Tel Aviv named world's best gay city
Published: 11.01.12, 15:06
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1. such nachas
dave ,   uk   (01.11.12)
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (01.11.12)
Finally something positive in the news. My beloved Israel was starting to scare be a bit. A good sign that all is not lost, as our country continually moves frighteningly to the right.
3. I Like Tel Aviv
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (01.11.12)
I like Tel Aviv and I prefer it over Jerusalem where I live . I like its liberal and secular metropolitan life . I like its beaches , its girls and boys , its comfort massage parlors and its various exotic restaurants . I love the busy nightlife of Tel Aviv which always reminds me of Manhattan's Times Square in New York . Every summer I spend some time there. I like to enjoy my life as much as possible . I am non believer and I'm not in love with the conservative life of Jerusalem which is considered a holy city .
4. Oy Vey is this is something for the Rabbi's to talk about.
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (01.11.12)
All eyes on the "gays" and off the women. Is it okay to listen to a gay singer, is he a she or a he.
5. Not that this isn't great news, it is, but wasn't this
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.11.12)
already reported on?
6. Not so proud
Laura ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.11.12)
Winning the best gay city is not something we Israeli's need to be proud of. I am ashamed.
7. Chaz Bono
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (01.11.12)
Wait 'til Chaz Bono comes lumbering through TA. The IDF's gonna RUN!
8. 2 good comments from Jerusalem. One up in the air and one
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.11.12)
not so good. #6, you can be ashamed if you like. It's your right as a citizen I believe. Other Israelis, you should be proud! A mark of how open a society is is how it treats those it is not required to treat well and to have Tel Aviv win this says a lot about Israelis (at least in Tel Aviv). Be proud that it is not only the most open city in the Middle East, but now one of the most LGBT-friendly.
9. not the kind of tourism to be advertizing
zionist forever   (01.11.12)
This sort of thing makes Tel Aviv sound like a seedy place and brings up images of the Asian countries famous for sex tourism. Its one thing to have gay bars etc but its something else to be advertising the city as some kind of mecca for the gay community.. Also things like gay pride parades do we really need them, its not nice to hundreds see gay people dressed up in a sexually provocative way on floats in the city center where families with young children live. Its also not really good for the gay community in general because they want to tell us all how they are no different from anybody else but then they have these parades to say look everybody I am gay. When I was in the absorbtion center when I first came to Israel I was sharing an apartment with a gay guy from South America and he was also against all these parades. Tel Aviv should be accepting of gays but shouldn't try to advertise itself as a gay tourist destination.
10. to LAURA from Jerusalem
Alejandro ,   Berlin, Germany   (01.11.12)
Laura sweety... by your words I understand that it is probably you who should be ashamed. I sense some hate in your words, and an aftertaste of black long clothing. Do something for yourself, and get out ouf your shell!!!!!!!
11. Shameful and ungrateful
Arik ,   Hadera Israel   (01.11.12)
We did not pray during 2000 years exile to go back to our Holy land for THAT! Do you think G-d gave us our land back for THAT? It is not the goal of zionism, it is not the goal of Judaism, in fact it is contrary to the values we brought to the world. Time to wake up and go back to our senses before it s too late.
12. What BS. 2 gays were murdered here
Liliane ,   Brighton, UK   (01.11.12)
What BS. 2 gays were murdered here.
13. #6 Speak for yourself, not all Israelis are intolerant
Laila ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.11.12)
#6 Speak for yourself, not all Israelis are intolerant.
14. best gay city
liz ,   rehovot israel   (01.11.12)
Laura, Jerusalem - stay in Jerusalem dear, that would be best.
15. #11 - For what? You are not referring to anything specific
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.11.12)
in your post. You are just saying that and it.
16. Now THAT'S pride! ^_^
One man or another   (01.11.12)
I'm proud to live in a city like that.
17. Now they just have to root out homophobia in the IDF
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.11.12)
I know someone, who I cannot identify, that is constantly being hounded and grounded to their base by homophobic COs. They behave themselves and work until midnight each night, but are grounded nonetheless; simply because they like people of the same sex. My friend actually turned down an officer's commission because they didn't want to do another year of service being treated like this. Kids should not be treated like this just because of their sexual orientation. If they are hard workers they should be treated with respect. If you let these unprofessional COs take out their homophobic aggression on these kids then it causes them to regret ever having served and casts the IDF in a bad light. This must be combated.
18. Straight talk
Doug ,   U.S.   (01.12.12)
This worries me more than Iran, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, in combination.
19. So far we've had one Jerusalemite and one American who don't
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.12.12)
like this, and that's it. My faith in YNetters has been restored.
20. Gays Tourists Have Money
Daromi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.12.12)
If it brings tourism, great! Tel Aviv is seedy no matter how you slice it...Gay Parades or no Gay Parades. Just take a look at the hookers lining Har Tzion at night...disgusting, as bad as Times Square before they cleaned it up. My issue is with all these illegals, they bring nothing to this country but filth, crime, and a drain on Israel's economy.
21. # 6 I have 2 questions for you:
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (01.12.12)
1. As LGTB exist, what are you proposing to make: we (straight) pretend that there are not exist, make them forbid or to remove them (no LGTB - no problem)? 2. You personally when, where and how were hurt by LGTB? #9 Gay parades are everywhere. Sofia is a big city (Tel Aviv too) the track is known in advance and no way to find yourself "accidentally" in the parade if you do not want. #11 G-d created the LGBT on earth probably with a purpose. Who are we to judge? Tourists always make garbage - in New Year's Eve I thought that nobody will ever be able to clean up the Champs Elysees. But no - the next day Paris was brand new and clean.
naomi ,   tel aviv   (01.12.12)
What is there here to be SO proud of ? Is there that much to be proud of ? Israel is a city also well know for its hitech advance and level, being a democratic city in the middle of the middle east.....and so on! And yes I do agree with #6. My grand parents, fatther and brothers did not fight and go to the war several times for that!!
23. and another thing
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (01.12.12)
the keywords are "WORLD'S BEST", the other is not important
24. let a thousand gays sing
european   (01.12.12)
.... so you israelis are very friendly to gays but absolutely hate women. i always suspected all that shocking discrimination against women was actually caused by latent homosexuality.
25. #22 - Israel is a country. Tel Aviv is a city in the country
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.12.12)
of Israel. I wish I knew what all this that people are talking about was. So awful when people write in an ambiguous manner. It's like reading a fortune cookie.
26. Super mummies boys
Sigmund   (01.12.12)
This is a great victory for female liberation that their collateral damage is being allowed humane treatment . An american pyschiatrist Beiber studied the phenomena absent father dominating mother its a hypothesis to prevent futher casualties . Celibacy is the salvation. There are medications that can greatly assist that choice.
27. #26 - errr... what? When has celibacy ever been shown to be
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.13.12)
effective? If anything it causes one to act in ways that are far worse (touching little kids)
28. not something to be putting in the tourist brochures
zionist forever   (01.14.12)
I don't get it with the gay culture everything has to be made public, can't we just have the gay bars etc and not advertise what a great city Tel Aviv is for gay tourism? What is the point of gay pride parades? On one hand gay people say they just want to be like anybody else but then they have these parades where they dress sexually provocatively and want the whole world to know they are gay and how cool it is to be gay. If the haredi wanted to have a parade promoting haredi lifestyle the residents of Tel Aviv would be up in arms but they are happy to host gay events. Tel Aviv should be tolerant of gays which it is but should not be encouraging gay events like these parades or the fact its a great place for gay tourism and instead focus on the family friendly atmosphere.
29. Response to Laura at #6
Proud & Amazed   (01.18.12)
Well Laura - your'e always welcome to Tehran, for instance. Seems like you'll fit right in.
30. response to #22 PROUD OF WHAT EXACTLY?
Proud & Amazed   (01.18.12)
So basically what you're saying is that had all of you glorious ancestors known this was to happen - they wouldn't have fought at all?
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