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Saudi hackers leak personal information of thousands of Israelis
Ehud Kenan
Published: 03.01.12, 01:48
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31. it's a sport site
bela ,   ..   (01.03.12)
32. yes, it's a sports site
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.03.12)
but ANY site that accepts credit card and personal information is a potential target for this sort of attack. apart from the obvious incompetence (and arrogant boasting) of this bunch, they had every intention of publishing personal and credit card information of thousands of people, in some sort of half-assed "cyber guerilla warfare". but the bottom line is that they intended to harm as many israelis as possible, in the online version of a terrorist attack, simply because they are israelis using a public web site. it is cyber terrorism, based on virulent anti-semitic hatred. and that's no different than a bombing at a bus stop or a hotel.
33. Which WEBSITE? The List by ID# or something
Netanya ,   Netanya   (01.04.12)
Where is the main information that Israelis need? Which website? Lousy reporting, shows no facts, in fact, I heard it was a coupon site (whatever that means.) There is a list of credit card numbers, without the last 4 digits, but wouldn't it be easier to just give a list of ID#s of those who were victims? LET US KNOW ALREADY!!! To use the credit card website means adding almost all private info, so I prefer not to. I also know that the poor people who don't have high limits will have a hard time getting their money back. The rich, who are a threat legally to the banks, will get the money, but the rest of us will probably not. Typical Israeli bank theft will be the outcome, almost for sure.
34. Saudi Hackers
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (01.08.12)
What goes around, comes around....
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