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Israelis concerned, but still going to Thailand
Ahiya Raved
Published: 14.01.12, 13:14
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1. They can not beat us on the battle field.
Eric.... ,   Israel....   (01.14.12)
So they attack us in other countries.They do not care if they kill citizens of that country in the process,as long as they can kill Israelis.The Muslims are too blame for the hardships we face today when you travel in this world.
2. Kawasan Chicken Baguette s mightier
than any advisory   (01.14.12)
3. YOu can take the putz out of Israel, but he
Al   (01.14.12)
still remanis a putz. Go home and save Israel the trouble of having to haul back your dead god damn morons.
4. tipical israeli response
yossi   (01.14.12)
Stupid jerks. If and when in trouble, they will be crying to the govt for help and bail them out with OUR tax money.
5. low profile? Israelis?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (01.14.12)
Since when can we keep a low profile while traveling? Hell, you can spot Israelis everywhere. we even stand out among all the crazy people in las vegas. Just look for the guys in jeans and spiked hair in a night club that think they're all dressed up hitting on the locals.
6. Make them sign a piece of paper
Danny   (01.14.12)
stating that the government has not responsiblity to them once they go.
7. I would say that Thailand is cruisin for a bruisin since
Rivkah   (01.14.12)
The Franklin Report said ten per cent of the children abducted in America end up in the child sex trade in Thailand. The King of Thailand got judged for not stopping that in 2004 with the death of his grandson in the tsunami. Since he did not stop the child sex trade which would afftect the tourist industry of Thailand that draws child predators for sex, more judgments from HaShem are coming for Thailand.
8. There is something else for tourists to beware of in
Rivkah   (01.14.12)
Thailand: filiarisis infected mosquito vectors who bite tourists and give them filiarisis, the precursor to elephantiasis. The odds of being killed by a terrorist are far less than of being bitten by an infected mosquito.
9. Stoooopid!!!
EST ,   Miami US   (01.14.12)
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