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Compromised credit cards restricted
Boaz Fyler
Published: 03.01.12, 14:37
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1. Deduct From Payments
Nathan ,   Raanana   (01.03.12)
As a gift to the Saudi's for the new year, Israel should deduct any damage suffered from the payments made to the Palestinians.
2. Anonymous=pathetic idiots! A public phone book has more info
One only has to get a FREE Bezek phone book to get names, addresses and phone numbers of hundreds of thousands of Israelis! As a matter of fact, you can get that info online, for free, at the Bezek website! And c'mon Anonymous - you only exposed 4,000 credit cards in a sea of 400,000 lines, without marking any of them? The chance of anyone finding a good one is 1% and by the time you found a valid one, it's been already replaced or blocked by the credit card company! That shows that you have no brains and no clue what you're hacking - you're just stealing anything that you can grab - even pure shit! Bon apetit! You either must be complete cretins or really desperate for a little attention! Or both! Either way, your time has passed. Get back to your camels and give them a hand job - that's exactly what you're good for!
3. IMPORTANT! Be very careful when you're contacted!
The credit card company will NEVER contact you via email! They will call you on the phone! Even when that happens, do not just provide them with ANY information - you never know that the caller is indeed from the credit card company! If they ask for details, you just tell them that YOU will call THEM back and do so on the officially published switchboard - not to the number the caller will provide you with. When you do, tell the operator that you've been allegedly conatcted by the compoany and ask to be routed to the relevant department. The info above is relevant for any reputable company or bank, including the cellphone, landline, cable and ISP operators! NEVER give your details online or during a phone conversation unless it is YOU who initiated it and you KNOW who you called!
4. Good News
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (01.03.12)
This is a relief !
5. Can Israel expect an apology from Saudi or cries of victim
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (01.03.12)
should the airconditioners in Royal palaces happen to fail?
6. time for the government to rethink a biometric database plan
zionist forever   (01.03.12)
If these people can hack into banks and other supposedly secure internet sites then whats to stop them hacking into the biometric database. Just think all the personal details of every person in the country, what a gift it will be to organized crime and terrorists wanting to forge ID's.
7. If I hear "dont worry" I panic
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (01.03.12)
because as a customer I am the first who will loose or be pulled accros the table.
8. #7 if u do that every time, without thinking, your'e a fool
9. Obviously, more complicated than stealing camels
Mark ,   Maale Adumim, Israel   (01.03.12)
Nothing will change before those people will value creation more than stealing.
10. Hacked
hacked ,   tel aviv   (01.03.12)
the info was stolen directly from Visa/ax/mc or from Apple/ITUNES website.
11. The Zionist Pocket? Further confirms they are fake Anon.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.03.12)
While they may have succeeded in trolling quite a few Israelis, the fact that these people had to inflate their numbers AND actually put a political goal into what they were doing shows that they are no more than sad posers. You can troll all you like, but the moment you have a goal other than trolling for the lulz you become a "white knight". True Anon would have made it much more believable and would not have done this not because of "Zionists". They would have done it because it was funny to them. Calling them Anonymous just belittles the memory of a once great institution of the Internet.
12. #5 - following the Chilean precedent
William ,   Israel   (01.03.12)
Israel should now demand reparations for the actions of their citizens.
13. #11 - the "Zionist pocket" is far more shallower...
William ,   Israel   (01.03.12)
than the corrupt Saudi oil pockets. Perhaps these hackers should begin efforts at home.
14. #11- "Anonymous" is not a great insitution
William ,   Israel   (01.03.12)
they're a bunch of self-righteous hacks who have no lofty goal in mind than to attack existing infrastructure and display a faux sense of power and control. Sounds a lot like the Occupy Wall Street movement. They have no lofty goal either, just a bunch of anarchists who want what everyone else worked hard for. "Anonymous" is a bunch of douche bags, nothing more.
15. #13 and #14, the real Anon was. These kids are just
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.03.12)
pretending to be Anon. It used to be an everchanging leaderless disorganised collection of random people who spread chaos (similar to the Sea Peoples actually) solely for laughs. These guys are just using programs other people made (they are often called "script kiddies") in order to make a protest of some sort against something they are angry about. True Anon, if there are any left, most probably have their palms glued to their faces by now.
16. Jew on Jew aggression
Max ,   Nw Hampshire   (01.03.12)
Please all know and we have the records that this House of Saud are in fact Khazar Euro-Asiatic Jewish converts to Islam during the 13th and 14th centuries. During the Tran-Atlantic slave trade they changed or started using the name Saud,,, impoverished Somalies even know this. We do have the records and Abdullah only trust's his life in tne hands of Jewish doctors, there would be no Kingdom if not for the Jew, believe me,,. That oil has spoiled these people, just think having wealth that you could never exhaust in 50 generations.
17. Oh and on #13, this is a very seldom-used meaning of pocket.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.03.12)
It means something akin to an enclave, so it's the pocket of Jewish presence in the region, if that makes any sense. You normally hear about it in terms of things like "pockets of resistance" or Follaise Pocket in WWII.
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