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Abbas: Peace talks important, but chance for success slim
Elior Levy, agencies
Published: 10.01.12, 18:42
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1. If this article is a true representation of Abbas's intent
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.10.12)
then surely,Israel must put ITS cards on the table.The fact that Ashrawi is saying that,in spite of the intention of all concerned,we have not produced our borders and security requirements,is only showing to everyone that we dont have intentions for a 2 state solution,and intend to maintain the status quo,in other words we have absolutely no intention other than expansion of settlements etc.It would be reassuring to all if our leaders actually spelled out what WE want.
2. Middle East
samuel tayar ,   montreal   (01.10.12)
"The Israelis are sticking to their uncompromising position," & "the Jewish state has not accepted the Quartet's demand to reveal its position regarding borders and security arrangements." 1) How compromising is PA's position? 2) Hanan Ashrawi: the Quartet does not "demand"; as a member of the Palestinian Central (sic) Committee I think it's time to brush up on your diplomatic jargon.
3. Glorification of Terror
The pals glorify, and teach terrorism in their school books. Their education/propaganda system permanently pollutes the minds of their children who become intransigent, highly misinformed, and violent..willing to commit atrocities, and spread canards from the Middle ages as Truth. Peace is only possible in the future if the textbooks are changed, the missile attacks cease, and they end the practice of proudly naming their schools, parks, and stadiums after their terrorist attackers.
4. It is so important
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.10.12)
That the Arabs will do absolutely nothing to achieve it.
5. Jordan is Palestine
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (01.10.12)
Jordan is Palestine not the west Bank 80% Palestinian ruled by minority Hashemites.
6. No More Concessions
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (01.10.12)
No More Appeasement and one sided Compromises Annex B and C areas Settlements are legal Eugene W. Rostow assistant secretary of state for the United States in 1967 who wrote UN resolution 242 wrote in several articles in 1991 that resolution 242 never meant for Israel to go back to the 67 borders. He also wrote that settlements were legal in the West Bank based on the fact that the British mandate in 1922 could not be rescinded. There is nothing in his writings in any agreements that say Israel had to go back to 67, and nothing was ever mentioned about land swaps.Read also what the other authors wrote about Resolution 242 in the January 15 2007 article in Camera titled. "Security Council Resolution 242 According to its Drafters"
7. Agree,important for Isolated Israel .There is an
Sami ,   Lebanon   (01.10.12)
arab saying "Donkey fell in the same ditch twice" . Israeli are creating for Palestinian every day new ditch to try it.
8. Abbas must go
Samer ,   West Bank   (01.16.12)
Abbas collaborates with Israel to arrest his own people and has renounced violence. And what did we get in return? NOTHING except for more settlements than ever and even more radical Jewish settlers on our lands. Abbas is a failure and we need a tough leader to take his place. This coward promised no talks while Israel builds on our lands and now he is holding secret talks against his word.
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