Welcome to cyber war
Smadar Shir
Published: 08.01.12, 20:26
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1. somehow I don't feel cyber attacks = missile strikes
survivor of terror ,   Israel   (01.08.12)
but then what do I know!?! After all I am just a survivor of a real terrorist attack.
2. Author an Ignoramus
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (01.08.12)
Sure we should go after people who undermine our security, including on the Internet, but the author clearly don't get it. Smadar Shir, do you know any hackers yourself? Do you have any understanding of the world of IT and information security? If you answered no to both question (which you probably have, based on this article), please refrain from insulting our collective intelligence in the future.
3. @ 1, survivor
RC ,   USA   (01.08.12)
You probably have not thought of the damage that a hacker can wreck on an electrical power station, communication satellites, missile sites, or a nuclear facility if they can hack into the systems. Rogue hackers are terrorists because they can instill fear in people to get what they want or provoke deaths.
4. Such drama!
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.08.12)
Many trolls are probably laughing at Israel right now over such reactions to the actions of one person. Also, when did Kirstie Alley start writing for YNet?
5. credit cards are sold by 1000s on the internet
and credit card companies do nothing about it. as usual media blows a minor event out of all proportion
6. So Stuxnet was Israeli terror attack?
Bob ,   TA   (01.08.12)
Ok, but maybe Iran will also use this comparison after another Israeli orchestrated cyber attack. Stuxnet virus = Jericho missile = Scud response !? Agreed?
7. hacking=terrorism
hasan ,   USA   (01.08.12)
What does that make Israel after stuxnet? The pioneer of internet terror?
8. @3 I have, but according to everything I've read...
survivor of terror ,   Israel   (01.08.12)
and everything we've been told: Israel's computerized defense systems are set up differently from the computerized credit card systems. I understand your point and I do agree with it. However what the writer of this article is writing about, and what you and I are taking about is credit card theft. In my opinion that is very different from damaged electrical power stations etc etc...and quite candidly the ones who are instilling fear in people are you and the author of this article.
9. Blonds
vmdeeb ,   Somewhere USA   (01.08.12)
I think the peroxide you use to bleach your hair is effecting your brain / judgment.
10. War and Terrorism
RickD ,   USA   (01.08.12)
War is an attack of one group or country on the military of another group or country. Terrorism is an attack on civilians aimed at forcing them to act in a certain way. If stuxnet was sent by a govt against the govt of Iran then it is an act of war and Iran would have the right to retaliate according to the laws of war. If this computer hacker was working alone and his attack is against civilians then it is an act of terrorism, or possibly vandalism. However, in either case retaliation is due him.
11. MadMan
zivron   (01.09.12)
First the comparison is dreadful in this instance .Ten Thousand israelis dead Sicko comparison.
12. finally an author who makes fantastic sense and as usual
ralph   (01.09.12)
typical comments from the brain diseased naive probably socialist intellectual elite leftists who because they parrot their professors think they are right. wrong guys this blond has it all over you.
13. @3
Susan ,   USA   (01.09.12)
And what about hacking of IMD's (implantable medical devices) such as pacemakers by rogue hackers?
14. @ 9
RC ,   USA   (01.09.12)
I think she looks beautiful and smart to boot (in addition). Maybe you are just jealous.
15. it is a war
samia ,   jerusalem   (01.09.12)
who said there are rules in any war?even if there are they are theoratical ..and if it is practical it is by choice .and if it is by choice ..the strength has its word ... it means violence .. so i think morals is more effective in the first then the strength then the justice then the pracice and the last is the theorotical rule
16. #13, How would they hack those?
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.09.12)
Would someone with more knowledge of such things put forward a scenario in which this is plausible?
17. t0 16
it is simple as ... if there were no credit card in comp no one can know it from comp. and if any person have not a credit card will say i havnot or if he fear it he will not have it but if he hase he will tell about it and these medical devices was different and the one who use it will tell it is done by dr. x a very known one it is expensive it caust ??? from the doctor and stores you can know which or what and when it is from files but it must cost more and more money but morals controle it the dr, must have the secretary .the guard ... etc so look fore the weakest point in morals then you can get it /// but the question is for what you will hack IMD.
18. Henry from New York (16)
Barry ,   Israel   (01.09.12)
let's see... My father has a pacemaker that has an RF transmitter/receiver for adjustment by his cardiologist, who happens to use a computer. I have an insulin pump that is programmed by a Bluetooth transmitter. All of this was discussed at a major computer security seminar in the US about a year ago.
19. #1 You are grossly mistaken, my friend
and you're missing the point entirely. Cyber attacks can lead to many more lives at risk than any terror attack, aven more than 9/11. The Credit Cards attack is only one of the damages that a cyber attack can do. Can you imagine the loss of life following a successful attack on the electricity, comunications and transportation infrastructure? Maybe you can't appreciate the possibilities and the danger, but rest asured - as the pen in the hends of a diplomat or journalist can be a terror weapon, also can the computer in the hands of a determined terrorist!
20. #6 Iran already conducts war on Israel, pal!
and has been murdering Jews and Israelis through their Hezbollah and Hamas proxies in Israel and abroad for decades! They really don't need Stuxnet as a pretense. So cut the BS and your funny alias. We know you are a Islamo-Leftist inciter anyway, so why also expose your cowardness claiming that you are "bob" from "Tel Aviv"? So Stuxnet (if sent by Israel) is a small payback. Agreed?
21. #15 then why object when Israel pays back?No rules remember?
So basically you're saying that Israel should also apply your logic. I AGREE! Next time, bomb Gaza and Lebanon out of existence, and the civilian human shields who die, tough luck. No rules! You should submit this to the UN for vote!
22. @ 13, Susan
RC ,   USA   (01.09.12)
I imagine that if an implantable devise has a program that can be manipulated wirelessly someone will eventually find a way to affect such a program. Terrorist usually use fear and violence for political reasons, but if someone does it for money or just for his personal satisfaction is he still not causing terror? I imagine that if terror is used other than for political reasons different governments around the world classify the crime differently.
23. #12 - Intellectuals are known for their intellect.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.09.12)
Not sure why this wasn't posted before. The fact is that Israelis are falling to pieces over something one guy did (or is taking credit for at the very least). As someone said though (one of the ministers, I forget which), this guy did do them a favour. The panic over this small act will make Israelis more mindful about security. In fact, let's think of it this way. We know how an inoculation works, right? You take a weaker form of the offending pathogen and put it in the body. The body reacts and builds up defences. When the real deal comes along, you're ready. That is what this guy has done for Israel. Though his identity should still be revealed so that true Anon can wreak their havoc upon his life.
24. #18, while I'm not sure about the RF transmitter
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.09.12)
wouldn't the insulin pump only be accessible at close range? If I remember correctly, Bluetooth has a lot of potential for abuse, but you need to be within range of the person up to a few metres.
25. Hear oh ( govrnment of ) Israel !
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.09.12)
Do something at last against the hundreds of neo nazi websites, which are lieing about the jewish people , and the State of Israel ! Only in Hungary there are dozens of them.
26. Another war the ARABS start, but they will cry
k ,   US   (01.09.12)
they will cry when they get their revenge and all these liberal Arab appeasers will come to their defense the Arabs started by posting the Israelis info, lets hope they get what is theirs
27. Saudi hacker terrorist = first casualty of the cyber war
I hope that this arrogant coward is ready to become its first casualty, and meet the virtual virgins in the imaginary Muslim "paradise". Muslims will lose this war just as they lost all the wars they started against Israel ever its re-birth on its ancestral lands. Yes, Saudi hacker: welcome to the cyber war. Welcome to your worst nightmare. Welcome to Hell.
28. to 21
15   (01.10.12)
i think i would be with the dead so you did you submit and god only send to paradise or hell . but if i would be alive i will pray to god it is the submit to his rule
29. "Welcome to cyber war"
William ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
Hahaha, this Saudi hacker running up against Israeli advanced hackers is like a "Palestinian" with a molotov cocktail running up against the IDF claiming "the war has begun". The Saudi bank response issued today to Israeli claims of hacking is indicative of the difference between Arabs and Israelis. The Israelis openly admitted the hacking, turned on mechanisms to protect card holder accounts, and worked to fix security holes with better technology. The Saudis denied a hacking ever took place even though the hacked data was independently verified yesterday, and Ynet made a call to one of the Saudi citizens who's data was on the list.
30. #7 - does "terrorism" refer to attacks on civilians?
William ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
Was the attack on an Iranian nuke facility, which is also a military site, an attack on civilians? No, not at all. Yet, the Saudi hacker attack was completely against civilians, which is supported by the wider Arab public (anything to hurt a Jew).
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