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Obama: Iranian economy in 'shambles'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 20.01.12, 10:44
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1. Obama, Erdogan
tz   (01.20.12)
whoppee...birds of a feather stick together...
2. "Economy in shambles"
Robert ,   Australia   (01.20.12)
Well, he should be able to recognize one as was the economy he inherited..
3. Oh really ? WHY are they then still BUSY
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.20.12)
building the BOMB????????????????
4. By the way...he seems to SWEAT...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.20.12)
oh well...
5. Shambles not enough. The Nukes need to be taken out.
Efraim ,   Crown Heights   (01.20.12)
99% is not good enough Obama. Finish the job and act like a man.
6. I'll only begin to have hope when...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.20.12)
Iran's nuclear program is in a big a shambles as it's economy.
7. Sanctions no effect for at least 10 years.
BUTSeriosly ,   Sydney   (01.20.12)
Obama tries every trick in the book. After all, Allah Akbar is the must beautiful sound he has ever heard.
8. He means the US economy in shambles
Arik A ,   Hadera Israel   (01.20.12)
Thanks to his own policy...
9. Theres no greater danger than Nuclear Iran+economic shamble
Alan ,   SA   (01.20.12)
10. "jews" that support and donate to b.o.
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.20.12)
are willing to let Israel be destroyed. There were "jews" that served in the nazi army in WWII and they knew what hitler and the germans were doing to their fellow Jews. But they fought on till the end. These supporters of b.o are no friends of Israel and they hopefully do not represent the Jews of the U.S., including ed koch. Is there any weapon or weapon systems that b.o. and his gang wll not sell to our arab enemies? And will deny us buying? A vote for b.o. is a vote against the U.S. and Israel!
11. OBAMA'S STRATEGY..........................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.20.12)
Is to ensure his re-election into the White House and thus the remarks.If the Iranian economy is in shambles,it clearly shows that the USA's policies are directed towards Iranians in general,and not neccessarily against the present regime.Obama does not care who is affected in Iran. This policy will earn him nothing except further isolation from the Iranians in general.How much shambles is the Iranian economy in?The statistics and earning of the country does not prove to be in a very bad shape.Iranians have managed to sign various contracts with Turkey,Afghanistan and Iraq besides various states surrounding its borders.What shambles are we talking about,Mr.Obama?
12. LMAO @the Junior President from the United States....
ENBR ,   Israel   (01.20.12)
The Iranian economy is in shambles but it has absolutely nothing to do with the sorry a$$ed stingy sanctions recently put into place by the USA The Iranian economy is in shambles because its leadership has: 1. purchased the foreign debt of (among others) Bolivia, Equador, Cuba, and Argentina. (this is how one buys friends, buy their debt) 2. they have spent all of their money developing their nuclear line and have ignored the needs of their own population. (their own population is really angry about this and it is they who have murdered the various and sundry scientists who have met with early death in the past year and half) 3. they have been forced to pay through the nose by nuclear products and aramament companies in the following countries: a. the United States, b. France, c. England, d. Germany e. Argentina So perhaps the Junior President from the United States would like to sit his fine brown self down and stop trying to spit shine the truth to suit his needs.
13. It just proves that sanctions do not work
allan ,   canada   (01.20.12)
14. BHO
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (01.20.12)
The North Koreans eat grass and continue to build WMDs. So what's the point?
15. Isaraelis are racist just because Obama
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg, SA   (01.20.12)
is a black person
16. Obama should be saying, "US economy is in shambles".
Rivkah   (01.20.12)
And it will get worse after a war with Iran because the Russians and Chinese will attack America along with a lot of other nations.
17. Obama should know that Korea's economy and Pakistan economy
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.20.12)
are also 'in shambles' yet, the two have come around to develop an atomic bomb and threaten world peace. How naive does Obama think we, Jews, are? Or, perhaps he is the one who is naive...??!!
18. 'Koch has since changed his views'
Mike ,   London, UK   (01.20.12)
really? How much did that cost, I wonder?
19. obama speaks
ed ,   sparks, america   (01.20.12)
obama opens his mouth with lies as usual he claims close relations with Israel while backing the the palestinians in everything. he says that sanctions have ruined irans economy which is another lie. this man opens his mouth with big bold lies and people listen why he has proved his words mean nothing so why are so many people listening to him.
20. Obama jewish donors = jewish traitors
21. Iran laugh at you ! Obama is a liar !
22. blahblahblah U Jew give me mo money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jerome marks ,   Basalt , Colorado   (01.20.12)
23. Jews who donate to Obama are a disgrace.
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.20.12)
It boggles the mind that ANY Jews are donating to Obama, outside the wacko far left. Obama could not possibly make is more clear that he hates Israel and he only pretends to be a friend of Jews when he wants Jewish money and votes. Jews who donate to Obama are a disgrace.
24. to #16 Rivka don' talk about geopolitics
You really don' t know this field...
25.  #15 you know only 1 word to explain everything : RACISM
The Mask   (01.20.12)
We didn' t like Bush also so please don' t use this bad trick to insult the israelis
26. This will not stop Iran!!
Adam E   (01.20.12)
Obama thinks we're all idiots... Iran is not going to stop... North Korea did not... whys should they? Obama Hog-wash !! that's all it is!!
27. obama is Iran`s best friend
allan ,   canada   (01.20.12)
Obama has been at the forefront of support for Iran`s political and global agenda. just look at his foreign policy actions since he became president.
28.  Obama wouldn`t care if Israel was wiped off the map
allan ,   canada   (01.20.12)
29. Iran`s economy in shambles (like N.Korea's) but..,
Joe ,   Canada   (01.20.12)
is Iran`s race towards nuclear status in shambles? It certainely does not seem so. The only brief dent in that race was the computer virus which temporarily slowed uranium enrichment. The sanctions are undermined in many ways by Russia, China, Turkey, North Korea & several other countries. And the brutal power of the repressive regime of the Ayatollahs has succeeded to prevent any sign of an Iranian Spring of the kind observed in some Muslim countries undergoing an Arab Spring, So gloating about the ineffective sanctions is not going to change the path followed by Iran. It might only result in lulling the public US opinion into believing that doing nothing more drastic until US election day is OK. It may not even be OK for improving the chances of Obama getting reelect given the status of the US economy & the high unemployment rate which are the key stumbling blocks in the way of any incumbant president.
30. funny , but sad
ROBERT ,   FARMINGTON,WV   (01.20.12)
Who is stupid enough to believe this stuff , the only thing sanctions have done is made Iran more dangerous than before. We are watching history the worst American president ever , and Iran building the Bomb. the whole Obama administration is a joke, and needs to resign today.
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