I miss Ariel Sharon
Tzipi Livni
Published: 05.01.12, 00:02
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1. She's right
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (01.05.12)
Israel is cursed with politicians who care only about staying in power. None of them have any vision of Israel beyond seeing themselves in the Prime Minister's residence. This is true of Bibi, Barak, and Olmert. It's sad.
2. Nice piece, but she's dillusional
Greg ,   Baltimore/USA   (01.05.12)
While she writes a nice piece that certainly makes me think about and miss Arik, I think she's living in a fantasy world, that I hate to say this, is typical of a woman....I am sad to say this, but I just don't see how you make peace with the arabs...they are not like the rest of us humans..THEY VALUE DEATH MORE THAN WE VALUE LIFE.....that is a deal breaker...until that changes, i don't see how there can be peace...I know people will say, "only 10-15% of Arabs are like that and the rest just want to live in peace"..and while that is true, just look what is happening in Egypt where the other 80% protested and demanded better leadership and here we are only a year later and they are talking about breaking the peace treaty and forbidding unmarried couples from staying in the same hotel room in the resorts that their economy depends on...!!!! CLOWNS!!! Unfortunately IMHO it seems there is only one outcome...its Jews or Arabs...can't have both...
3. Arik, may he rest in peace
Hassan ,   Jerusalem, Israle   (01.05.12)
he was a great man with a vision..too bad all others have failed to carry on his legacy..shame on them..I expected Bibi to have a sense of history...
4. Whoever sees politicians as altruistic heroes deserves
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.05.12)
ridicule. These are men&women fighting constantly for their jobs and social standing. Cunning and huge ambition are main traits of such individuals. Woe us if a politician is guided by some messianic, "noble" willingness to "sacrifice" himself on the altar of patriotic (however misguided) Love of the Mother/Fatherland. At the end Arik did what was best for Arik. Too bad for the rest of us. And Mrs. Schpitzer can't even hide behind a veil of past achievments....
5. I miss Ariel Sharon
Michael ,   Melbourne Australia   (01.05.12)
Tzipi Livni misses Ariel Sharon and wants a leader who will act in the interest of the nation and not for brazen political purposes. Well, Tzipi look at yourself because you are the type pf politician that Sharon was not. If you really cared you would join a coalition with Likud and change the electoral system to wipe out the small parties. For too long the tail has been wagging the dog. Do what you are calling for and put Israel first.
6. @ #1
Yossi ,   Israel   (01.05.12)
you know gabriel, your absolutely right. the only thing you missed was when you spoke of bibi, barak and olmert, was that you forgot to mention livni in this category as well (and whats really sad is that shes probably the worst offender in this respect of all of them)
7. sharon
hafez el baroody ,   jenin palestine   (01.05.12)
Did his love for power make him ignore the will of the majority> Did the disengagement help Israel or did it produce thousands of rockets? Did anyone mention that more Israelis died while he was in power?
8. The bulldozer
michael Pielet ,   israel   (01.05.12)
Sharon, great prime minister, the economy was terrible, there was no security in the country, Israelies were being killed everyday by terror attacks, the army was not trained or properly led. In conclusion, Mr. security, was Mr. insecurity, a terrible failed prime minister who was only interested in currying favor with the leftist press. ariel sharon a total charlatan and faker.
9. war crmimal horror
zivron   (01.05.12)
Sharon was the Jewish people can claim since Bronstein.The civilian and Jewish casualties of the Lebanon war still disgust the post shoah Jew now.Even the Begins despised him we miss Begin SSharon after 1973 was as disaster.
10. Sharon would have given up the whole land of Israel!
Jouko ,   Finland   (01.05.12)
And he would have destroyed at the same time the whole land of Israel.
David ,   New York, NY   (01.05.12)
I wonder who she has in mind that meets her criteria. [Insert joke here]
12. She is 100% right!
Michael ,   West Jerusalem/NY   (01.05.12)
13. I miss him too.
yaacovic   (01.05.12)
14. #1
Eyal ,   USA   (01.05.12)
Don't forget Livny, because she is worse than Bibi.
15. #1
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (01.05.12)
She is one of those politicians that you speak of. I don't understand why people such as you don't understand that your weakness in defending your country is why Israel has had to deal with terrorism for so long. Your leaders have tried to compromise with the Palestinians yet the cowardice of the left has played into the hands of the terrorists who believe that they can wipe Israel from existence. Until the left show some backbone, and some solidarity with the right, Israel will forever be attacked by Islamic terrorists.
16. Miss him ordering the IDF to steal Jewish homes and give
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.05.12)
them to arabs who turned them into missile launching pads against Israel? Well NO, he dreamed crazy left wing dreams that gave away the birthright of the Jewish people given to them by G-d Himself and Israel has been the worse for all his terrible errors of judgment. Is was cursed by Arik Sharon and IS cursed by Tzipi Livni, or at least by the complete lack of common sense they show in attempting to run the Israeli government.
17. What kind of garbage is this?
Lobo ,   USA   (01.05.12)
Arik Sharon was a great general, no doubt. But great leader? I don't think so. If he were only able to see the South's state in the aftermath of the pullout from Gush Katif. Baruch Ha'Shem Kadima is not in power. If they were, the entire country would be running for the bomb shelters...
18. Tzipora, you are stupid and couldn't care less about Arik
Marco ,   Spain   (01.05.12)
It is all a self promotion article, you have no idea what you are talking about. Sharon was probably the greatest general in Israel's history and a lousy politician. His role in giving up pieces of Israel in 1981 and 2005 was instrumental and these sham episodes in Arik's career will be remembered along with his superb military genius. Tzipora with your arrogant character you imply that you care about Israel but you cannot even match the pinky of Bibi in this respect.
19. Bad article but writing is too good for her broken English
Marco ,   Spain   (01.05.12)
Probably a PR firm made this to elevate her position otherwise she is incapable of expressing herself clearly in English.
20. #1: I am sorry to disagree with you and
Israeli 2   (01.05.12)
with Livni. Ariel Sharon may be a great commander and military officer. He was one of the greatest generals in the world, but he thinks that he is God. He is not. He thought that as he conquered Gaza and Sinai, he had the right to return it anytime he decided. We have news for any so called "great" general. They don't win wars. God does. The land belongs only to Israel because God gave US this land. It is a CHUTZPA to give it away after God returned it to us.
21. The people Ariel Sharon should have feared were doctors
Rivkah   (01.05.12)
and Rabbis who conspired to kill him but HaShem kept him alive supernaturally many times inspite of the vendettas against him over Gaza.
22. The women in Israel I talked to about Ariel Sharon said
Rivkah   (01.05.12)
they felt his love for them in a supernatural way. Perhaps it was his prayers for the nation. Since Tzipi Livni worked closely with him in government in a platonic way, she certainly would miss the wholeness that his prayers for the nation imparted to people. Perhaps now is the time for the nation to give back to Ariel and Sharon and his family some appreciation like coverning the medical expenses for his care that his family has to pay half of. The nation also needs to pray for Ariel Sharon to live a long time and to recover since HaShem's love for him is a protection for the nation. The ELS Scripture codes say Shimon Peres is the strongest man in Israel. But of Ariel Sharon, the ELS Scripture code matrix says, "HaShem LOVES A(riel) Sharon." What is strength and what is love. Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon says strength means to hold on. Love is a prism of many things: faith, hope, mercy, temperance, longsuffering, meekness, etc.
23. Love you Tzipi
StevieT ,   USA   (01.05.12)
Keep on fighting the good fight, the price of failure is too high.
24. Agree # 1
Rachel ,   US   (01.05.12)
Begin, Shamir, and Rabin cared about Israel. Olmert, Barak, and Netanyahu are definitely 2nd rate.
25. Too bad we don't do sainthood in Judaism.
Susan ,   Nitzan, Israel   (01.05.12)
26. Are you serious?
Michael Hala ,   Kochav Ya'ir, Israel   (01.05.12)
And the missiles keep falling on Sderot.
27. Sharon was corrupt and not worthy
Corruption is bad   (01.05.12)
Sharon was too corrupt to be a public servent.
28. Coalitions work against National interest
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (01.05.12)
Change the voting system would create better leaders for Israel. First past the post , and reject the norm for coalitions that always work against national interest Sharon understood requrement for jewish Nation to survive. Brave general remembered for 1973turnaround,sadly got carried away and made a misstep with the GAZA settler evacuation Israel does not need Livni crybaby types either.
29. Birds of a feather...
Sergio HaDaR ,   Copenhagen   (01.05.12)
She must be one of the very few who miss him... Someone so evil that he was not even given the possibility to do teshuvĂ h...
30. He sold out on his ideals for money!
Sam   (01.05.12)
Because of the Greek Islands scandal and pending indictment he simply made a 180 degree turn around on every single damn thing he ha stood for and what he told his voters was sacred. He then took the scum of the Likud and sme other opportunists and founded Kadima. Like a tick without a dog, Livni misses Sharon. Good riddance to both of them.
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