Tel Aviv leads Best Gay City contest
Danny Sadeh
Published: 08.01.12, 14:38
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1. Nothing to be proud of!!!
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.08.12)
2. Haredi sexual asault and now gay champion's
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (01.08.12)
I realy don't know if we are taking a good way. Is no a nobel price for this what kind of Jewish propaganda are going to be mailed from now on. The people with and IQ over the average but they are radical's and the best Gay chosen people.
3. #1 Ora yes we are very proud
Haim ,   TA   (01.08.12)
In fact its somethig to be very proud of. Hate to break it to you but Gay people are also part of society, we celebrate that at least in Israel we live in a democratic society that recognises all segments of society. The same democracy that allows you to be religious. Gay tourists are generally quite welathy and bring in alot of money to our tourism industry. When 2 young people were murdered in cold blood in a gay youth center a few years ago by a homophobe sparred on by religious hatred at the time were you proud then ?
4. Toronto???
Mark ,   Toronto   (01.08.12)
How did Toronto, a grey, dirty, cold and rude city make it to this list. It does have a beach; if you call sand by a lake a beach.
5. Thank you!
Jeff ,   San Francisco   (01.08.12)
You share my sentiments exactly, "today rabah". Why shouldn't Israel welcome all tourists with open arms and let them see this vibrant and dynamic society (warts and all) for themselves. Having visitors interact and speak with real Israelis and Arabs is the best "hazbarah".
6. Well done Tel Aviv!
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.08.12)
It's good to know that this beautiful city (except the area around the old bus station, yes yes) is being recognised for its open-mindedness and liberal attitude (on "social" issues I am very liberal). May it continue to be the gay capital of the Middle East.
7. Everyone's right in their own eyes
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (01.08.12)
I don't bash anyone, or hate anyone. But I am a little exhausted that the Haredis are against anyone not actively for them, and the arch seculars believe they are the right social standard, and homosexuals declare you must be positively accepting of their homosexuality or you are a bigot. And the list goes on. Human society has some huge differences, and I doubt that humans have the ability to work them out. Pride, pride, and more pride. Since when was pride a good thing? Self-flattery and boosterism. No, I am not proud of Tel Aviv, or the Haredis, or the seculars, or the . . . etc. Until mashiakh comes, it will be so.
8. to #3
2Mad ,   צרפת   (01.08.12)
...just do as you wish, as long as it's with consentant adults and in private place. But if you crave to rub your junk to other's face and disturb traffic, some trouble may not be avoided.
9. 3 I am very very sorry Haim.
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.12)
Though i do not approve Gay lifestyle,i noticed that Gays are mostly nice guys. I did not intend to hurt you,Haim.
10. Ora #1
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (01.08.12)
I'm sure you won't have a problem enjoying the many financial and economic benefits that gay tourism will bring to Israel...
11. Spectacle
RC ,   USA   (01.08.12)
What are next, orgy and bestiality parades? I do not think people should flaunt their personal sexual preferences in public and make it a spectacle. That they are proud of their sexual behavior does not make it right.
12. So Sad; and the Secularists believe this to be progress.
13. #9, so long as you don't cause harm to them it's okay to
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.08.12)
keep your own opinions.
14. #11, they feel proud of who are they. They're not hurting
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.08.12)
anyone. The opposite can not be said though....
15. @ 14 Henry from N.Y. USA
RC ,   USA   (01.09.12)
Just out of curiosity Henry, do you think a homosexual man that still has his male organ intact and dresses like a woman should have the right to use a public woman’s shower because he feels like a woman?
16. why do gays to a particular city?
Keats ,   New York, NY   (01.09.12)
why would gay people go to one particular city over another? This doesn't make sense. What a stupid contest. Unless of course they are going for some brief "hookups" wiht others of like mind seeking some action. Otherwise this sounds crazy.
17. #12: Since homosexuals make up around 10% of any population
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.09.12)
and have been around for ages it can hardly be called "progress"? They are created by the very same Invisible Engineer that you seem to worship. The very same One, that saw it fit to equip humankind with foreskin and clitoris.Still there are some pseudo philosophies that insist on improving on the design and remove it in, what else: God's name. By the way, please decide whether Brit -Mila is good for general health (then why deny it to the majority of humans?) or is just a badge we're supposed to wear? As for Gay-Parades: they are a bloody nuisance, just like the left-wing parades, the rightists parades (had there been such;-), the homeless-parades, marathons, solidarity gatherings of any kind; shortly anything that hinders my wonderful vehicle's free movement thus lowering emissions of CO2 and making Mr.Al Gore happy! and THAT in itself is an undesirable thing - from my point of view....
18. Haim #3
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.09.12)
I have been of the impression that the person who committed the murder you speak of was never caught. Correct me if I am wrong, but if I am correct, how do you know it was a homophobic incident? It could have been another homosexual man for all we know, or not related to the victims sexuality at all. I'll check back for a reply from you or anyone, because I do not recall that specific crime ever being solved.
19. #15, the real question is how often do they attempt to.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.09.12)
Do you have figures for how often this has been attempted? You're talking about transgender though, not homosexual. There's quite the difference. As for having the right to use it; we have to ask ourselves this: How does the law regard this situation? Is the use of the different bathrooms based on gender role or on physical characteristics?
20. #18. I helped my gf do some research on that over the summer
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.09.12)
and no he was never caught. As for the motivation behind the crime. Who has more motivation to shoot up an LGBT youth lounge? An LGBT or a heterosexual person who happens to be homophobic. It's just much more likely to be the latter.
21. Show me the money honey...Its all aboiut the money
Al   (01.09.12)
I love everybody so long as they pay the rent. If the Homosexuals want to come to TA and party with their partners, so be it, as long as they pay the rent. We love everybody honey.
22. Ora
gays4Israel   (01.09.12)
many of us fought and died for Israel.
23. #20, your assuming a lot
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.09.12)
it could have been a lovers spat, or any number of things, until, (if ever), the killer is caught we will not know the true facts. So until then speculating is just incitement and irresponsible.
24. #22, very true
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.09.12)
so have many Druze, Bedouin, Christian, Women etc., Israel is very different than portrayed in the media. I would say as a whole Israel is a very open and excepting community.
25. If we have to be proud of Gays keep it in Tel Aviv
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.09.12)
I'm embarrassed by people who have to show their sexuality. If I did the same with my husband I'd be told to "get a room and do it in Private" which I do. however as Tel Aviv is our leading international city, maybe they can keep their gay pride marches there, and leave Holy Jerusalem out of it. That would be a nice compromise. Problem is gays, leftists and Haim TA dont believe in compromise or democracy. They want everything their way and only their way.
26. #3 Haim - your posts have no democratic content
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.09.12)
They are all your way and only your way. That's not democratic. That's leftist bs.
27. # 25,26 Rebecca
berlonski ,   berlin   (01.09.12)
I've never seen at a gay pride march in TLV people doing something that you do only with your husband in a room and in private. Sex in public would be b.t.w. against Israeli law. But organising and doing marches to express (political) opinions falls under the basic freedom of expression and of opinion. If you see just sexuality there, it says more about you than about the protestors. And Jerusalem is part of Israel, no? So why should the basic democratic freedom of expression be restricted there? Only because you and others want it your way and only your way?
28. #25: Somehow sexuality isn't compatible with "Holiness"?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.09.12)
That's some twisted logic, sister. I won't even "go there"... Still it makes it crystal-clear why religion must be fought every step of the way. Is it because the Imaginary Friend is a single guy, that most religion manage to wreck the human sexual experience beyond recognition?
Me ,   Here, Massachussetts   (01.09.12)
Gay people are NOTORIOUS for having excellent taste in fashions, food, real estate, etc. and are international trend setters. This is very good P.R. for Israel indeed!!!
30. #17, actually its closer to 3%
ben Ish   (01.09.12)
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