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Saudi hacker's identity uncovered?
Jonathan Silber
Published: 06.01.12, 19:57
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1. lone wolf
zichron   (01.06.12)
israel needs to srongly include in its defense appartus the lone wolfscenaria whih on a greater scales was committed on the attack in 2001 in september on the twin towers and pentagon using hijacked planes and killing thousands of noncombat civilians ,
2. Identity
Tom ,   Westwood, USA   (01.06.12)
Good work Amir Phadida !!
3. Script Kiddie is not so smart!
dbnnet ,   n/a   (01.06.12)
If it is indeed the "hacker", I think this script kiddie (Habib) is about to become "Dead Man Walking"!
4. the holy government
cristian ,   buenos aires arg   (01.06.12)
the holy word has no place to army which kills and murder,the holy word has no place to politicians who steals the taxes from million of people to their own material desires,the holy word has no place to liars who only promise but never do anything,i think you all know and understand the commandments and they are the holy law for men to live in paradise but not in heaven but here on earth today and now.
5. Kudos to Amir for catching this tool
Brian ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.06.12)
Throw the dirt bag in jail and give Amir a position in the electronic warfare division. Funny that a civilian caught the hacker before Israeli law enforcement.
6. If this is true.
Michael ,   West jerusalem/NY   (01.06.12)
It must be really embarrassing for the kid.
7. Wrong, wrong and wrong
You got the wrong guy stupid....
8. His FB page is....
Oren ,   Israel   (01.06.12)
His profile:
9. oxomar
evi ,   london   (01.06.12)
Are the Mossad Boys and Girls very busy at the moment? "go get him Floyd" omar - you taking on Jewish "Know How" in computer industry... You have no hope in hell!!!
10. Alright everyone, you know the drill.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.06.12)
Find his address and order 70 pizzas for him. Find next of kin and let them know of his stupidity. Anything else that can be thought of to make him pay for his behaviour. Standard life ruination technique.
11. hope he lives in fear
k ,   US   (01.06.12)
and he winds up dead
12. No surprise he's bussing tables.
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (01.06.12)
His.posted comments on the file he shared with Ynet left me less than impressed with his intellect. May this blighted, stupid fool find himself in jail for a good 30 years
13. I would not worry
Mary Snow ,   Canada   (01.06.12)
If this is true He probably works also for the cartel which gives him a life expectancy in Mexico of only a few hours. As a ex Geek myself I say thanks to this young man who found this hacker.
14. Good job
Igor ,   Israel, T"A   (01.06.12)
Now, do we have somebody in Pachuca with a baseball bat?
15. Kol Hakavod Amir!!!
Dan ,   UK   (01.06.12)
16. the hunt for Habib
tiki ,   belgium   (01.06.12)
Habibaleh has to understand that to F... around with Israeli's comes with a price.
17. An Arab marking time as a Mexican waiter?
Cameron ,   USA   (01.06.12)
How odd. Ah well, takes a nerd to catch a nerd.
18. I have seen
Abdullah ,   Riyadh,SA   (01.06.12)
his arabic language message posts, he posts with Saudi dialect so I believe he is from my country, UAE is not the same as ours and we can tell the difference, who knows though.
19. Trial Not Good Enough
Scales of Justice ,   USA   (01.06.12)
Trying this jerk in court is not nearly good enough for the pain and aggravation he's caused. I suggest first, 11,000 tiny cuts, followed by a salt water bath. AT THE SAME TIME, wipe out any finances he may have, sell ALL his personal belongings and give the proceeds to victims of Palestinian terror. Next, castrate him and cut off his hands so he can no longer use a computer. And for good measure, cut out his tongue so he can no longer speak his trash or whine about his 'unfair' treatment or boast about his misdeeds. Lastly, inject him with pig fat and leave him hanging naked from a telephone pole for the whole world to see his humiliation and as a warning to any copycats out there.
20. #5. He's in Mexico. You would need a functioning legal
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.06.12)
system for that. Best to let Israeli Anon take care of him (the ones that don't go identifying themselves like idiots).
21. Fedida not Phadida....
Afflalo ,   South America   (01.06.12)
It is so unbelievable that the name of Fadida should emerge in the matter of snooping the Internet. One of another Fedida , Sam Fedida an engineer in the Brithish Post Office has in fact with his View Data system brought about what we know today as The Internet (no, it was not Al Gore forefather, it was a Jewish Moroccan Sam Fedida). What a uncalled for coincidence?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22. The Perfect Payback
Revenginator ,   The World   (01.06.12)
Now that we know this schmuck's name and FB page, there is the perfect revenge, using his own affiliation against him. It is common knowledge that the Palestinians kill anyone of their own who sympathizes with /Israel or does anything positive regarding Israel and the Jews. Soooo.... Go to as many websites and talkbacks as possible and post pro-Israel, pro-Jewish comments and sign them with his name and FB addy. (evil :-D)
23. #22, hacking one's FB and other pages also works.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.07.12)
That's pretty much how internet justice works. I have neither the knowledge nor interest to do this stuff by the way. I just have the very useless knowledge of internet lore and past acts of retribution.
24. Make him pay all the debits on the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.07.12)
cards from his tips. Get jobs for the computer "experts" at Leumi card in Mexican cafes. They may learn something.
25. Living in Mexico is a punishment in itself. He must hate
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.07.12)
himself for being there and take out his hate on the good people of the world.
26. Hacker
Derek Roma ,   BELGIUM   (01.07.12)
he is deadman walking,,,,maybe he should go back to Saudiarabia
27. Lone JackAss,the guy is as thick as a bricK shit-house
Derek Morell ,   London UK   (01.07.12)
I had a feeling that he would he caught out,he is dealing with the Masters Experts,not some idiot like this dumb Habib..Get the bastard.....
28. Dont smoke him, bring his ass back!
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (01.07.12)
Parade him before the entire world and sentence him to 1 week for every dollar stolen because of his actions. Force him to re-pay every penny before ever leaving Israel again. Then... Who cares what 'happens' to him. I cant think of a stupider thing to do than attack Israel via computer, but hey, I have a working brain! Lol Shalom, Rob
29. Keep Your ignorance to yourself
Isaac ,   Mexico City, Mexico   (01.07.12)
I am a jew, born and raised in Mexico, and I love Mexico. You should keep your ignorant mouth shut and keep Mexico out of this.
30. hacker muslim omar habib
joel ,   usa   (01.08.12)
man, your days are numbered by the MOSSAD, NO ONE RUN AWAY FROM THE MOSSAD, TSK, TSK, TSK?
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