Netanyahu: Free education for everyone
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 08.01.12, 10:36
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1. We should have New-Speak expressions in Hebrew, like:
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.08.12)
"Bibism", "Nethanyahuity" ,"Likudilishious" ...etc. This man is really too much! :-))
2. Bibi get your head out; army retention rates predict only 60
Hippocrates ,   Earth   (01.08.12)
percent within 10 years. There needs to be more incentive and gratitude for this e serving. Why should disloyal citizens get a head start on those sacrificing everything? Get your priorities straight
3. My head says Bibi is right, but my heart is with Lieberman
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.08.12)
There have to be some benefits to the Army and to loyalty to the state.
4. Lieberman is right and bib is as usual
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.08.12)
wrong! And cut the child allowances to families of those that did not serve. No need to subsidize the growth of anti Zionist families!
5. Liberman is right
Bill Pearlman ,   ny usa   (01.08.12)
6. the palestinian arab people
isiaiah   (01.08.12)
The arab people need to become scholars to study their traditions in the humanitarian perspective medicine and science physics chemistry computors and literature and for peace .When an arab israeli or Palestinian gets a noble prize for medicine and healing the one state for two people is on its way and is the messianic dream.
7. ehm - won't liebermans proposal mean,
Peter ,   Austria   (01.08.12)
that the children of those immigrants (of which many do not serve) won't get free education either? it appears, that lieberman doesn't even get his own nationalism right... o_O
8. There are alternatives to the army and some cant get in
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.08.12)
I have a young friend who is devastated that his profile is too low to be accepted by the army. should he too not get benefits? And those that do sherut Le'umi? and those that genuinely study for the benefit of the soldiers? And do we really want the Arabs in the army??
9. #8 the law should be
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.08.12)
The law should recognize that military service and shirut leumi are the same for benefits. People who serve, get the benefits. I know blind people who serve so no one has an excuse. People who don't serve, don't get the benefits. The only people who will fall through the cracks are drug-addicts. If the law was "strip Haredim of rights, whether they served or not", it would pass. As long as the law says "reward anyone who serves, and punish those who did not, including Arabs and Leftists", it has no chance.
10. # 8
Benny ,   Ashkelon   (01.08.12)
Rebecca, could you be more specific about "those that study for the benefit of the soldiers" ?
11. #8 “isiaiah
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.08.12)
“One state for two peoples” is only your way of destroying Israel while trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and not expose your true intent. Give it up; you are way too obvious. This “messianic” dream is only in your mind and those of your ilk.
12. #11 is for #6 isiaiah
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.08.12)
13. If you're looking to cut costs,
Az   (01.14.12)
EDUCATION IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO IT. Trim things that are actually not necessary or beneficial. Or you'll end up with more uneducated people. Unless you really want that.
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