Tel Aviv named world's best gay city
Published: 11.01.12, 15:06
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31. To Laura the ignorant!
Gilad ,   Tel Aviv   (02.03.12)
I am not gay but ashamed that people like you even live in Israel. You are probably ugly too!
32. Sodom
neo ,   USA   (08.14.12)
you are it
33. Agreed...
Siylencedogood ,   USA   (08.14.12)
It is surely nothing to be proud of...Perhaps they will finally learn and admit the harm they do to themselves with such a lifestyle while in Israel.
34. Really? Hate?
Siylencedogood ,   USA   (08.14.12)
It is not hatred to disagree, and it is not hatred or intolerance to seek to protect a nation's culture and tradition and religious heritage from exploitation. It is also not hatred to believe that homosexuality, which biologically is an abnormal "behavior," is not the kind of behavior that a Country or City should seek to be known for, especially considering the history of the Jewish people. It is an embarrassment that the homosexual community and it's supporters attempt to deem a nation enlightened, tolerant, open, etc, only if it embraces the homosexual lifestyle, but if people differ in opinion, they become haters. A very weak position for the accuser. Of course rub is that this article doesn't even begin to affirm that the Israeli people approve of the title...only that the Tourism Ministry promoted the idea and the LGBT community expressed it's "opinion" with regard to the city of Tel Aviv.
35. Very Sad
Siylencedogood ,   USA   (08.14.12)
It's very sad that people can be so utterly deluded to believe that homosexuality is something to be proud of. They can't see how extremely dangerous this practice is to their eternal souls.
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