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Sharansky: Obama's new chief of staff 'staunch Israel supporter'
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 11.01.12, 00:40
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1. He's just a prop for the election
BH ,   Iowa   (01.11.12)
2. Mr. OBAMA..The JEWS are Too smart to fall for this..(END) .
ali ,   villanova -usa   (01.11.12)
3. With all due respect...
Mike ,   Boston   (01.11.12)
President Obama is aiming for the Jewish vote here, b/c he is and will always be true to his radical roots.
4. Just Another Gulag
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (01.11.12)
After one week in the Obama White House, Lew will wish for the comity and peace of Sharansky's Soviet labor camp. At least there he would be spared having to deal with Lady Stalina Michelle Obama, who could reduce even Putin to a quivering puddle of protoplasm.
5. If Lew is an Israel supporter; he is also a dupe.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.11.12)
If Lew is as strong an Israel supporter as he's made out to be; he is also a dupe. Obama is using him for obviously self serving reasons. To win much needed Jewish money and votes. Lew would have to be very foolish not to see that.
6. How lovely. Suppose this answers my question from yesterday.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.11.12)
Thank you, YNet. I hope that Sharansky is right about this fellow and all the qualities he has attached to him. I hope he actually gives Obama sound advice and doesn't simply act as a yes-man.
7. rhat's EXACTLY what they said about Rahm Emmanuel lololololo
Obama is bad for Jews/Israel! Any of us who vote 4 him are MORONS
8. "You got your token Jew,Now Vote me In"
David ,   USA   (01.11.12)
Well, very clever tactic by sneaky Obama. Let;s get the vote & then we'll deal them a new set of card trick? Nice try! Obama's body language shows total contempt for Netanyahu, Congress, etc/ Time to depose him! Hope the Jews are more hip than this new latest trick to win the usual Jewish Democrats.
9. Obama playing the Jewish Card for Votes
Raphael NYC   (01.11.12)
Sharansky may be right, but my guess is he's been appointed out of expediency, given the way the Republicans are using Israel as a political tool to gain support.
10. Another Israelfirster? Good grief.
jackflash   (01.11.12)
11. now they will hate us more
alsky ,   toronto   (01.11.12)
12. #10. Just because someone loves Israel does not mean they
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.11.12)
put it before the US. This is like how people used to say that Irish and Italians had more loyalty to the Pope than the US (the fear that some people had when JFK was elected). I hope that one day you will see the folly in this assumption.
13. #2: That's where you err, Sir! No level of human stupidity
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.11.12)
is above the abilities of our brothers & sisters, may they live in US ,Israel or anywhere else. Add to that a certain level of education/academic title/intellectual aspirations and you have a recipe for a...Obama lover.
14. who cares?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.11.12)
Even if Lew and Obama are diehard Zionists, it doesn't change a thing. Obama is the worst US president ever. The damage he has done to America is enormous, and I pity the one who will have to try to repair it.
15. Peace Plans
zivron   (01.11.12)
The price tag outpost jews are wreckers bolshevics and fascists in one bundle who are destroying the jewish post shoah moral code . A demilitirized palestinian state can work but now with islamization is almost impossible and the bungle of islamization of eygpt will be impossible to correct .And in the east is iran menacing . The jews have no choice armed fortress and social equity and the galutneeds give more . The peaceniks are deluded now not of their own fault but the innate forces of tribalism . Only a truce and cold war are the most optimistic possibility.
16. I see right through Obama's transparency!
Jack B. ,   USA   (01.11.12)
I sure hope the Jewish constituency doesn't fall for this voting ploy?! I fear they will. For being intelligent people, they sure do some dumb things, sometimes (with-all-due-respect). God bless Israel and the true Jewish remnant!
17. Sharansky: Obama's new chief of staff 'staunch Israel suppor
Linda ,   Athens, USA   (01.12.12)
Obama needs all the Jewish votes and their money. This is the ticket!
18. #8
bob wilson ,   carefree, az   (01.12.12)
And Bibi has no contempt for Obama. You have AIPAC and all the money in the world on your side. But soon you will eat crow: Russia, Iran, the Arab street. The world will not longer allow you to occupy and settle illegally. Green line and shut up.
19. What 'IS' Israel, if it needs the US for suvival?
Edithann ,   USA   (01.12.12)
Doesn't make Israel and the Jews look like supermen, makes them look like a cunning 'schmucks' who really can't defend themselves, can't run a country, can't provide for it's society...unless they have 'others' doing it for them.. Being left on their own they couldn't suvive...they like to think they can, but this proves they can't! FOOD FOR THOUGHT! TATA
20. How about putting America First?
APatriot ,   USA   (01.21.12)
Let's put America first until Israel starts putting American interests ahead of its own. Since that will NEVER happen, then the US can get its government back from the grip of all the evil Israeli Firsters that AIPAC has bought and planted in Congress and become great again. PUT AMERICA FIRST OR GET THE HELL OUT.
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