'MKs who met with Hamas should move to Gaza'
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.01.12, 21:57
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1. mk
les ,   canada   (01.20.12)
3. Yes!!! move them out and ship them out to Gaza
Maxim ,   ISRAELOAMERICAN   (01.20.12)
What do you do with garbage?
4. Israelis
David ,   On this planet   (01.20.12)
To those MKs who are rushing to ask Weinstein and Barak to see if they can prosecute the MKs traitors. Good luck to you..... I already know the answer. What a jock LOL
5. And they want my family to go live in Israel?
Miron ,   USA   (01.20.12)
6. democratically elected
Dan   (01.20.12)
guess what, Hitler was democratically elected too, you nitwit
7. #6 ~ The best post of the year so far . . .
JB ,   SoCal. USA   (01.21.12)
. . . and you needed only one line in which to get it across. Good work Dan, and I hope you don't mind if I steal . . . errr, borrow . . . your post. There's absolutely no rebuttal to it. Shabbat Shalom
8. ham-ass vows to kill all Jews and these traitorous MK smile
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.21.12)
with them in photos? Remove them from the Knesset and put them in jail as traitors.
9. why gaza? its all Palestine
Son of Yaffa ,   Palestine   (01.21.12)
10. Bibi is a coward, nothing will happen to them
Rachel ,   US   (01.21.12)
But if a Jew will probably be thrown out of the house tonight.
11. Real Betrayers of Israel...
Barry Norman ,   Bat Yam   (01.21.12)
live in the ghettos of the settlements, in the Chardal hilltops, in Jerusalem, in Meah Shearim and Bayit Vegan and Beit Hashemesh and Zefat, and Bnai Brak, at Bar Ilan University, in the religious nationalist parties in the Knesset, on the Kippah website, in the Yeshivot Hesder. They are tearing Israel apart. As they are the followers of the original Agudass Yisroel Send Them Back To Polin before there's nothing left of Medinat Israel.
12. Nothing will happen to them
Rachel   (01.21.12)
At most a slap on the wrist. They will continue to keep their seats in the Knesset,and receive their large paychecks from the Israeli public. Meanwhile a female police officer who had investigated the Fogel family murder, and saw the bloody crime scene became enraged when the murderer ahmed awad smiled during interrogation. She became so enraged that she slapped him, and was forced to apoligize at the murderers request, and was made to appear in court, She expressed regret for her actions,but explained it was an uncontrollable impulse as she had arrived at the family's home the night of the murder,and was exposed to the difficult scenes. The disciplinary court did not take her emotional state into consideraton and convicted her,and sentenced her to a severe reprimand. Bottom line,regardless of how the leftists and the leftwing media portray Israel. Arabs have just as much rights in Israel as the Jews do,and in some cases much more.
13. Should move to Gaza?
Frank ,   Canada   (01.21.12)
They must be expelled to Gaza.
14. democracy in israel
henry ,   israel   (01.21.12)
you seem to have have forgotten, that in the past the goverment had secret taks with fatah.i do think, that even today's goverment does. you have to talk to your enemies in order to find a solution. jews also taked with the nazis. PEACE YOU ONLY MAKE WITH YOUR ENEMIES, NOT WITH YOUR FRIENDS.
15. The Jewish State
Zivron   (01.21.12)
The jews deserve a secure state within their ancient homeland with massive deterrant power as numerically they are not as populous as islam . The arabs are mainly islam and could be absorbed by their fellow arab islamics outside the land of israel . But those arabs who have the capacity to live in peace with the jews can stay as equal citizens in a jewish and humanitarian state .
16. henry # 14
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.21.12)
you have to talk to your enemies in order to find a solution. jews also taked with the nazis. Well Henry, when your enemies solution is "The Final Solution" it does no good to talk. I can just imagine the Jews talking with the Nazis "Please don't kill me." People who have Carter, Chamberlain, Obama attitudes only get good people killed. They don't have the sense to understand that while you can talk to a rabid dog all you want, it's still rabid and talking won't change a thing.
17. If I know our govt. they will now increase the Arab MK's
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.21.12)
salaries, perks and will profoundly apologise to them for any inconvinience/psychological traumas the Israeli public reaction may have caused them. We are oh-so-Not-Worthy... start grovelling... How fun it is to be Arab/Muslim at present, think about it, really?!
18. Strip them of citizenship and throw them in jail!!!!!
SK ,   USA   (01.21.12)
why be nice and just deport them? This is a crime. They must be punished.
19. to Henry#14
Dan   (01.21.12)
Yes, Kastner tried to save a few Jews and talked to the Nazis. Didf he succeeed? Of cours not. What would you talk to the Iranians and Hamas about? Suicide? No, thank you. You want to, go ahead.
20. Headline is illogical...
Nour ,   One-State   (01.21.12)
The article absurdly implies that Palestine has shrunk to less than 1% of its territory to encompass a few refugee camps in the Gaza coastal area. Reality to Author: The 6 million Palestinians reside all over Palestine, and their lands and territory covers PALESTINE..i.e. The region between River and The Mediterranean, from the red sea all the way up to the upper Galilee!
21. This debate could only take place in Israel
r cummings ,   uk   (01.21.12)
In a democracy, I can talk to whosoever I wish. I can talk to Sinn Fein, the IRA, the Muslim Brotherhood, whoever. I can even support them if I like. For a democracy to rule otherwise, it would have to provide proof positive that I was planning, instigating or aware of some illegal action against the state or its citizens. What Israel is doing here is punishing people for their BELIEFS or even just CONVERSATIONS, because the state CANNOT prove malign intention. Israel already has hundreds of supposed 'suspects' locked up without charge or trial, rather like Burma or Belarus. How Israelis can accept that and still claim to be a democracy defeats me, the rule of law is the cornerstone of a democracy, not random punishment of opponents and incarceration without trial. Israel is a long way down the slope to an undemocratic police state, thanks to the right and the current coalition. Wise up Israelis, get rid of this dangerous bunch of brownshirts who have seized control of your nation !
22. Henry #14 WRONG
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.21.12)
You do not and cannot make peace with your enemies. That is called appeasement. You make peace with former enemies never current ones.
23. #9 "ALL PALESTINE" ?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.21.12)
Show me where your fictional Palestine is mentioned in your Quran, then I might tend to believe you have some sort of a claim
24. to 21
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (01.21.12)
You are right about one thing, cummings:this debate coud only have taken place in Israel...Because it is only in Israel, on this tiny sliver of land,we have built the only democratic Jewish state, in the ocean of Muslim countries...And it is only in our Jewish Israel, where an Arab Muslim citizen could become a member of the Government..In any of the neigboring counties or in the palestinian authority a Jew or an Israeli is not permitted even to to set foot...So who do you think you are to pass judgement, analize or distribute false facts about my country on this board ? "Hundreds of suspects locked up without charge" ? Why don't you bring up one or 2 examples... The problem of the current governmant is exactly the opposite: too much liberalism. For over 66 years, Israel is the Nation home of The Jewish People and the only Democracy in the Middle East...We welcome everyone who come in peace to our shores and who respects our laws... And don't worry, cummings in UK, we are learning from our mistakes and wising up from them..
25. Rachel at 12
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (01.22.12)
Your bottom line is not right.Israel is for Jews.Arabs do not have as much right to live in Israel as Jews.Arabs and others can live there but they must obey the laws of Israel-the ancestral home of the Jews(not Arabs).
26. to Nourstate 20
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (01.22.12)
There is no "Palestine".Palestine was for the Jews but later renamed Israel as it was before.There were Kings that ruled Israel.Where are your 'kings" of "Palestine" Stop your stupid posts or I'll get Sarah to humiliate you.
27. #21 cummings - I challenge you to name
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.22.12)
one Arab country, just one, that would allow sedition & collaboration with the enemy? In most countries, including the USA, it merits a sentence of death Look to Syria, Assad is mowing down his people by the thousands Don't forget I am waiting for you to name that Arab country, after all there are a couple of dozen, just name name one
28. Keep it up
LibertyRising ,   Chicago, USA   (01.22.12)
Continue doing everything possible to demonstrate to the world that Israel is truly an apartheid state. It's moral credibility will continue to erode, hastening the end of this ghastly experiment and returning the land to its original inhabitants. And yes, I'm talking modern times, not a millennium ago, which is totally irrelevant.
29. cummings, WAITING, WAITING
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.22.12)
WAITING,WAITING What's the matter have some sort of trouble finding a single name?
30. #27 Ben Jabber
LibertyRising ,   Chicago, USA   (01.24.12)
Good of you to compare your country to Syria since, from a moral perspective, they're more similar than different. Of course that's true of most states although some (U.S., Israel, Somalia for example) are worse than others (Switzerland, Iceland) in violating and repressing (some of) their own people. Also, of course, the one's doing the repressing like things just fine, since the ones being repressed are "the others". I have no idea what your appearance is, but when I try to imagine, the image that comes to mind is from the opening of 2001: A Space Odyssey - man's ancestors standing over the corpse of a slain "other" with arms akimbo in the sunlight. ;-)
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