The Isra-Iranian bloc
Asaf Gefen
Published: 06.01.12, 16:26
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1. More likely to end up India vs Pak scenario
Rika N ,   Toronto   (01.06.12)
2. Stupid Haaretz sorry Ynet Article
mary snow ,   usa   (01.06.12)
I am not even going to waste my time commenting further. Are you guys raceing to the bottom of the readership list currently held by Haaretz
3. Naturally the opposite is true
BH ,   Iowa   (01.06.12)
Once Iran is freed from their Islamist regime they will become more like Israelis.
4. you obviously are the socialist intellectual elite churchill
ralph   (01.06.12)
warned against. remember him? go back to school but with better teachers. today's socialist, leftist, elites professors distort events, lie and as history has shown belong in the garbage pail of history. you and your ilk are the danger to israel and the west.
5. ynet must stop the recent op-ed madness
Mr. Reasonable ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.06.12)
there have been a string of bad op-eds recently, including arguing against online shopping because of saudi hackers, american frusturation with israel on college campuses and in jewish communities (simply false), israeli tourists being no worse than others (my god who cares) and now this garbage. ynet, stop this madness!
6. That article is beyond my comprehension.....
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.06.12)
I think, that I will have to end writing any more talkbacks...oh well...........................
7. article
Joseph ,   Flushing   (01.06.12)
this article is insane.
8. A good article with a good point.
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.06.12)
9. Simple analyses
zivron   (01.06.12)
Price tag is from the Religious Zionists Segregated Buses is Haredi and the silent Majorities in Religious Zionism and Haredim need to start shouting the limit to the extreme is getting closer.These fanatics the spitters and the cursers and price tagers are useful idiots for the haters of Judaism.
10. Yet ANOTHER Bad Editorial
GB ,   NYC, USA   (01.06.12)
Recently, YNet has published a spate of truly moronic, nay -- SOPHOMORIC editorials that are on the level of a 10th-grader trying to be sarcastically witty. (I teach high school, so I'm an expert on this.) I find it hard to believe that you don't get submissions of a higher caliber. Instead, I think your editorial staff is digressing in their judgement, unless something less savory is going on...
11. What kind of utter nonsense is this?
Zvi   (01.06.12)
The author is clearly deranged with paranoia. The claim that Netanyahu's basically secular government is trying to turn Israel into Iran is truly laughable. The fact is that there are Haredi political elements that have a bit too much influence. But that has been true for many years, and in some areas their influence wanes as it grows in other areas. The bill regarding limits on foreign funding of Israeli NGOs was specifically related to the fact that Israeli NGOs were serving as paid lawfare mercenaries participating in the ongoing terror war against Israel. The bill never tried to prevent these groups from raising money among Israeli leftists, of course, or to criminalize them or otherwise to impede legitimate work, and it would have affected right-wing groups as much as left-wing groups. As for Netanyahu, his coalition includes firmly secular parties as well as religious ones, and Likud itself is secular. The idea that it's all a master plan is nothing more than crazed conspiracy theory. It represents yet another example of the kind of utter nonsense that ideology-blinded morons are printing, and which of course ignorant idiots from abroad will parrot - which is most likely the entire point of this piece. Otherwise, why write it in English, eh?
12. nothing better to do
pepe ,   argentina   (01.06.12)
how much you pay to write this nonsenses
13. Asaf Gefen has gone mad
Marco ,   Spain   (01.06.12)
The left's failure to make reasonable and patriotic arguments to the Israeli electorate is astonishing.
14. More proof
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.06.12)
That Yediot is fighting hard to become the next Ha'aretz! I have to wonder if the publishers of Yediot will duplicate Amos Schocken's claims that Jew are the cause of all the world's ills?
15. How STUPID can you go?
Rozie   (01.06.12)
Asaf Gefen and Ynet are getting there. They nare in a race with Haaretz. I am not sure which trash publication deserves the prize.
16. Incomprehensible & Stupid Article
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (01.06.12)
17. Pathetic escuse for an article
Adrian   (01.06.12)
That's lame trolling that's not journalism! Pathetic!
18. This is an abuse
bobblehead dentan ,   lalaland   (01.06.12)
and a canard. Even if we were like Iran, they would still hate us. Further more Israel has a long way to go to be like Iran, and comparing recent events to Iran is no better than Haredim dressing up has shoah victims. Something stinks, but it coming for the right this time.
19. Seriously?????? What a joke. Nice cherry picking.
Dan ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.06.12)
Does Asaf realize what goes on in Iran? I haven't seen many people gathering in Dizengoff Square or Ben Yehuda to witness a hanging of a gay man. That happens in Iran, not in Israel. Just because some issues occur in a few neighborhoods, doesn't mean the entire country is on the verge of collapse. Religious disputes happen in many countries and are nothing new to Judaism. Stop spreading irrational fear.
20. Wow
Matt ,   UK   (01.06.12)
I commend you, Asaf on being a very rare commodity in Israeli Media. A truthful and concise writer, Hats off.
21. The most disgusting article ever written by YNET.
AVRAHAM MAGRABI ,   SPAIN   (01.06.12)
Asaf Gefen should reeducate himself and the best way to do it is to enroll in a Yeshiva for the rest of his life.
22. Hahaha, oh how self-delusional of you, Asaf
William ,   Israel   (01.06.12)
Typical self-righteous Liberal. Create your own narrative using a few key ideals of "racism" and "discrimination", add a few "enemies", and walla - present it as fact. Asaf, this is all in your own head, and you're absolutely delusional. Luckily, Israel has socialized medicine so you can get the help you need.
23. Made sense to me...
Kevin ,   Portland, USA   (01.06.12)
24. i see what you did there
kevin ,   portland, USA   (01.06.12)
haha, you were thinking Haaretz but meant to say Ynet. If you do end up commenting more, I'd like to hear your defence of Jewish religious fundamentalism and why it's better or different than what exists in Iran.
25. #7 yes it is!
kevin ,   portland, USA   (01.06.12)
It's CRAZY Insane! Like when Swift wanted everyone to eat Irish babies.
26. ALAS! A Nonsensical article, poorly written as well.
jewbie ,   NYC, USA   (01.06.12)
Surely with 7 billion people on the planet you could find a more intelligent person to write an op-ed...one that has some cogent point, not shooting from the lip...
27. Rottenloser a question
horst ,   ge   (01.06.12)
Is that a promise?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28. "Suggests"? Take some more drugs
iNet Fraud ,   USA   (01.07.12)
Outlandish, alarmist & childish claims and assertions. Get a clue.
29. Very good irony
Olle Vejde ,   Sweden   (01.07.12)
With some truth in it.
30. What a dummy!
Scott ,   USA   (01.07.12)
Forcing foreign-controlled NGOs to reveal their finances and criminal journalists to retract or face financial penalties hardly turns Israel into Iran.
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