Europe to pursue Area C projects
Elior Levy
Published: 12.01.12, 07:44
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31. Annex area C and B
joe sombrero ,   usa   (01.12.12)
Israel should annex Area C and B and then if the EU continues blockaid Area A.
32. Annexation NOW!
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.12)
Don't let the murderers realize their racist dream of a world without Jews.
33. Area C is governed, legally, based on the 1995 Interim...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.12.12)
...Agreement between Israel and the Palestine Liberation organization (PLO). Any attempt to circumvent this agreement outside of an agreement by the parties is not only offensive and illegal, it is an invitation for Israel to also take stept, including the annexation of Area C...!!
34. what EU hypocracy!
Eric L ,   Chicago, USA   (01.12.12)
shame on EU again! EU is silent on recognizing equal rights for Jews. Silence that the PA Laws include the death penalty to anyone who dares sell their private land to a Jew! Just to be clear, Israel protects the rights of all its citizens to buy or sell their own land, Jew or not!
35. Not very helpful - why?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.12.12)
"bloc must pursue ventures in Israeli-controlled area even without Israel's cooperation " - not a statement very helpful to peace. Israel and the PA are finally back at the table (not really talking but ... ) and the EU come out with this? Who's putting up stumbling blocks now? Or is the EU upset because Jordan is suddenly in the limelight?
36. Areas of Contention
zivron   (01.12.12)
Two indiginous peoples from way back are in contention over land ownership and lifestyle. Conflicts only stopped in europe except for the breakup of yugoslavia in 1945 and then after terrible destruction and the fear of thermonuclear obliteration . The jews are surrounded by a billion and a half islamic and need to secure enormous security buffers to survive .Area c can only be afforded some development at present . The arabs that have the capacity to live in peace with their jewish neighbours ought be treated as equal citizens.There are good people in both peoples and they ought have the power.
37. # 29 Your wrong
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (01.12.12)
Most of them survived and moved to Israel
38. Just another reason
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.12)
and justification for the prophecies regarding the true evil nature of the white-collar-antisemites to finally be realized. In the end, it won't be the dreadful Jew haunting their nightmares, it will be the G-d of Israel, which they scorned, rejected and continue to try to replace.
39. israel
Matthew ,   usa   (01.12.12)
"Solomon, of blessed memory, foresaw with Divine inspiration, that the prolonged duration of the exile would incite some of our people to seek to terminate it before the proper time, and as a consequence they would perish or meet with disaster. Therefore he warned them (to desist) from it and adjured them in metaphorical language, as we read, 'I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles and by the hinds of the field, that ye awaken not, nor stir up love, until it please.' (Song of Songs 2:7, 8:4). Now, brethren and friends, abide by the oath, and stir not up love until it please (Ketubot 111a). israel is not a memory; it is a living blessing. is it possible our conception of place changes with time and space?
40. Enough with the European
LION OF JUDAH   (01.12.12)
Enough is Enough. Not any more the European can tell or give an order to the Jews. We have an ancient Country called Israel. The Jews were exiled over two thousand years and now we came back to our homeland.Now we Jews can tell the European to GET LOST,and we are not under your feet. Israel not for SELL at any price. You are welcome to give your Country to anyone even to Islam
41. Annex area C now! 8 miles wide is suicide!
Haim Kozbi ,   Bet Shean, Israel   (01.12.12)
Don't be a meretznik! Don't be a moron; use your brains, not your self-hatred and apologetics for existing in safety and security amidst a trillion dollar arab empire that is incompetent and ruthless, and doesn't absorb arab self-made "refugees" from 1940s.
42. EU
Ali ,   Kuala Lumpur   (01.12.12)
Nothing to worry about. It is just a talk, no substance. In a few years all these politicians will be kicked out by people of Europe that are sick and tired of these idiots.
43. There is no such thing as PA territorial continuity
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (01.12.12)
Unless the EU is writing off Gaza they need to give up on the notion of "territorial continuity" the mere existence of Israel in the middle prevents Palestine from having territorial continuity.
44. EU & Muslim religious propaganda
Z-man ,   Hungary   (01.12.12)
Today, I saw the first Muslim religious propaganda billboards in Budapest. The fine print reads: Financed by the European Integration Fund. Remark: there are almost no Muslims here, so there is no need to integrate.
45. Recognize Palestine,deal with Reality
Muayyad, yes you have to deal with honesty & reality. The State of Israel is Jewish State whether you like it or not. We all know what are the European. Europe=Budanas=Prostitute. Europe will not give a hoot to the Jews or Israel.Europe needs HONEY OIL, HONEY MONEY, HONEY INVESTMENTS, especially to sacrifice the JEWS & Israel is OK for them. Arabs will never get Israel. About our Torah we have the real MACOY. All of your NATUREI KHARTA saying forbids and bans the new state of Israel unless the Mossiach comes not true. Who is talking about racism & supermacist and fanaticism, yes you are 100% RIGHT by a people who are blind, and this is you & Islam. How many Synagogues & Churches in Saudi Arabia? Can Christian celebrate X,mas & Easter in Saudi Arabia. Can a Christian prey and have the Bible openly? You & all Islamic are truly BLIND. We do not want any war with anyone, but if it comes, then you are welcome to war, and do not cry ISRAEL USING EXCESSIVE FORCE,PLEASE STOP ISRAEL.
46. #37...Finally you have shown your true
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.12.12)
colours...1 : 0 for me !
47. #37 Is not Sarah B. - She knows how to spell 'You're"
Scott ,   QLD Australia   (01.12.12)
48. Area C
Jason ,   London England   (01.12.12)
Bankrupt EU? Islamic Gold? = unholy alliance! Israel has control so Israelis will utilize the infrastructure built with the Islamic resources = unforeseen irony!
49. How can Europe divide Israel?
Rick ,   Houston, USA   (01.12.12)
The division of the land that God gave to Abraham and his descendants will bring the wrath of the almighty upon the nations and Israel as well. Wake up Israel. This is your land, not Europe's or the so-called "Palestinians".
50. Kick EU intrusion
Brod ,   USA   (01.12.12)
Israel should kick out EU intrusion in the Land of Israel. It is none of their business to be intruding in the internal affairs of Israel. Israel is a sovereign state. It is not a colony of EU. EU is not king or god of Israel. It is time for Israel to kick out all these exernal intrusions in its internal affairs. Like Hitler/Nazis and their allies Al Hussieni/Islamist-Jihadists who slaugthered 6 million Jews in cold blood in the Holocaust in WWII, EU AntiSemites are trying to gang up with the Islamist-Jihadists in usurping the Land of Israel from the Nation of Israel. It is time Israel kicks out these dark forces from usurping its land.
51. Muayyad no 4
JUDAH THE LION   (01.12.12)
Neutralize the 2-state solution and you will end up with Palestine (Muayyad means the State of Israel) from River to Sea, what he really means then we Arabs can throw the Jews to the Sea as they have said before. DREAMS COMES TRUE. Simple message to the brainless Mr Muayyad, you or all your Muslims or your UMAH of 1.6 Billion cannot trick the JEWS. Jews are much clever & Intelligent than you.
52. BIG ISRAEL: historically FAIR&JUST, practical BALANCE&PEACE.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (01.12.12)
53. To # 46, Chris, regarding Post # 37
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires_Argentina   (01.12.12)
Mmm- Chris, It seems that the post # 37 WAS NOT written by Sarah B- It is not her style - IMHO it is a deception, posted by an impostor. What do you all posters think?
54. Right you are, BA #53
JB ,   SoCal. USA   (01.12.12)
#37 was posted by an imposter/ schmendrick who can't even spell. The regulars here simply yawn at such immaturity, and know that ex-IDF soldier Sarah B. can write beautifully and intelligently, but can also kick this imposter's sissy ass, bigtime!
55. Siedjan Indonesia no 9
AL QUDS ALYAHUDI   (01.12.12)
One State solution.Agreed 100% Already one state called THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL. LONG LIVE THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL< & may G D Curse any nation who is against Israel
56. The Europeans had better tread lightly
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.12)
Wouldn't it be simply DREADFUL were something along the lines of STUXNET, DUQU, TILDED (or any of their large family of cousins) were to infect European computer networks? DREADFUL, I tell you! DREADFUL! Don't interfere in Israel's security issues and policy. The consequences will NOT be pleasant for Europe at all. In fact, Europe just might not survive the potential disaster that can be invoked. Europe: You've been warned. Mind your own business.
57. Europe is going down, especially France :)
Israeli ,   Center   (01.12.12)
58. The post at No. 37 is not mine
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.12)
Blissfully, I know when to use "your" and when to use "you're." I am also well aware of the facts. Clearly, the imposter knows neither. As if anyone is fooled ....
59. To: Scott at No. 47
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.12)
Oooh, lie down. I think I love you!
60. To: JB at No. 54
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.12.12)
Correct, on all counts. Thank you!
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