Arab IDF soldier: Proud to serve my country
Israel Moskovitz
Published: 19.01.12, 07:15
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1. Kol hakavod lach
Steve ,   USA   (01.19.12)
Thank you for you and your families service! You are a great citizen and a very very brave one.
2. Arab IDF Soldier
Rene ,   Vancouver, Canada   (01.19.12)
Fantastic. May she inspire many others to follow her example.
3. Good!
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (01.19.12)
Shiran is part of the Israel as Israel was envisioned to be, a Jewish State with respect for its' minorities. AND its' minorities respecting and supporting their homeland. This is unique in this corner of the world where Muslim states force their way of life on all its' non-Muslim citizens ( or throw them out) This could have been the norm had Arafat NOT been resurrected, by Israel for the "Oslo" farce. Those who spoke to him illegally should have been condemned, not allowed to start this path of foolishness that harms Israel more and more each day.
4. Shirin Shlian
Larry ,   Cape Town, South Afr   (01.19.12)
How would she be treated if she wanted to marry a Palestinian ? According to law and practice she would be under strong pressure to leave Israel. That's not fair, logical or reasonable.
5. Shlian of Galilee is not Arab, she is Druzi
observer ,   Egypt   (01.19.12)
6. Well! Well! Well! GREAT NEWS!
Israeli 2   (01.19.12)
7. Much success to Hayelet Shirin
Mikey ,   SomeWhere OverHere   (01.19.12)
I hope she has a good career AFTER the army too...whther it be in her studies, career, relationships with her community etc. Many Druze and Beduin soldiers complain that the IDF loves them in uniform, but after their service ends Israeli society does not care for them. I hope this is not her case. Good luck to her!
8. Bravo Shirin! I like you 1000 more than jewish Tel-Avivis
Yossef   (01.19.12)
who escape their duty. You have more right to a place in Israel than them. As a Jew and as an israeli, I'm proud of you and I'm proud of your parents. You are the kind of neighbors I want to have. Take care, we rely on you :-)
9. Arab soldier
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.19.12)
Everybody's desire to live normally and if possible happily. If the anti-israeli propaganda will a little bit less intensive, the arab israelis will discover the perspectives of life in the modern state of Israel.
10. I wish her all the best of luck
Eyal ,   Israel   (01.19.12)
Great people like her should represent Israeli Arabs in the Knesset and not fascist anti-semities like Tibi and Zoabi.
11. #4 It is perfectly logical and reasonable
Menachem ,   Israel   (01.19.12)
Many Western democracies have restrictions on marriages between citizens and non-citizens since it has been abused extensively by illegal immigrants from the third world. In the case of Israel it makes even more sense since since it has been abused by many Arabs and propelled massive invasion of Arab aliens into Israel proper from enemy territory.
12. #5 Druze / Arab
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (01.19.12)
The Druzim may not be Muslim, but they are Arab in the normal use of the word. Strictly speaking, though you make a point. Arabs are Arabians, and all the peoples called Arabs today are essentially Arabized by Arabian Muslim colonialism. Egyptians are certainly not Arabs, but they are Arabized. Same with Syrians, Palestinians (southern Syrians), Lebanese, etc. But the point here is that a non-Israelite in the Israeli state elects to serve the country of her birth and citizenship, and regard that service as a good thing. Her people have mingled their blood with Jewish blood on the battle fields of this land.
13. Orwellian
Nazarene   (01.19.12)
"It must be the good education I received at home. I smile to everyone and don't argue with anyone." That's why I decided to become a soldier, so I can shoot to kill legally, smiling to cover up my self hatred. Shame on you Shirin ... and yes, you should remove your uniform on your way home, because you know you will hear what your fellow palestinian arabs think of your treason to your people and basic morality. And it will only make you hate us more and kill more of us out in the field when you have the chance.
14. shirin shlian
ourflagstaysred ,   Kfar Hayam   (01.19.12)
Hypocrite ! Where do you get off criticizing Israel with your slurs! You were born into privilege when South africa treated non whites like slaves and chattels.Today modern south africa murders foreign workers who cross her borders from Zimbabwe every day. All this while you conniving whites continue to steal the birthright of the african people.So don't worry about the Palestinians. We Israelis have plenty of wrongs to right here, and injusticies to correct, but the last person who has the right to snipe at us is some rich white jew from Capetown, lording over a nation sold out by it's leaders and in far worse shape than the Palestinians.
15. Ourflagstaysred
Gimpel the Fool ,   S.A.   (01.19.12)
Hey, Ourflagstaysred - calm down. 99% of South African Jews stand squarely behind Israel. All this business about whites conniving to steal is nonsense and you are not in any position to know the dynamics of South Africa. And just so you know, the African people in general in South Africa are very much pro Palestinian and very Anti Israel.
16. to #4 simple many palis try to become Israeli
ghostq   (01.19.12)
citizen they do that by fake marriages, find a leagal loophole to over come the Israeli law, this phenomena was stopped, with reason, no more back door citizenship grab.
17. to #13 in the 1948 war arabs opened fire
ghostq   (01.19.12)
on the Druze population, the Druze got no reason to like palis.
18. May God bless her!
Taz Man ,   USA   (01.19.12)
Unlike that clown, Tibi, in the Knesset, this Arab young lady shows there are loyal Arabs' who are appreciative of Israel and what it means: a blessing to all nations. In my opinion, she deserves to be in Israel more than many Israelis' who either dodge service or simply hate the Zionist dream. May God bless her and others' like her. God bless, Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!
19. All of the Israeli people are so proud of you !!!
UA 100 ,   Caesarea   (01.19.12)
As one who is involved in so many levels here in Israel and abroad I can tell you that the people of Israel is proud of you, your courage and your power, your decision to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. We all know it was not a public decision and I believe that your family was behind your decision then also have the audacity to come to praise them. May there be more like you among us because only then can we move towards a brighter future. "KOL HAKAVOD LACH" עוז ישראל לישראלים האמיתיים
20. She and her brothers are worth 10,000
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.19.12)
draft dodgers each. She had the courage to serve and there are those that refuse for religious or political reasons. But they are selfish and do not deserve to be part of our society as full citizens. How long will we put up with this? Either everyone is drafted or no one. t the age of 18, it should be a choice between the I.D.F. or a labor camp. And no more "yeshiva students" or early marriages and/or pregnancies by women to avoid the draft.
21. #12 that means
observer ,   Egypt   (01.19.12)
there are not non-Jewish Jews, but there non-Arab Muslims. ABSOLUTE RACISM.
22. #12 similarly de-Arabization of Mizrahi Jews is futile
observer ,   Egypt   (01.19.12)
Zionists have been trying for years to de-Arabize half of Israel's population formed of Arab Jews.
23. #21, Judaism is first and foremost a nationality.
Jake ,   USA   (01.19.12)
Judaism was a nationality for 1300 years before it became a border-less religion. The religion of Judaism, as we know it, was introduced as a means of preserving the nation in exile. This little-known fact about Judaism will put a lot into perspective for you and your Arab brethren. Shalom.
24. #20, I mostly agree, but what is an "early marriage"?
Jake ,   USA   (01.19.12)
25. #23 jake
solomon ,   bklyn   (01.19.12)
There is continuous discussion as to whether Judaism is a religion, nationality or both. However I have never heard of the thesis that it was a nationality before it 'became' a religion. Weren’t we in exile AFTER the Temple was built and then destroyed? Where is this written? Shalom.
26. to #20 An early marriage is when the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.19.12)
girls and/or their parents make sure the girls gets married or are pregnant before they can do her national service. My friend and his wife allowed their daughter to go out with a 20 y.o. man when she was 13 or 14 y.o. They got married when she was 17 t this same guy and she never served. She went to university when my daughter was in the I.D.F. This should not prevent a female from serving, nor should a pregnancy or even an infant.
27. Self-hating Arab
Samer   (01.20.12)
Just as there are "self-hating Jews" there are self-hating Arabs like Shirin.
28. Gimpel the fool
ourflagstaysred ,   Israel   (01.20.12)
Typical bigot's excuse "you dont understand the dynamics..." Anyone but a Saffer can see that the whites are still rich, the blacks are still poor . Apartheid lives on in all but name, and it's blindingly obvious why Israel has little sympathy from SA Blacks, when we supported your evil regime for so long with arms and intelligence. what have they got to thank us for ? Helen Suzman ? C'mon, Get real.
29. #23 that means
observer ,   Egypt   (01.20.12)
Muslims' theft of the land precedes that of contemporary Jewish theft by 1400 years.
30. allowed in IDF to de-Arabize her like done with Mizrahi
observer ,   Egypt   (01.20.12)
In his book, The Arab Jews (2006), Yehouda Shenhav, an Israeli sociologist, traced the origins of the conceptualization of the Mizrahi Jews as Arab Jews. He interprets Zionism as an ideological practice with three simultaneous and symbiotic categories: "Nationality", "Religion" and "Ethnicity". In order to be included in the national collective they had to be "de-Arabized".
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