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Cyber war: El Al, stock exchange sites down
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 16.01.12, 10:36
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1. What a bunch of weasels...pathetic
Scott ,   QLD Australia   (01.16.12)
Is this the best these poofy little numbskulls can do? I mean, this is really, really pathetic. We all know its just a matter of time before these exploits are closed off and these little fairies will go back to playing computer games and squabbling amongst themselves Dont be surprised if they are actually hunted down and caught. THAT I'd like to see.
2. Wow!!!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.16.12)
I'll throw away my laptop.
3. targeted assassinations are the only solution
zionist forever   (01.16.12)
Whilst there is a need to increase security of Israeli websites the only way to really stop these things is through targeted assassinations same way we kill terrorists. I don't say kill all hackers but every now and again when major sites like the banks are hacked we find out who the hacker is, where he is based and then he vanishes never to be heard of again. Everybody will know its Israel but there will be no proof and as long as we deny it nothing can be done but it will scare them all and make the opportunists at least who want to hurt Israel but not enough to die think twice about hacking Israeli sites. Cyber warfare is growing and just defending ourselves by trying to make more secure sites isn't enough because there will always be somebody smarter so we need to find a way to stop them wanting to hack Israeli sites & targeted assassinations of hackers are like the nuclear bombs of cyber warfare.
4. Thanks for Hacking the Israel Electic company
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.16.12)
you power will be off for 30 days... while we fix the damage.
5. What About
TC   (01.16.12)
Instead of targetting Mister Nobody in Iran or Saudi Arabia our guys 'neutralize' the Big Fish? Not a better idea?
6. cmon israeli hackers...get a hacking already
JL   (01.16.12)
7. Arab main asset is stupid brutality, not brains...
Tony ,   Manchester, UK   (01.16.12)
so they stand no chance to win that war !
8.  A Jewish Robin Hood, thanks!
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (01.16.12)
9. Jews:Arabs 0:5
Shlomo ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.16.12)
While Israeli hackers only claim their success...Mr.OxOmar & Co. is actually showing the real results, I indeed entered El-Al & TASE websites & yes, both are closed. As a spectator I am not against anybody & not for anybody, my sympathies lie with a winner & the winner is: Mr.OxOmar & Co.
10. Arab Hackers
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (01.16.12)
Smart is as SMART does, track him/her and whack him/her.....we are supposed to be smart, win lots of Nobel Prizes that help about showing the world that we can help ourselves using our Nobel winning inteligence.....and as a side venture take down the Saudi financial system as a warning to others who attack us with cyber warfare.
11. Mossad must take care of them... ASSAP !
12. Joke of it is they are using Israeli technology to do it
Emma ,   London   (01.16.12)
So much for their boycotting Israel! Arse-holes.
13. The Stock Exchange works&no terror attacs only because the
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.16.12)
Arabs ALLOW it ...???????!!!!! That's how it looks, anyway. Not very encouraging, to tell the truth! But hey, we've got more important issues at home like: where should a woman place her behind on a public bus?
14. Cyberwar as any war is actually very childish
Suzanne   (01.16.12)
When does (wo)mankind grow up?
15. The El Al site is up again
Orot Parent ,   Bet Shemesh   (01.16.12)
So whatever damage these losers managed to do was temporary and insignificant.
16. today lets cut off all palestinian servers for a week
zionist forever   (01.16.12)
Make that policy for minor hacks and the more serious hackers meet an early death.
17. Didn't last for long!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.16.12)
Just entered El Al's site. It is working well, as usual. These hackers are are useless losers.
18. not quite pathetic
Monty   (01.16.12)
Let me list some non pathetic facts: 1. Israeli server cannot deal with denial of service attacks-only solutions moving servers to ATT in USA. 2. SCADA exploit shown (yet to be published on the Israeli media) is NOT a joke - google on SCADA 3. BiBi's gov messed up last time too-the only thing he did was inviting analyzer to the knesset..(?!!!) pathetic politicians who has no clue what they do. BiBi is a big ballon just like Mister Ehud Analyzer and Ehud Barak.... We need to get some actions done-join us on efnet #israel if you want to help
19. Since Gazastan regime ordered cyber war , cut Gaza internet
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (01.16.12)
Since the Hamas regime rulung Gaza has formally ordered cyber attacks on Israel, Israelnow has legal right under international law to cut off all Gaza internet access. This can be done by severing all telecommunication lines and services to Gaza, and using directional high-intensity jammers to disrupt wireless devices there. Israel has every legal right to hold Gaza responsible for cyber attacks from outside the area that were ordered by Hamas. If they continue to use Israeli-supplied electricity to harm israel, Israel has a legal right to cut that off as well - since it is the regime in Gaza itself that now has declared cyber war. If the US and EU don't want Israel to retaliate in this way, they can start compensating Israel - instantly and in hard currency - for all direct and indirect economic damage caused by cyber attacks. There is no issue of so-called "collective punishment" or "disproportionate response" here, as international law allows Israel to take all action militarily necessary to protect itself, regardless of "collateral damage", and only way isto cut off Gaza internet access - which is hardly a "human right" of the Genev.Conventions.
20. #16 Why do you think it's Palestinian location....
Robert ,   Australia   (01.16.12) could be from anywhere in the world.
21. 0xOmar
OJ ,   Lebanon   (01.16.12)
Him and all the other who join him are hero's. Cyber Martyrs haha... You all missed it he was trending on twitter :P keep up the great work Omar and the others who join him. Time for Cyber Intifada. #HackerOmar
22. THE PROBLEM IS.............................#20
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.16.12)
Some people think that it is going to be one way traffic,which,unfortunately,is not the case.Sarah will intervene at any stage to explain better.:)
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (01.16.12)
24. I wonder what the Israeli hackers are up to.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.16.12)
I wonder how many are operating independently and what some of them might have planned. This is a clear challenge that has been issued. I wonder if some of them aren't working on something big. It's easy enough to use the L.O.I.C. (Low-orbital ion cannon) for denial of service attacks (I think that is what it does, but I've not heard about it in ages), but I'll bet at least some Israeli hackers are up to something big.
25. 24 - I wonder what the Israeli hackers are up to.
split ,   US   (01.17.12)
Nothing !!! Just like everything else in Israel your so called IQ superiority is a product of hasbara crap, in real life you're a bunch of bragging morons with overblown egos ;) ,...
26. hackers and the challenge.
Daniel ,   Tracy USA   (01.17.12)
Ok so the challenge has been thrown down. Finding OxOmar isn't as easy as it sounds. There is quite a bit you have to do in order to track back through a bot network to the source. The DDOS on El Al and TASE, I am assuming it was a DDOS on TSAE is script kiddy crap. You can have the ISP filter UDP or non standard TCP packets and throttle bandwidth usage before it hits their pipe. I am going to assume that OxOmar didn't connect directly to any of the systems once he had a valid logon. So you would need to track back to that bot and then go back from there. It means you have to take control of systems which aren't yours which isn't impossible but takes time. Good hackers take their time. I am going to hope that this is what we are seeing now. You have to do social hacking and also other things to gain entrance but once you do you own it and no one will stop you. At this point I would track back to where Mr OxOmar lives, hit the local power company and shut it down. It can be done but takes time like I said. Better yet release all his personal info. Have our intelligence go in and get him. Like the article says a public website, like a bank or even the TASE is different then that of infrastructure. Even the IDF's website is stand alone, it isn't connected to other systems so if it is compromised, who really cares. It won't affect much.
27. web
miki ,   (02.02.12)
Just have bought ticket
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