Kenshoo in talks for $300-400M sale
Assaf Gilad, Calcalist
Published: 13.01.12, 13:24
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1. Wonder if Microsoft will eventually be hit by trust-busters
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.13.12)
It's long over-due. They have grown too powerful and the consumer has suffered for it. Microsoft Office is a perfect example of what happens when a company is no longer forced to innovate.
2. no longer a big deal. now develop and grow world class inter
ralph   (01.13.12)
international companies with HQ in israel. we've proved we are innovators, discoverers, now become world class managers and growers of companies.
3. And what of lashon-ha-ra?
Az   (01.14.12)
An Israeli company selling third-party browsing information... And rabbis complain of improperly supervised ice cream. I doubt they they use that liquid milk to cook beef anyways.
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