IDF probes theft of over 2,000 tank shells
Yoav Zitun
Published: 19.01.12, 20:55
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1. what were they stolen for
zionist forever   (01.19.12)
Why does anybody want to steal 2000 tank shells? Not exactly something you steal to show off to all your friends and if some idiot wanted a shell as a souvenir taking why take 2000? Tank shells can only be fired from tank guns which terrorists don't have access to and they are not the sort of thing a terrorist could easily convert into a bomb of some kind. The enemy states whose national armies have tanks don't need to steal shells. There is just no logic to this
2. 1 May be to weaken our army?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.20.12)
3. To #1 Highly likely: buyer(s) before the thieving.
Jerry to #1 ,   The Netherlands   (01.20.12)
4. #1 - Scrap Brass is worth over $4K per ton.
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.20.12)
With 10 kilos of brass per tank shell, 2,000 shells would be worth over $80,000 on the commodities market to companies making products from brass. Not everything is connected to terrorism, some things are connected to pure larceny.
5. #1 for tanks left behind
Jerome ,   AKL   (01.20.12)
Bear in mind that a few tanks were left behind, semi damaged, in operation cast lead in Gaza. They surely been repaired by now and are fully operational. For money unfortunately some Jewish soldiers will sell their mothers too. So here you got the answer.
6. We need a new Defense Minister!
Reuven   (01.20.12)
And the base commander must have been sleeping on the job!
7. hahaha...
8. Never break open a bullet to get the gunpowder?
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.20.12)
Sometimes to start a fire you open a round to take out a couple grams of explosive. Now just imagine a 120 mm round with kilograms of high explosives inside it. The material in these shells will be used to make bombs that will make the IEDs in Iraq look like firecrackers. Some Army brass need to be fired immediately- and everyone on that Negev base needs to have a lie detector test to see who allowed this to happen.
9. tank shells
ex golani 1973   (01.20.12)
10. Stolen by tankistim to use in practice
Truth about armee ,   Tel aviv   (01.20.12)
11. I've been saying it for awhile..The IDF must be shaken up
Al   (01.20.12)
the first to go must be Gantz. He is useless. For all those who cant understand what a COS is all about. Its like being the CEO of an organization. He is supposed to know whats going on 24/7. He dosent, so he delegates to those who should know, but like everything in Israel, nepotism and protexia rules so you have what you have. Clean house now! THE FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD.
12. No. 10 has the correct answer
Marco ,   Spain   (01.20.12)
13. Jerome #5
Scott ,   Tallahassee   (01.20.12)
I dont think you can provide any proof to your claim that IDF tanks were left behind. What a bizarre fantasy. It would be one thing if a tank was damaged completely beyond use deep in Lebanon, in that case the tank would be demolished by engineers or air force munitions. BUT a tank in gaza? NO tank would be left behind to provide them with the psychological victory. Gaza is close enough and the terrain manageable enough to tow any tank. Furthermore, I dont remember hearing about even a single IDF tank being completely disabled, let alone left. Prove yourself buddy.
14. 4 correct, plus past use by date, shows
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (01.20.12)
ramshackle quartermastering.
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