Embrace our Shabbat
Kobi Oz
Published: 10.01.12, 00:03
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1. I'm all for having a weekend, but
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (01.10.12)
why not Friday/Saturday?
2. Workaholics
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.10.12)
Most of us get two days off each week, but Israelis only get one and a half? Nation of workaholics! Also, why Sunday? There is not enough of a Christian population to justify this.
3. It's easier for tourists and foriegners
shaun green ,   pasadena usa   (01.10.12)
Besides this way all the world has an identical weekend. In Jerusalem its practically this way already.
4. Good idea! Also Leshon Kodesh PLUS pronounceable Yisraelit.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (01.10.12)
5. Week end changes
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (01.10.12)
First of all, most of us have a two-day week end now. Those who don't, it is much like small shop keepers and restauranters every where who might chose to work 6 days a week. Some workers are pressured into Shabbat work, and this isn't right at all. I am all for anything that helps us to unify here in Israel. Sunday sports games sounds like a good idea. Worrying about meshing with the Nations is not a great reason to change the order here--Israel was commanded NOT to immitate the Nations by G-d. But YES! let us go back to a clean and quiet Shabbat, with commerce left for the other 6 days, whether the other day off is Friday or Sunday. Of course, with a Sunday shopping day that isn't Shabbat, tens of thousands more Israelis will be working in shops and eateries anyway.
6. Not for all
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (01.10.12)
While I can appreciate the desire to have a day off, that is not Shabbat to shop, do errands, take trips and attend cultural events this proposal does NOT have everyone enjoying this extra day off--this real weekend. Those who work in the shops, cultural centers, sites etc. etc. are obviously going to be WORKING! They will not be able to participate in this extra. ( and yes, they'll get a day off mid-week, but it isn't the same) Before the country moves to this schedule something STRONG must be put in effect to protect the worker. It must be stronger than the law which prohibit all but necessary work on the Shabbat--since we see what a farce those laws are!
7. You first need to do a full day of work
Dan S. ,   US   (01.10.12)
... Before you can have a day of rest..
8. Sunday?
Golani ,   Vinelan/Mi Ami   (01.10.12)
2 day weekend, ok, but why Sunday? This is a Jewish Nation with a large Muslem population. Nothing against Christians, but they did not get the idea that Shabbat is Sabbath and that Sunday is the first day of the week. Keep it Friday and Saturday.
9. Truth is: 4-1/2 work days is MORE than enough
Ezra ,   USA   (01.10.12)
...to be successful. We "extend" our workdays, EVERYDAY anyway so what's the issue here? Sunday off? Duh! Yeah: should've happened a LONG time ago. Modern technology has failed to make us more "productive" because we overwork, become stressed out, frayed and under-perform. Easier to be a self-sufficient farmer from the old days than to have a normal 9-5 job in the so called "modern" or "advanced" society. How stupid did that turn out?
10. Extend the already long working days?
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.10.12)
In the 1980s, a trial was run in the US with workers working a ten-hour day and getting a 3-day weekend. The trial was a failure. The fatigue curve showed that by the third day, productivity had fallen to a little bit more than 50%, and the 3-day weekend wasn't enough to allow the fatigue curve to return to zero. And this was with a 40-hour work week, not the Israeli 45-hour work week. Given the scientific findings of the study, this proposal is a loser, no matter which two days are chosen to be the weekend.
11. YES! YES! YES!
URI ,   IL   (01.10.12)
12. More time with the FAMILY?! Are you nuts?Have you seen mine?
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.10.12)
13. Who's watching the kids?
R ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
We already work longer than most of the western world. Who will be caring for children when their parents have to work a 10-hour day? Make the work DAY shorter. That would create jobs. We'd have energy to be with the kids after work, take them with us to shop, etc.
14. Sunday
Moshe ,   T/A Israel   (01.10.12)
The World that Israel is dealing with does not work on Sunday,we are out of step with the reality of this World. I am sure all of us would willingly give an hour or two more per day to have half day Friday followed by Saturday and Sunday. When we go back to work on Monday we will have people to talk to and people who are answering our mails and people who are there. We go to work on Sunday and we might as well be living on the Moon as we cant achieve anything,you work till 12 then you have answered all the mails and then it is a waste of time. Time to accept that we are not an Island but part of Humanity that has Sunday off.
15. Michael and Sundays
Moshe ,   T/A Israel   (01.10.12)
If you start of by telling everybody it is a loser then it is a loser if you start off by telling people it is a good idea then it is a good idea. Your mail more than anything shows your negative attitude to change, the World that Israel is dealing with does not Work on Sunday we are achieving nothing by working on Sunday
16. Kobi Oz has no clue
Ehud   (01.10.12)
Why should Prof. Kandel focus on money? Let's have a 2-day work week and a 5 day weekend with social, health services for free, rent control and a modern high-tech army! Kobi, if Sat and Sunday are free, Friday needs to be a full working day, otherwise this will collapse, even if you sing the whole day Sabath hymns
17. Sunday off
Sunday off ,   Bet Shemesh   (01.10.12)
For those of us that keep Shabbat. Friday off is not good enough, especially in winter when Shabbat comes in so early, we have no time to go visit family in other cities, or have a picnic or just chill. I long for a Sunday when we can come home from visiting family or friends without rushing home because Shabbat is starting.
18. ReL Why not Friday/Saturday
Shauli ,   Ariel, Israel   (01.10.12)
Friday is by far my most stressful, hectic and least relaxing day of the week. especially in the winter when Shabbat starts at 4. I made aliyah just over 3 years ago, and working on Sunday is probably the most difficult change for me. There is no time to get out and see friends, family and other parts of the country..
19. Interesting, but...
Baruch ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
I already work 9+ hours per day, and spend at least 3 hours on the bus commuting. It does not sound like a lot - increase the work day by just 1 hour, but to people that are responsible for more than just punching a clock, this is not feasible. It would be more socially conscious to reduce the workweek to at least 40 hours, so people can enjoy the weekend.
20. Sundays off
GD ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.10.12)
My company has, for economic reasons, moved to a 4 day week with Sundays off. This is a really good idea, if you can handle the cut in salary. At least there is no more Motzei Shabbat depression! To extended the working day during the week is not an option as we already work very long hours and if you are parents there is still 3-4 hours of work involved at home.
21. Sunday Off
Sylvia49 ,   Portland, OR   (01.10.12)
Umm...ok, but don't call it Shabbat; it's the first day of the week!
22. How is that supposed to work?
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (01.10.12)
The official workday is 9 hours now. We would still have to knock off earhly on Friday(about 2pm). When exactly are we supposed to put in the extra time on other days.
23. The weekend
Joe ,   Afula   (01.10.12)
We already have a two day weekend its called Friday-Saturday!
24. Who say's Friday is a day off!?
AL ,   Tel Aviv   (01.10.12)
I am shomer Shabbat and have children. So, on Friday my children are at school. So if I want to visit family up north I am limited to Purim or Yom Hatsmaut or not sent my children to school or not keep Shabbat. This is a Jewish state, it should be conducive to trying to be Jewish. So Sunday is like the Goyim. Big Deal!? I like many Israelis work for a company which have dealings with Asia, Europe and the Americas, and Sunday can be a waste of time work-wise.
25. agree 100%
nadav ,   tlv   (01.10.12)
26. Bad for the children
Rivka ,   Israel, center   (01.10.12)
Kids in Israel get out way too early, have too much time with sitters or free of supervision already. Now you want parents of the lowest economic bracket, service workers who will need to be on the job to check your purchases, take your ticket and fill your tank, to have to pay childcare or leave their kids unattended. Great for whose family?
27. Sunday off... for whom??
Hadassah ,   Jerusalem   (01.10.12)
If you are going shopping and eating out on Sundays, sounds to me like SOMEBODY doesn't have the day off.... Your 'logic' is a bit short-sighted
28. If we want two days, it must be Friday and Saturday
Yossef   (01.10.12)
29. who said school had to be closed?
ari ,   il   (01.10.12)
in america, religious schools are open on sunday. That's right, parents IMAGINE actually having a normal day to do the laundry and relax your brain! How un-israeli!
30. I know a few who have made yerida bc of no sundays
nadiv ,   IL   (01.10.12)
this is a serious issue for those coming from the west. if you want western aliyah, then give us a day to be normal!
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