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Israelis make headway in cure for Crohn's
Daniel Horowitz
Published: 03.02.12, 09:40
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1. Fighter against Crohn's
Green Baron ,   Bethesda, MD USA   (02.03.12)
I would love to see what justification the anti-Israel/BDS crowd would try to palm off to boycott an advance such as this one, assuming that this technique does indeed pan out. Has that bunch over a barrel, yes?
2. A lot of Crohns amongst SA Jews
Alan ,   SA   (02.03.12)
3. There is a chemical in milk that is liquid in stores (not in
Rivkah   (02.04.12)
powdered milk) and products made from liquid milk that causes ulcerative colitis (Crohn's Disease) according to Dr. William Campbell Douglass II's book "The Raw Truth About Milk". So people with Crohn's Disease should only drink powdered milk. The reason the chemical is put into liquid milk and products made from that is to prolong the shelf life. The chemical additive is not on the label of milk and milk products. People with Crohn's Disease also benefit from increasing Vitamin D3.
4. Crohn's - Waiting for a miracle!
SB ,   Tel Aviv   (02.05.12)
Crohn's is a very tricky disease. It can also be devastating. Many people have tried a wide array of solutions, including diet, medication, some of which are much worse than what you give to cancer patients, and alternatives, to no avail. We are waiting for a miracle without horrible side effects!!!
5. natural cure with a diet
Dr. Crohns ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.06.12)
I work with crohns patients to figure out the best diet for their specific needs. Email me if you want some help.
6. Autoimmune Hepatitis
Kay King ,   Mobile USA   (02.06.12)
Will this also help anyone with Autoimmune Hepatitis? That would be so awesome....The Dr says my daughter has this and is facing a liver transplant...I just pray they find a cure for this disease also!!!
7. Please don't stop!
Christina ,   Portland, USA   (09.05.12)
I've been suffering from Crohn's since 1998 when I was 11 years old. I almost died from my initial flare up and instead lost my entire colon. I came home from the GI doctor today and sobbed for almost 3 hours because I can not seem to get this disease into remission. Please don't ever stop looking for a cure. This hope for a cure is the only thing after having my life stolen from me that keeps me going sometimes.
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