Jordan bans entry of Israeli food
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.01.12, 15:00
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1. stupidity
zooz ,   Gaza   (01.09.12)
i dont think its about stinginies , its more about stubidity , a bottle of water in Israel costs at least 5 NIS while in Jordan 2 NIS at max same goes to food , drinks ,etc..
2. wow
niki ,   usa   (01.09.12)
3. Curious re kashrut: don't visit, or they'll provide?
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.09.12)
What exactly do they mean for the Israelis who keep kosher -- that they shouldn't eat anything but fruits and so on, or that the Jordanians will market kosher food? The latter would be better!
4. Ultimately, the way to attract more spending is...
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.09.12)
... provide more competitive and more attractive spending opportunities. It's not that complicated, really. Have the Jordanian tourist authorities thought of that one?
5. hechscher
yosef ,   williamsburg   (01.09.12)
Will be kosher cafes in Jordan then?
6. Jordan
Giliboy da dudey lad ,   Movin, dudin it   (01.09.12)
Soon the Jordanian ruler will be toppled and then the citizens/Palestinians who live there can vote to call the country by its real name "Palestine". After that lets talk about who buys what food there.
7. Prices
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (01.09.12)
No problem with them being forced to use restaurants which anyway must be cheaper than restaurants in Israel. But the entrance fee to Petra is a bit steep isn't it? They don't take no prisoners there do they mate?
8. Nothing wrong with packed lunches
Israeli grandma   (01.09.12)
This is a somewhat hostile article and resurrects the old chestnut about stealing taps. Also ignores far worse behaviour of other nationalities when in foreign countries. Just think of the Brits for instance, getting blind drunk and foul mouthed, ,trashing their rooms, and vomiting everywhere. The Jordanians are perfectly free to put up their prices and fees, but nothing wrong either with Israelis bringing their own food, which is of course going to be Kosher, important to many of us. The Jordanians must be careful not to make touring in their country too expensive now that foreign economies are in trouble, and the Middle East is in ferment, which will discourage tourists who will prefer places like Greece which also has lots of sun and many ancient monuments worth visiting.
Jordanians are just trying to earn a decent living and ,frankly ,who needs tourists who do not spend money ?
10. A - vote with your feet
Jerome ,   Auckland NZ   (01.09.12)
B- Israel should respond by prohibiting Jordanian home made food into Israel . C- Make it compulsary to purchase a Ham Sandwich on arrival to Israel.
11. Jews!
Jews! ,   Jews!   (01.09.12)
12. Jordan bans entry of Israeli food
Alan Feinstein   (01.09.12)
One way to end that ....stop going into Jorden!!!
13. i've been there. petra great visual. food ..i wouldn't touch
ralph   (01.09.12)
it with a 10 foot pole. i like arabic foods but in jordan and orocco i will not eat out. they have to improve if they want those dollars. until then. nothing but my own or that which has a skin on it.
14. Force tourists to buy?
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (01.09.12)
Go ahead and perpetuate stereotypes. A tourist who feels like bringing his own food shouldn't be a problem. Do they want involuntary spending? Do as some countries used to do (still do?) and make it a requirement to exchange a non-convertable amount of sheqels into Eastern Palestinian Dinars? If a tourist doesn't want to spend money on something, that's his choice. You want him to buy at your eateries, make them attractive, friendly, enticing or whatever. Don't be lazy and just try and force someone to buy.
15. They have kosher restraunts?
Ezra ,   Israel   (01.09.12)
I'm sure not.
16. Its about Jews who eat kosher! Tefilin are also forbidden!
Nethanel ,   Jerusalem   (01.09.12)
Imagine Germany would deny entry of Israelis who bring their own kosher food or want to bring their Tefilin. But the Israeli government has not the guts to tell the truth and to stop Israeli tourism until all discriminations will be stopped.
J.M ,   Spain   (01.09.12)
If it's not kosher some jews will not go to Jordan anymore.
18. Not at Petra it doesn't
Olah ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.09.12)
The cafe at Petra wanted to charge me nearly 60NIS for a bottle of water and a small cake. I just laughed. No wonder people take food in!
19. 2 Sides of the Jordan both belong to us!
Yosef ,   Jerusalem   (01.09.12)
They should remember that their side of the Jordan river and both really belong to the Jews.
20. Without Good's just Dirty
It's not worth going to Petra. It's hot and dusty, and obviously the pals want to make the whole area Judenrein, so why give them business at all? My family split up on our stay in Eilat. Half went to Petra, and half went on an exhilarating delicious day sail cruise with a fantastic fresh barbeque lunch with great food! Our Petra group came back sick from the heat, and inconvenience of waiting for hours at the crossing . They were spent from the day, and had to go to bed to recover! The sailing group came back relaxed, and happy! Israeli antiquities are so much more enjoyable to tour, and there is always good, clean food nearby.Don't waste your time going there...Boycott Petra.
21. Kosher food worldwide - do it in Jordan
Rachel Moriano ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.10.12)
Just as the Moslems have their dietary requirements, and just as Jews worldwide find ways to get kosher food in their countries, the Jordanians can organize kosher eating facilities in Petra etc. Why not? Even if they are vegetarian. Just bring in a mashgiach - in the name of cooperation between countries the Israeli government should provide this, then tourists can have local food, assist local businesses and local workers. That is a mitzvah because so many Jordanians are very poor and need the income. If a person does not have enough money to buy such meals with a hashgacha in Jordan they should not be going for a holiday there.
22. Ha-ha!I'll never forget my wife coming out of Jordanian shop
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.10.12)
(just after we've crossed the border in Eilat) with two bottles of mineral water and some Mars bars and about 100 sheqels poorer....Nowhere have I seen this kind of dishonesty and literal money-grabbing as on that one-day trip to Petra. If that's what living under a King does to you...?
23. And the 3 Jordanian citizens that visit Israel??????
Hippocrates ,   Earth   (01.10.12)
Talk about non reciprocity. Jordan's illegitmate King who rules 80% majority population of palestinian arabs, is upset that Israelis don't spend more in Jordan? 100,000 Israeli visitors? How many Jordanina visitors to Israel? 3 Stop your whining.
24. Think before u say
Ayman ,   Jordan   (01.10.12)
I have two question for u, have u ever come to jordan? do u know the restaurants and facilities Jordan provide to tourists? plz don't be judgmental, and have all the facts gathered before critisizing. Thanks
25. Jordan bars JOOO'ish food,....
Gideon Reader   (01.10.12)
Well is goes without saying that this move by Jordan is solidly based on some obscure meaningless and impotent Jordananian Official, like the little fat guy who calls hims King, having tasted my mother-in-law's version of JOO'ish cooking. WGD. Weapon of Gastric Destruction.
26. petra theme park venture capital wanted
ed cress ,   cape town   (01.10.12)
is the anyone out there willing to invest capital with me in a petra theme park ??? Perhaps located in the negev It will be a sure winner (also for foreign tourists.) THIS IS SERIOUS
27. Both greedy and I believe illegal
William ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
It's one thing to deny packaged food brought into a restaurant but into a whole country? I believe that violates numerous agreements and laws between sovereign nations.
28. #1 - at a local store, or at a tourist site?
William ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
It's well-known that items like bottled water are priced much higher in tourist areas than in a local food market. Soon Jordan will pass a law demand tourists buy products in tourist areas, and be forbidden from entering local Jordanian stores on the way to a tourist location. It's Apartheid in the making.
29. Maybe the reason more Israelis are packing food
William ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
is because the Kingdom keeps raising the damn prices of every tourist venue in the country. Jordan will learn the art of capitalism - if they continue to raise the prices, less people will come, and they end up with the same net income from fees and taxes, and less income from actual tourists. This is nothing short of desert Bedouin robbery once tourists arrive, which Jordan might just revert to in the future.
30. same old
Martin   (01.10.12)
When I visitied Perta in 2011-09 (comming from Eilat) we where already told that it was just OK to bring a small bottle of water. And most people going there from Israel where tourists from abroad like me. Anyway it's also forbidden to bring food to the EU.
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