State comptroller receives complaint on Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
Published: 20.01.12, 16:00
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1. These guys could actually teach the mafia a few tricks
Nepotism 101   (01.20.12)
2. To Nepotism
Gefen   (01.20.12)
You are going way beyond your imagination to call Rabbi Yosef as "mafia". Nobody is perfect including the Rabbis. First of all many of the so called "Jews" living in US resent religious Judaism and people who are observant.. People like you look for an excuse to lash out at one of the most respected Rabbi in the world. I'm a secular Jew too. But I don't go around calling Rabbis as gangsters and mafia. Rabbi Yosef came a long way in the 1980s as a voice for the Mizrahi Jews and established the Shas party challenging the ashkanazi orthodoxy who claimed that they were the rightful owners of orthodox Judaism.
3. Really?!
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.20.12)
Let's not act all innocent about this. Despite the hyperbole of this 'whistleblower' his allegations make the religious ministry raquet seem like a kid's game complared to the nepotism and undemocratic nature of employment in Israeli government state health care jobs.
4. to #2 Remember whose political party
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.20.12)
abstained during the vote for the oslo accords? It was ayatollah yusuf's sh-ass. How many of his party have been arrested, tried and convicted of crimes? About a half dozen or so. But it is wrong to call them a mafia. Members of the mafia do not go around acting like they are pious. Acting, not being pious.
5. simple answer. strip them of all political power, stop givin
ralph   (01.20.12)
giving them state money taxed from non-members of their community.
6. #1. you are totally correct.
ralph   (01.20.12)
7. perversion in religion?, NEVER
yossi   (01.20.12)
Borderline is superfluous -- Criminal is a better fit. Family, friends make perfect acomplices, and so des Miniterial help from our govt. Tel me Gefen, yosef the most respected rabbi in the world? You better see a shrink, you are delirious Is your booze 95 o proof?
8. all in the family
Mimi ,   TelAviv   (01.21.12)
sounds like the Mafia-
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