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Obama names Jack Lew new chief of staff
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.01.12, 23:24
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1. Obama is bad.
Big Tex ,   Texas USA   (01.10.12)
2. Smells like pandering to me, but it's nice to have an
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.10.12)
Orthodox Jew keeping watch, so long as he's the nicer kind. Out of curiosity, does anyone know where this fellow stands on matters involving a certain southern levantine State?
3. Obama trying to secure Jewish vote.
Aharon   (01.10.12)
Nothing against Lew, I'm sure he can do what the President wants, but Obama is using him to secure the Jewish vote.
4. Obama
Mark ,   USA   (01.10.12)
While I congratulate Lew on his appointment, and am happy with seeing Jews in prominent positions in the administration, the real test of whether Obama is truly looking out for the safety of America and its ally in the middle east, Israel, is whether he does something definitive with Iran. I have personally seen much growth and a maturing oer the last year with Obama, and if this continues, this former Republican, turned independent may end up pulling handle for Obama come November.
5. Obama
BIG TEX ,   Texas USA   (01.10.12)
Doing what ever he can to win the Jewish vote. Wake up don't vote for this guy.
6. Oy Vey !
Erudite ,   Australia   (01.10.12)
This is not good. More ammunition for Anti- Semites aka Anti-Zionism Anti -Israel.
7. #6 TEST A seeker of Pollard's release ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (01.10.12)
8. HAROON...#3...YOU HAVE it RIGHT..BUT...
ali ,   villanova -usa   (01.10.12)
The Jews are NOT that STUPID.. They know that Obama is going to do more of this political stuff to try to appease the Jewish Vote.. Obama will NOT get the Jewish Vote..They DO NOT TRUST him Because they FEAR he will be TOTALLY Against Israel in his SECOND term..
9. Does it really matter if he's a Jew or not?
Michael ,   West Jerusalem/NY   (01.10.12)
10. Daley is going to run Hussein's campaign
Barney Bee   (01.10.12)
He's not going to be with his family, what a lie. Axelrod and Daley are running the 2012 Hussein campaign.
11. #2?
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (01.10.12)
So are you saying (in code, of course) that the President is supposed to pick a chief of staff primarily on their support of Israel (i.e. contra-Iran)? Gee, I thought that as an American you would support the selection of a chief that best supports the administration's agenda and what's best for America? There are more than enough dual loyalty personages in the US government, many of which tricked the gullible W into the Iraq war. Wasn't that enough for you, Henry from Nu Yowk?
12. #2 Henry - Did you ever think
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.10.12)
that Lew is welling to sell his tuchhas for the prestige We already had two Jews in top positions, fat lot of good that did, Axelrod & Ramn Emanuel, do those names happen to ring a bell Remember, as an American Jew, their first loyalty is to the USA
13. Obama will do anything for a Jewish vote
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.10.12)
even have his Brith Milah in public to show how sympatico he is with Isrel
14. I do not trust Chairman Obama one bit.
J1 ,   Earth   (01.10.12)
The court Jew is back. Remember Obama sat in Rev Wrights church for 20 years and marched with Ferrakan.
15. Three Chiefs of Staff in three years....
Malone ,   Hfx   (01.10.12)
They obviously can't stand the stench emanating from the White House.
16. Obama !!!
Texan   (01.10.12)
Obama now time play the game Obama want our vote , if he can have BIBI just to secure the vote !!! I do not care he never have my VOTE!!! We deserve better for America and our people !!!!
17. it's not going to help him we'll trow him out of office
brooklyn   (01.10.12)
18. In addition to Chanukah&Pesach we can have Shavuot as well
Alan ,   SA   (01.10.12)
19. We dont need another anti Israel clone like that 74yr old Dr
Alan ,   SA   (01.10.12)
20. He Didn't Need To Do That
Dan ,   USA   (01.10.12)
Just another attempt for the Liar In Chief to gain Jewish money and votes. The joke is on him, as he will get it anyway.
21. #11 what are smoking?
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (01.10.12)
As an American you should support and select a President that is best for the U.S. This administration's agenda is horrible for America and for Israel and the rest of the world! You sound stupidly disturbed and surprised that people on an Israeli news site have dual loyalties. I'll bet you love your boyfriend and your Mommy, Frankie from naive town.
22. #11, no, you're assuming that I am saying that.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.10.12)
That is called putting word's in someone's mouth; I think "strawman" argument as well, but I was never good with such terms. It is never wise to make such assumptions based on misinterpretations about a person's character. it can get one in trouble in certaiin circumstances - work, for instance. One could come to the conclusion, using your method, that you think American Jews automatically are loyal to Israel. No, I am wondering how an orthodox Jew feels about Israel. It's not a requirement for anything, but I'd like to know his opinion of the State. That is all. As an American, I would wish for someone who supports what is best for America, but not necessarilly the administration if the two run counter to each other. Well, the first election I voted in, I cast my ballot for Obama. He has not delivered on many promises and I only started thinking of supporting the other guys in the last year and a half. Before that, I was an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party Lastly, no one tricked Bush into that war. They went willingly.
23. #12 - Indeed, my first loyalty is to my country, but I love
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.10.12)
Israel deeply. I feel a deep connection (which I only felt after my second visit, oddly enough) and am thankful that relationship between our two countries is mutually beneficial. I am also thankful that despite the feelings of the ignorant and fringe personalities, there has yet to be any serious effort to sever the relationship between the US and Israel. Too few people realise that without Israel, there is no American influence in the region, and if we want to keep things going smoothly here, we have to project our power there. Oh, and the Israeli women are unbeatable of course.
24. This won't work either! Obama=bad for Jews
On one hand he wants to appear as pro-Jewish and regain the lost votes, on the other hand, he subtly perpetuates the blood libel that "Jews control the world", by nang a Court Jew as the "most powerful politician at the White House" - after himself, Michelle and their dog, that is! What an insidious move! What a perfidy! This year, vote for Allan West as VP, and Newt or Mitt as Prez!
25. #11
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.10.12)
fact: Iran declares its plan to take over Saudi oil. fact: if Ahmadinjad controls Saudi oil, American economy is in trouble fact: Iran is building nukes as an insurance policy against American attack when they take the Saudi oil fact: the only peaceful way to remove Ahmadinejad and avoid Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia is an internal revolution. fact: Obama was so consumed by his hatred for Jews and Israel that he supported Ahmadinejad when he smashed the Green Revolution. It seems to me that Henry from "Nu Yowk" loves America. I am not so sure about you.
26. #25 great post on the money
Al   (01.10.12)
Obama is too consumed in his hatred for Jews to give a whit as to whats happening elsewhere. What I am afraid of is that Obama will be re-elected as the republicans are too stupid to see the forest for the trees.Why a Ron Paul is still on the ticket baffles me. As to the so called Jews in America...come on man they are too full of themselves to care either way. Open up some drek kosher restaurant in NU YawK serving some warmed over oriental mash and they flock there like flies to shit.
27. Tell him to lose the horrible" fright wig"!/end
LOSETHEWIG! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.10.12)
28. nothing but a political ploy!
oded ,   usa   (01.10.12)
29. #26 - He would need to concede. Ron Paul does not concede
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.10.12)
regardless of how little an amount of support he has. Why he even runs in the first place is a mystery to anyone; except he may want to use it as a platform to spout nonsense. Rest assured that he doesn't care about the realities facing him and isn't aware of the realities facing our country. He doesn't have any grasp of strategy and does not realise that for our country to remain on top and actually be safe we have to be able to project our power in other parts of the globe (though we should consider consolidating our holdings until the economy improves). That's a little unfair, don't you think? I know many Jews who are quite strict in their adherence to halkha (if that is any indication of Jewishness) and being here does not make them any less Jewish. Most American Jews, like most Americans, simply do not care about politics to an extent that they would do anything to bring about real positive change in this country.
30. Youth are backing Ron Paul
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.10.12)
If he were to be elected, they would be in the very same situation that the youth that backed Obama are If and when they graduate college, lots of luck in finding a job, there aren't any out there They too will join the ranks of the unemployed, giving up in digust when they find out they're chasing a mirage
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