US army chief: Won't let Holocaust happen again
Published: 20.01.12, 18:52
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1. If you are committed, as you say, don't stop us from seeing
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (01.20.12)
to it that the future operators of the human slaughterhouse in which some in Teheran hope to see us wiped off the face of earth: man, woman and child, are gone up in smoke first!! Never again will we, Jews, walk like sheep to the slaughter house!! Never Again!! P.S. And please, share this sense with your boss at the oval office!!
2. With a Muslim US President who observes the month of Ramadan
Rivkah   (01.20.12)
like a good Muslim should, by not wearing jewelry (watch, rings), it is certain Israel will be attacked by the US military at the Muslim President's direction at some point. Loading up Israel with US troops and supplies and heavy armor is a good way to turn on the Jewish infidels for a Muslim US President.
3. Obama's general is in campaign mode
elhrac ,   USA   (01.20.12)
Election season 2012 has officially begun.
4. Who calls the shots?
Hmm. ,   Chicago   (01.20.12)
I doubt Israelis feel comfortable with the idea of some other country taking responsibility for Israel's defense. Israelis have done that pretty well so far themselves.
5. Isaiah speaks to Israel from antiquity...
Steve Klein   (01.20.12)
How about a little religiosity? YNet wrote: "Dempsey also signed the Yad Vashem guest book, writing that his country is committed to the protection of Israel..." Isaiah: "Now in that day the remnant of Israel, and those of the house of Jacob who have escaped, will never again rely on the one who struck them, but will truly rely on the LORD, the Holy One of Israel. "A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God."
6. More worthless blabering from a dufus
Al   (01.20.12)
Herre's a heads up for you. In WWII the Americans could have easily bombed the railroad lined to Auschwitz. They didnt do it because they couldnt ahev cared less.
7. 4 words for Israel.
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (01.20.12)
Cambodia, Rwanda, Sudan and Yugoslavia. Now don't you all feel better knowing the US has your back?
8. Obama's interests...
Robert ,   USA   (01.20.12)
Obama's interests are not the same as Israel's. If a US President is doing his job correctly, he is supposed to be looking out for US national security interests; unfortunately Obama does not link the national interests of Israel to US interests in the Middle East and his "balancing act" will cause what it seeks to avoid -- a military attack on Iran. Israel needs to act in its own self interest, and that likely means Israel will have to go it alone until Iran retaliates by blocking the Hormuz, Israel is smart to try to get world opinion behind it, and I am sure that the US and nearly everyone else will be cheering for Israel -- but perhaps from the sidelines until their "national interests" (oil) are at stake..
9. blah blah blah. ACT NOW AGAINST IRAN !!!
10. To # 1
Yosef ben Baruch ,   Coral Springs, USA   (01.20.12)
Right on, Yehudah, - Yishar Koach NEVER AGAIN !! Enough said
11. Racist Israel is the problem
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.20.12)
12. guarantees
alexi   (01.20.12)
There is a lot of criticism of obama but the balance sheet is not all bad. Obama is more action oriented than bush who was a moron and who didn't do much for Israel except cover olmert's rear end. The withdrawal from iraq by obama was a good move as US troops simply covered up the shiite sunni killings which are now resuming and need to happen before allawi takes over from maliki. And the hit on osama had a backup helicopter armed nearby which was needed for extraction. This was obama's move as his defence seceretary didn't think of and the US chief of staff was satisfied with them being located furthur out. So obama made a difference. Notwithstanding guarantees, israelis have to have their own guarantees since international commmitments are generally worthless. Feiglin and yaalon understand this while bibi and barak still run to the US as they lack confidence. Suffice to know that israel will take out anyone that takes israel out. No one will be liviing the area if israel can't live there. In the meantime, Jimmy Carter lied on Peirce Morgan when he said israel drove the christians out of west bank. That is an absolute lie by carter, absolute lie. And Pierce did not catch the lie. On the downside, obama is more comfortable with moslems like erdogan, abdullah, abbas than with jews save and except his court slave jews.
13. To the U.S. Army chief
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.20.12)
Fortunately for Israel, we don't take your comment seriously. We are prepared to take care of ourselves. Nevertheless, thank you for that obscenely pithy remark. Keep it to yourself next time, however, if you wish to avoid making a complete ass of yourself. In any event, Israelis are pretty smart, and we know that the comment is valid only until the Wednesday following Election Day in 2012. No matter which candidate will win.
14. US seeking "negotiations" Deadly trap!
Stephen in New York   (01.20.12)
Iran will talk until it has a nuke. Israel will be accused of subverting the "peace process" if it interferes with "negotiations" with Iran by taking some action in its defense.
15. War criminal visiting victims memorial
Minister of History   (01.20.12)
War criminal visiting victims memorial... what a farce
16. Now we read that EU plus US are going to give in to Iran for
Richard ,   Atlanta, USA   (01.20.12)
more fruitless talks, with sweetener to Iran. In one flash there is a Holocaust( and the Iranian Mullahs are crazy enough to use nukes), what did the EU countries and US do to prevent last Holocaust or Inquistion, or pogroms?........ NOTHING
17. US won't permit another Holocaust?
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (01.20.12)
Sure! And to show how dedicated the US is to that, the US is warning Israel not to preemptively strike at the Iranian nuclear capability. Even the Saudis have given up hope that the US will do anything to eliminate the Iranian threat, and they have turned to China for help. But, surely, Hillary Clinton's condemnations of Israeli settlements and Leon Panetta's criticism of Israeli lack of popularity have the Iranians trembling. And, Obama undoubtedly has already drafted a statement condemning an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel "in the strongest terms." If Israel is to survive, it will have to act on its own. The US would probably try to interdict an Israeli attack on Iran, which speaks for itself.
18. If so, support SECURE BIG ISRAEL, only option left!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (01.20.12)
19. Reassuring the spooked
Cameron ,   USA   (01.20.12)
20. What BS
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (01.20.12)
This comes from the same government that could not or hasn't defeated the terrorist in Iraq or Afghanistan and they want Israel to believe they are in safe hands. What B.S , Israel eeds to take care of business and not depend on America, or it's Muslim President.
21. Iran will be happy to talk until the end of time
Stephen in New York   (01.20.12)
when their Hidden Mahdi may or may not return.
22. #11 Banassi
Phil ,   Ireland   (01.20.12)
That's an appalling statement from a "care assistant".
23. kool aid for sale
blinded   (01.20.12)
you are overdosing on the kool aid of hatred, racism and falsehoods spread by the addled right wing in america who cannot stomach a black president....
24. perhaps the U.S. should spend more effort
allan ,   canada   (01.20.12)
preventing an attack by Iran , than it does preventing an attack by Israel.
25. Not in any man do I put trust...
allan ,   canada   (01.20.12)
.. only on the God of heaven.
26. big mouth bully... get away from Israel
Miron ,   USA   (01.20.12)
27. 17 First we had to eliminate Saddam
lydia ,   Brisbane   (01.20.12)
Saddam and mils of Iraqi had to died for IZ saw him as a threat. Now we are expected to eliminate Iran because IZ is threatened by Iran's heightened statue in the region. Since there is no where in the ME that IZ won't have an Arab/Muslim neighbor then US will need to eliminate ALL of the ME just to make IZ feel secure. Surely it will be far easier to send Your lot of war mongers packing, all back to est Europe from whence you originated. Birobidzhan is calling
28. Thank you Mr. US army Joint Chief of Staff
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (01.20.12)
It is fully the duty and responsiblity of the IDF, the Israeli people and Jews around the world to make that the Hlocaust will never happen again.
29. American reassurance not very reassuring
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.20.12)
The Balkans, Sudan, Rwanda, the nuclear race in Iran, the civil wars in the Arab world, the rise of Islamists in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, the civil war in Syria, the Moslem slaughter on Kopts in Egypt, the Turkish slaughter on Kurds are all proof that placing one's security in American hands is nothing but suicide. Take care of your own security first before you pity us and make condescending statements about "protecting" Israel. We are an indepent state. We protect ourselves. We've won all our wars on our own. If you want to help us - then stay the hell out of our way in our conflict with Iran. We will strike Iran -with or without American blessings. Is Obama worried that Iran might strike American troops in the Middle East if Israel strikes Iran? I have a suggestion: WITHDRAW from the Middle East, that way you will spare the lives of hundreds of thousands American boys and girls, you will save hundreds of billions of dollars, you will limit the national debt and the budget deficit, stop buying Arab and Iranian oil and either start using your OWN AMERICAN OIL in Texas and Alaska or alternatively develop alternative energy and make the USA energy independent, deny the Moslems their oil money and make the world environmentally safer. USA is worried about American troops being hit? Israel being hit is even worse. If Israel is being hit by an Iranian nuclear bomb - we're gone. If American troops are bombarded, USA still exists. And where was the American concern for Jews during WW2? Uncle Sam's army had the opportunity to bomb the railroads to concentration camps only you didn't. There is nothing on this earth that makes me as angry as a person lying me in my face pretending to be my friend, fawning but stabbing me in my back.
30. The US let the first holocaust happen!
John ,   nz   (01.21.12)
so based on their record they will also let another holocaust happen. Trust the US? Not only your life!!!!!
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