Steve r ,   Dallas usa   (01.02.12)
He studies all day and expects others to feed, clothe and protect him. And they do. No wonder he feels entitled to call a taxpayer, who subsidizes his life, a name. Get him to the US, he will soon find out in the real world, you cannot "study" for free, food is not for free, and you cannot insult people on the street.
18. Media puts a spin on things
MOTI ,   USA   (01.02.12)
i kinda could understand his point, even if he did call her a slut its freedom of speech and so he can, and people in uniform do kind of take the law into their own hands but on the contrary i dont agree with haridim's perspective also. the front of the bus or the bus it self is a public place and in free society there should be no segregation. he kinda lost me with that whole front of the bus is like a bathroom analogy, totaly ridiculous. but i agree with the facts that daily prayer and studies does protect the jewish nation and not just serving in uniform.
19. Shlomo accept your mistake
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (01.02.12)
Sadly, many in our country have problems when it comes to expressing one's feelings. My point will be proved with every remark of a violent nature made by talk backers. We all need to stand back from the brink in these testing times. Shlomo, a self professed Torah servant, probably understands the concept of controlling one's tongue in public better than me. There is a lesson here for all to learn. Maybe Shlomo being chosen to highlight this problem is a blessing in disguise? G-d willing when we come to this week's parsha when Israel (whom we got our name from) asked the Children of Israel to gather around, we will yet merit to do so.. in peace.
20. Lack of Respect
Jason ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.02.12)
We should be more focused on understanding rather than instigating. If we're all to live together successfully, it's up to everyone to stop imposing their views and beliefs on one another and give each other some space instead.
21. dear Haredim
Golan ,   modiin   (01.02.12)
Rav Hun stated, whoever engages in torah study only is like one who has no god. (Avodah Zara 17B) This is for the Anti-Zionists: one should pray for the welfare of the governement. For were it not for the fear of the governement a person wold devour his fellow alive. (Avoda Zarah 4a) Rav Hun stated, whoever engages in torah study only is like one who has no god. (Avodah zarah 17B) Human dignity is so great that it suspends a prohibition of the torah. (Shabbat 94b.) That means no spitting on or cursing girls or women.
22. God's Vision
Real vision ,   usa   (01.02.12)
is not to spend our time studying and reading holy books and then do exactly the opposite of what GOD'S wishes are...TO MAKE OUR LIVES HOLY BY DEEDS OF GOODNESS TOWARD OTHERS. Exclusion of women by the heredi and other ultraorthodox fanatics is a disgrace to GOD and they are no better than the taliban or islamic fundamentalism who also treat women like garbage. Women are to be HONORED in Judaism. No ifs...Ands...Or buts.
23. Notice how he referred to the woman
Moshe Y ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.02.12)
Some Russian woman... This is indicative of the racist attitude prevalent unfortunately.
24. enough of this rabbish.leave the haredim and move forward
hadad ,   u.k   (01.02.12)
25. Mr. Fuchs
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (01.02.12)
Lucky Mr. Fuchs, who shuts himself off from the real world, pleads ignorance of that world and gets handouts from the state for reading the same texts thousands of other men are reading (and for what end use?) and then wants pity, sympathy or whatever. Time he grew up, served in the army, sat next to a woman on the bus and got off the dole. In other words, he needs to get a real life.
26. Women Should Not Stand Amidst Men?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.02.12)
Which planet is this misguided fool from?
27. No doubt, this is persecution!
Vladimir ,   Yerushalayim   (01.02.12)
This whole case would look very funny if it was not tragic. Of course this is persecution of the religious Jews. And where? In Israel that presents itself as a refuge for the persecuted Jews. Shame for the Israeli society! The smell of pogrom is in the air. I know what I say. I grew in the antisemitic country - the former Soviet Union.
28. She defends us?!
Ben ,   israel   (01.02.12)
What a foolish statement! The Defense minister Barak clearly explained (though he didn't want to be heard) two weeks ago the function of women in the army - to serve the men!
29. Here's a suggestion
homer jones ,   nyc usa   (01.02.12)
GET OVER IT. Now it's over, move on buddy!
30. Persecution of Haredim
David ,   Rehovot, Israel   (01.02.12)
Let me make it clear I am no Haredi, I am a new immigrant from Canada. The way the haredim are treated by the media is remenicent of the way blacks were treated in the US in the 60's
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