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US: Iran uranium enrichment – further escalation
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Published: 09.01.12, 23:35
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1. Fourth Temple
zivron   (01.09.12)
The jewsmust prepare to nuke the islamic world escape with nuclear suitcases populate in the USA United ingdom and British Dominions and return in three centuries.Amainline atheistic judeo christian humanitarian doctrine will be formed and the islamic people will be subject to chinese japanese mongolian andinian rule scattered amongst them . Eygyptians will have to go east and south to libya and africa and UPLIFT AFRICA FROM ITS MIRE . etgpt will be a giant land of radipoisponed pyramids . Islam the ukraine croatia hungaryand rumania will have to absorb islamists from western europe under Russian rule and Germany will have to toil and pay high taxes to fund the redistributions . Polands fate is undecided but it will pay for not saving its jews,
2. #1 - what kind of stuff are you smoking ?
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (01.10.12)
3. @1
Boo Radley ,   Albm, USA   (01.10.12)
whatcha smokin ziv?
4. yadda yadda sanctions yadda yadda
horse from yadda   (01.10.12)
yadda yadda yadda
A WONDER(SJOERD R.). ,   MULTIVERSE   (01.10.12)
6. 20% enrichment is not enough for a real warhead
nuclear engineer ,   la, usa   (01.10.12)
You need much higher concentrations of U235 for a proper warhead. At 20% (or possibly lower), odd geometries and tampering - in addition to geometrically increasing amounts of U stock are needed. Not to mention likelihood of misfiring (ie no significant fission) is higher. A non-testing state (as Iran is per NPT, CTBT) would never use a device like this in warfare if it cannot test. Please don't do shoddy reporting that leads the conversations to war.
7. Iran' s really self asserting
Yitzhack ,   Zambia   (01.10.12)
It's interesting to note how finally the sanctions path does not deter Iran 's hell bent plans to develop a nuclear bomb. It seems this cataclymisc head on collission is unavoidable. And yet, the strategy to continue yapping and do nothing seems to me assisting Iran to gleefully expand its evil plans. Who can do anything about it? It seems no one can. Are nations waiting to re-act when it is too late?
8. Wait until Iran nukes Tel Aviv.
Stephen in New York   (01.10.12)
Then there will be no doubt that Iran has acquired nuclear weapons.
9. #6 AGREE
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (01.10.12)
I also agree that the reporting is sloppy in an inflammatory manner. They cleverly stated that "Uranium enriched to a 20% level enables turning it into fissile warhead material." Although closer to bomb grade stuff, it really isn't much different conceptually than saying that mining of uranium enables turing it into fissile warhead material. Iran is still a long way off from something to be feared, and people conveniently forget that Israel started the ME nuclear arms race. Having said that, I prefer that nobody in that region have any and that Israel should disarm as part of a larger agreement where nuclear free is verifiable in all ME states.
10. Is the genie of the bottle yet?
World Observer ,   New York   (01.10.12)
Is there any real leader in the west that have the courage to make the decision now? We know Obama is waiting to see the AhmadinGenie first to have a proof. Then he will say , “sorry it is too late now, it is Bush fault”. Clinton knew about Osama Bin Laden for years and nothing was done to kill him. How many people and money was lost to shut him down? Think how many more people will die and how the world would suffer if the west does take of this BEFORE the genie is out of the bottle! Call your leader to do something about it today!
11. #6 What would you advise
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.10.12)
that the world waits until Iran is able to enrich to full strength and set off a nuke
12. Obama and Panetta are just looking the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.10.12)
other way...A good opportunity to take ACTION NOW !!!!!!!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.10.12)
What the Iranian authorities had previously announced.Nothing new has happened.We,as readers,have been following this development very closely,and vouch for the fact that more than six months back,the Iranians had announced of their intention to enrich uranium upto 20% to ultimately make the plates to feed the plant that makes isotopes.So, what is this to do with different personality in European capitals moaning and creating unneccessary commotion to make it look like the world is falling apart?
14. #13 Absolutely in lines with their lies
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.10.12)
If it is so all fired innocent, explain while they find the need to hide it 300 feet below ground in a fortified concrete bunker??
15. #9 Frank-el, Ever hear the words money,
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.10.12)
Gelt, dollars, wampum or Masari,?? Iran has used it's money to hire outside help from North Korea, China & Pakistan What Iran can make itself, it has the money to buy Meanwhile, Iran is the only one going around threatending to destroy Israel or the USA
16. With regard to #11
nuclear engineer ,   la, usa   (01.12.12)
There's no such thing as "full strength." It's done by continually centerfuging feed stock and it's a geometric process (ie very energy and time consuming). It's currently being monitored very extensively by IAEA inspectors and it's all but impossible with their current infrastructure to have a secret parallel line ostensibly to have higher enrichment. They lack the manpower and material, simply. Lastly, there's a huge step from having the material at sufficient enrichment to making a bomb and then to using it. They would have to kick out inspectors and withdraw from NPT for it to be of any serious concern. Enrichment may be a concern for the West and Israel, but it is within the rights of signatories to the NPT. The Arak heavy water reactor is another concern as they can develop Pu from it - but that's also under inspection.
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