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Jewish group blasts Katy Perry's father
Published: 10.01.12, 15:35
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1. Well, something emanated from a different part of this prick
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.10.12)
(exactly)! She's not bad, actually. Sometimes we're born to the wrong parents.
2. CINOs
Paul ,   Vancouver   (01.10.12)
Christians In Name Only. This anti-semetic trend among evangelicals is appalling. They don't get it, they need to re-read their bibles.
3. Our friends the Evangelical
k ,   US   (01.10.12)
I guess Israel needs friends these people have ALWAYS been the #1 enemy of the Jews people who like to blame the Jews for their problems and making money while blaming the Jews for all that is wrong in the world This loser is going to make some pathetic apology because he did not think anyone on the outside would hear him this is the enemy of the Jews, this preacher, not the Muslims, not the left wing Muslim appeasers, this Preacher
4. ranting father
bea ,   chicago usa   (01.10.12)
hum another covetous coward
5. amen?
McQueen   (01.10.12)
I agree that the statement is offensive, but what does he mean when he adds amen and hallelujah?
6. bigotry hypocracy at its best.
mikebeck ,   alton usa   (01.10.12)
indeed too bad the weisenthal center does not condemn its own ie zealots in israel spiiting on christian clergy,dont deny we all know.
7. Is there a reason why anyone...
Gideon Reader   (01.10.12)
...would think that being a "Pop Star's" Pop (who IS she anyway?) would or should be bright, even average? He's an anti-Semite? OK. There are LOTSA those. Why should be be different? And who cares. does he have political or miltart, or legal influence over Jews in particular or anyone in general. He gets three seconds of fame, and....gone. Katy Perry? Rings no bells. Must be an Idle Idol or something. She probably started singing and I got up and left the room.
8. #1 Tom - There is a saying.
Devorah   (01.10.12)
"We are all born into the second half of a tragedy in progress." I'd say this more than fits the bill.
9. #6 mike
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.10.12)
The Israeli government, the Rabbinate and many prominent rabbis have already condemned spitting on Christian clergy. Don’t let your bigotry or hypocrisy get in the way of facts.
10. We all have one of them in our family.
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (01.10.12)
11. What would Jesus say?
Beth Goodtree ,   NYC, USA   (01.11.12)
Since Jesus was a Jew, one wonders what he would say. And since this hate-monger professes to be a Christian, he must be awfully confused to slander his god for choosing to come to earth as a Jew, yet hypocritically praise him on the other. Also, he keeps harping about money as if it is the most important thing to him and he regrets that he isn't as wealthy as he perceives others to be. Isn't this also anti-Christian? Obviously, a very sick and confused individual.
12. #10, yep.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.11.12)
Like my Uncle Arthur who informed me that the Thanksgiving prayer would be done in Jesus' name because "he's my guy",
13. Katy had a Hindu wedding
Ron ,   OC, US   (01.11.12)
When Katy married Brand it was a Hindu wedding. The wicked preacher lost his little girl a long time ago and it was not to a Jew. Russel Brand is a Pal sympathizer and a one time drug addict.
14. #9
mikebeck ,   alton usa   (01.11.12)
reread i said the weisenthal center now get your act together n stop misquoting.
15. Just another religious nutter hardly news worthy
Haim ,   TA   (01.11.12)
16. another antisemetic
what does obama say   (01.11.12)
17. If he beleives in what he is saying
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (01.11.12)
Why is he not allowed to say it? If what he is saying is blatantly untrue it would be easy to disprove it, wouldn't it? Free Speech is fundamental in any democracy and should not be silenced by special interest groups
18. #14 mike
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.12.12)
Your post says one thing but implies another; especially since you call people "zealots of the Weisenthal center" (?). Zealots?!. A center doesn't have zealots. You imply Jews. And, no we don't all know. Stop speaking for others.
19. Is he jealous?
Ezra ,   Sandiego   (01.13.12)
Tell the fool to put a priorty on making money, if he's so attracted to it. I know plenty of Jews who do not seek the wealth. To many shalom is all they need. Baruch HaShem!
20. Preacher ranting against jews
Gus ,   Sydney Australia   (01.19.12)
Seems strange that jews complain because all their rabbis rant against muslims. Pot calling the kettle black
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