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Iran's Khamenei wants to 'bolster' women's role in Islamic society
Published: 06.01.12, 09:19
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1. "men's lust and lechery"
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.06.12)
Speak for yourself Khamenei. Covering your women with a black shroud has not protected them from rape and human trafficking. Forcing them to abide by your dress code serves only to deprive them of individual rights and allows you to fine them for dress code violations.
2. Covering up of women in public failed
Israeli grandma   (01.06.12)
Apart from the repression of women in public AND private in Iran, we see the horrible example of Egyptian women trying to avoid constant public sexual harassment by a huge increase in veil wearing. The male groping and sexual harassment of even women covered head to toe in ultra conservative coverings has not protected them in public at all. They can complain to the police and the websites as much as they like (and they do) but Islamic society has a cultural bias against the rights and natural dignity of women. The male religious leaders say one thing ,and in real life women are not treated with the promised dignity and genuine respect. What do you expect when Sharia law values women at half a man, and denies them rights over their children?
3. a joke
real vision ,   usa   (01.06.12)
this is more BS from the major phony religious mullah of the islamic world who deprive all of human rights and dignity in their hope of installing sharia law. Islam knows nothing about dignity, nor respect nor tolerance
4. Iran womans rights-Cook,clean house,have baby,pray
Alan ,   SA   (01.06.12)
5. We have lovely well trained pilots.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.06.12)
6. ha ha ha ha
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (01.06.12)
hmm, only his philosophy is proved by the abuses to muslim women as shown by a half naked muslim woman being dragged through the public streets like a dog. Some 'women's rights ya got there, bub.
Jewishness ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (01.06.12)
the Ayatoolah speaketh: Our women must be raised up from the current public slavery/bondage to citizens we can beat private. (No change, same olde same olde pep talk....)
8.  Sharia law is one step GIANT leap backwards for mankind
Sharia law is one GIANT leap backwards for man, one GIANT step backwards for mankind. and one hell of a LONG backwards march for all who love freedom and democracy (including the rights of women) backwards sharia law MUST BE STAMPED OUT as it makes women slaves... it has NO BUSINESS IN THE MODERN DEMOCRATIC WORLD and practitioners of this creed must be STOPPED AT ALL and any COSTS...
9. Today's Oxymoron - Iranian Human Rights
Bill Fonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.06.12)
He's not called The Supreme Liar for nothing.
10. Khamenei totally deluded. Just projecting
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.06.12)
his values on us. Pay no heed
11. Neda - Shot on the street for no reason
Joseph Bressler ,   Cedar Rapids USA   (01.06.12)
This man proved he knows how to murder innocent women. Thats all he is good for.
12. What is it like for women in Iran?
TCR   (01.06.12)
I think the article is mistaken with regard to women's faces having to be covered in Iran, because I have seen photos of Iran on the internet and some women wear ankle length top clothing and veils (but not face coverings), and other women can be seen wearing top clothing covering down to the knees and tight jeans showing from the knees down, and wearing a headscarf, not a veil. It does seem that the aim is to protect the dignity of women even though some rules may seem too strict. Apparently, young people in Iran can meet in snack bars to socialize, yet their behaviour must obviously be modest and there would obviously too, be no alcohol. Apparently (it was shown on a Western TV programme about Iran) people enjoy going out to restaurants but there is no singing or music in restaurants because it seems, according to a book (one of the authors was a BBC journalist, or was it in an old Time magazine?!), the founder, Khomeinei considered in words to the effect that if singing and music were to be allowed eg, in restaurants, there would be no stopping what would follow - I suppose he meant with nightclubs, etc. However, it seems that, because Khomeinei emphasized that Islam protects the right to personal freedom and privacy, he said words to the effect that there could never be KGB-type secret police intrusion into peoples homes, so that in private homes seems people can have as much music and partying as they like (as described in the book mentioned). To be fair, one could compare Iran to the Amish communities in the US, though of course, the Amish would not have cruel punishments. Hopefully, the cruel punishments of amputation and stoning to death in Iran have now ended. The sound of the call to prayer with a natural voice would sound good, but on the TV programme about Iran, the sound was obviously over-amplified and was probably pre-recorded and boomed very loudly everywhere - heard even indoors and it was so loud so that, unfortnately, the effect might have seemed "Big Brother-ish", instead of how the call to prayer was originally intended to sound. Another impression from the TV program is that Western women in some places in Iran might not get the same respect as Iranian women, which is reportedly the case in countries such as Italy, also.
13. What a stand up comedian
Dan ,   Florida   (01.06.12)
This guy is better than Rodney Dangerfield. I laughed until my sides hurt.
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