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Gilad Shalit opens Facebook account
Yael Gaaton
Published: 15.01.12, 13:53
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1. G-d bless Gilad and may He have a really good time!
2. Gilad good for you!
David ,   Karmiel, israel   (01.16.12)
But don't let your father take over your life! I don't mean to insult you but your father just seems to wallow in the limelight! You life is yours and now is the time to live it the way you want to!
He can't even have a Facebook page without it getting in the News reports? What the next report gonna be?... Gilad Shalit opened the Toilet door?... for **** sake give the guy some Privacy!!!!!!
4. #3 I have to assume...
Jonah ,   Victoria, Canada   (01.17.12)
... that you were being deliciously ironic. Facebook and privacy! Talk about people who haven't kept up with the outside world...
5. Now?
Eric ,   Israel   (01.17.12)
Why is he only opening one now? Where was he the last five years?
6. Waw...please let us know wen he buy his iphone
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (01.17.12)
thatsit he is history leave him and live us alone please ynews look for new material
7. Facebook
maureen kilroy ,   quincy usa   (01.31.12)
Nice to know that he is getting on all right. Would like to be his friend. Would like to take him to a sports game if he comes to America.
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