Report: Israel preparing for nuclear Iran
Published: 10.01.12, 07:06
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1.  like "accepting" the fact that your daughter may get raped
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.10.12)
on her way home, because police do not have time to catch the well known rapist in your neighbourhood! Well done everybody.
2. Redrawing the Iraqi border? Carving out a Shia empire?
Michael ,   California, USA   (01.10.12)
Iran has plans that are much more ambitious than helping the Palis. Israel is not an obstacle to these Iranian ambitions, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are since they are Sunnis. If Israel plays its cards correctly, the Iranian threat will re-focus on other targets in about a year. But is Israeli foreign ministry up to the task? Not under the current FM.
3. Israel will survive it, as Iran survived it for years ago
observer ,   Egypt   (01.10.12)
4. #2m Iran is no threat to Egypt, hypothetical threat to Saudi
observer ,   Egypt   (01.10.12)
Muslim Sunnis accommodated among themselves minority Shiets for 1400 years. The irony is that world's Shiets population numbers the same as world's Jewry.
5. We all know how to still prevent this scenario...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.10.12)
and my money says somebody will have the good sense to utilize the option.
6. Shifted?
tombaka ,   Florida   (01.10.12)
What does it mean Israel has shifted its position? Now it won't do everything within its power to stop a nuclear Iran? This does not make sense.
7. Congratulations Netanyahu ! If true you
DT ,   TA Israel   (01.10.12)
will be the only PM to let Iran get a nuclear bomb, preside over Israels obliteration and proved yourself a liar by your own words and actions having repeatedly said you would never allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.
8. Tom,Tel Aviv
Mark ,   United States   (01.10.12)
My thoughts exactly.What the he** are those in command thinking???
9. Ploughshears
isiaiah   (01.10.12)
The time for ploughshears is not with and one state for two people demands demographic compensation for the jews that could have theoretically escaped nazi europe and formed a large land with the arab peoples.An interim two state remedy with a long truce is pragmatic but the truce must be at least one hundred years and end in peace and equality between arab and jew.
10. This is for show only !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.10.12)
11. Doesn't matter to Israel
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.10.12)
Ahmadinejad has nothing to gain and everything to lose by nuking Israel, so he won't. Even if he nuked Tel Aviv, he would kill no more than 40000 people, more likely far less. However, if Israel were to give up Judea and Samaria, she would no longer be defensible. Face it: Iran is an American and Saudi problem, and Israel should just lie low.
12. Iran Atomics is US,Sunni&Saudi+Gulf problem.NOT ISRAEL PROBL
Alan ,   SA   (01.10.12)
13. Yes!Iran's proxies are a problem 4 IL.Its Atomics+Hormuz 4US
Alan ,   SA   (01.10.12)
14. This is a think tank model which has NO
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.10.12)
political relevance ! Please grow up ...
15. #1 Tom absolutely right
AK ,   Geneva   (01.10.12)
Governments, think-tanks and alike go trhough scenarios how to contain a nuclear Iran. This issue is on the agenda since 12 years. I am 25 yrs old and would NEVER forgive my or other western governments to let that happen. If we allow them to go nuclear, this will blow up in our face one day or another. These people are behind centuries.
16. #11: Hardly
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.10.12)
A nuclear Iran will have little to no impact on the US. The US is a big nation and far from Iranian shores. Also, Iranians know that if even one missile/bomb kills even one American, then Iran will be obliterated. However Israel has no such luxury. We have numerous weaknesses--including, but hardly limited to, our various missile defense systems. Also our planes do not have the capability that other nations' air forces do. What we need to do is guilt the US and Europeans as much as possible in order to get them to solve the "Iran problem" for us. Getting other nations to fight our wars is as old a strategy as Israel itself.
17. #16...PISS OFF !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.10.12)
18. Nr 17. You are right - this is nor Sarah !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.10.12)
Probably the persian Cat or some assosiate. ATN sWEDEN.
19. # 12
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.10.12)
Not Israel's problem? come down off your cloud. How many times has Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth? Iran going nuclear is yes, very much Israel's problem. You, far away in SA, are safe & sound.
20. IS THAT YOU,SARAH?.....................#16
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.10.12)
21. #16-17
sipahi ,   Istanbul   (01.10.12)
Does the truth hurt you? Or do you prefer to live in Sarah B.'s delusional world?
22. I have an idea...
rob ,   Orangevale USA   (01.10.12)
Why dont all the Sarah B. posers have their own TB. That way the world can see all the stupidest ideas and wanna-be intellectuals at one time. Those fools that try here are so obvious that they only receive the scorn they deserve. It's like listening to a history lesson from the Pal's. Foolish gibberish is all it amounts to. You scummy imposters bring more derision upon yourself than you could ever know. Picking on a woman shows you are Muslim and weak. Even the usual Israel haters spit on the fakes, to their credit. Hello to the real Sarah. May we spar again in the future. ( I usually take a drubbing ) Shalom Israel, Rob
23. Cui Bono? - and other questios
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (01.10.12)
From the report I see no hint, why Russia today is behaving like it does. I see no motifs of Russian policy to 1. keep silent on Iranian nuclear activities now, accept Russian Scientist to work in Iran, block the UN from taking more decisive action against Iran 2. later work together with the U.S. to prevent nuclear proliferation. This does not make sense! Russia is looking like the honest man handing the matches to the arsonist, helping him to set his (the honest man's) house on fire and then, when everything is burning, our honest man is ringing the fire department. Really? Are the Russians so ignorant? Is it that only we know and they don't? I understand the Obama administration as it is the Obama administration. Barack Hussein Obama is living in his own universe, where he is the most important character, Zaphod Beeblebrox, the greatest of all! Obama is much to smart to engage with the "101" of the issue. Sometime he appears to me like an intellectually gifted hyperactive, who skipped a few classes at school and now is lacking basic knowledge. Our problem is, that we don't have a spare Earth in the trunk of our car. Even Obama is plain wrong, if he believes, he will be able to solve middle east conflicts without understanding its peoples and their usurpers. He only will turn the wheel one revolution further, one day overwinding the mainspring. It's a strange drama, going on in the ME. We have main victims, the main perpetrators, the main "honest men" and the main arsonists. The plot of our drama is the fifty different ways to allegorize the victim as the perpetrator and the dying usurpers as pitiful figures. The only winners of the drama are the ones who are building the scenery. A scenery full of petrol, explosives and high tech. I propose to set the house on fire, before the attic has been loaded with barrels of petrol. This strategy would promise that the fire stops a little faster and will not singe everything.
24. Birdi.Iran wont DARE start with Israel.Talk is for Arabs con
Alan ,   SA   (01.10.12)
sumption and Muslim Consumption ..Israel is reputed to have a couple of hundred nukes.Also one or two subs lurking under sea in Indian Ocean...Also there are many OTHER countries not too happy with a nuclear Iran. As far as a US treaty with Israel... I wouldnt trust its value at a dime! I would not trust US treaties or UN resolutions. Lets see how US enforces its guarantee of the Sadat Begin Peace treaty..Im NOT hopeful! Remember the US Helicopters leaving Saigon.US Embassy.The US left South Vietnam to the Viet Cong ... after losing 40K young men! The Hez and Hamas and Abbas and Haredis(in their own sweet way) are a bigger danger Israel cant get involved in any adventures (unfortunately)... The EU is in a mess and US though seemingly getting through the recession, is in a equivocal state.Israel will be blamed for any thing that happens in ME and in Economies of West. So what if Iran threatens everyone... one day they will be sorry!
25. #16 is not Sarah! And other things.
Daniel ,   Tracy USA   (01.10.12)
What they are looking at is simulations of what could be. They are trying to look at various aspects as to why what and how Iran will react. This of course is just one scenario. A nuclear Iran is everyone's problem. Folks Nuclear power, or nuclear weapons are not limited to missile range. Please read Tom Clancey's Sum of all Fears which covers one such scenario. The countries would be different and the situation changed a little but you don't need a ballistic missile to have a nuclear attack. Imagine that Iran were to loose a couple of warheads, then they wind up in some other terrorist group's hands. Now you have a real issue here. Iran can not be allowed to continue. The question is what is the most affective way to stop them...
26. II Kings
ePHraimAg ,   Kingdom Of Ireland   (01.10.12)
...An Arab for an Arab...wonder if Mr Mahmoud be such a Diplomat to ask Mr Bush to pull The Switch to 'go-stream' . May Your Ships lie in Safe Haven Ahmadinejad. British Isles.
28. 20
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (01.11.12)
Don't be stupid.
29. Don't count Netanyahu out yet!
David ,   USA   (01.11.12)
We must all relize that the PM has to work around obama of the USA. That is hard my friends. I don't care how you slice the cake, obama is out for the brotherhood, not for Israel. The king sits in Saudia Arabia which obama is working for. Israel must walk on soft ground, and I to hope the PM takes care of iran. The hour is coming, the hour is upon us.
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