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Islamists secure top spot in Egypt elections
Published: 21.01.12, 16:53
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1. Brotherhood win
Ronald ,   London UK   (01.21.12)
Here comes Iran number 2.......
2. As it's been said. The people of Egypt have made this choice
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.21.12)
and so they can be held accountable for what happens as a result of this new government. I do wonder though, how many people voted for the the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Nour as a result of ignorance? They don't exactly have the best education system for the poor. Can we blame people for making decisions if they didn't know it will lead to their ruin? Not that many didn't vote based on a desire for Shar'ia Law of course....
3. thanks to Obama
fad egypt   (01.21.12)
he betrayed his ally mubarek , and forced him to leave even before his term ends , he allowed the radical islamists to participate in the elections and now what is the result ??? egypt is going to be taken over by the islamists shame on you obama
4. Egypt is a good reason we should never trade land for peace
Yaniv ,   Israel   (01.21.12)
5. Lave it to Egypt,marching to 7th Centtury
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.21.12)
If their women thought they had it tough before, now they're assured of pure, unadulterated Sharia hell Thieves will not be subjected to limb amputations
6. #2 The Question You Should Be Asking Is
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.21.12)
How many people voted for the Muslim Brotherhood because of what Israel did to the people of Gaza during Operation Cast Lead while Mr. Mubarek stood idly by? or How many people voted for the Muslim Brotherhood because Mr. Mubarek was a sock puppet for the United States government, and by proxy, the wishes of the zionist Israeli government? or How many people voted for the Muslim Brotherhood because Mr. Murbarek was siphoning off million of dollars in US aid money for his own personal gain while millions of his people went to bed hungry at night?
7. Henry # 2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.21.12)
The same can be said for us. If it were not for ignorance we would not have Obama. We all have to pay the price and Egypt will pay for their choices too.
8. They vote once , then bury democracy.
Nora Tel Aviv   (01.21.12)
Once Fundamentalist Muslims win there is no more need to play the democracy game. There will be no more elections in Egypt after this victory.
9. #6 I'm questioning your questions:
HaifaGuy   (01.21.12)
I actually have only one: how many more generations of Arabs will have to live out this infantile pipe-dream where all their troubles can be blamed on Jews/Americans? People like you keep your own people (don't give me this "World Citizen, the World" camouflage BS) in the medieval darkness and secretly jerk off at their sufering.
10. Mubarak and Mr Obama
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, Ut   (01.21.12)
Nice friend that guy See the result in the land of the Pyramids Next time vote for a real friend of Israel ! or else ...Ayayay !
11. Like US voters 4 Obama,Egypt voters will one day pay 4 their
Alan ,   SA   (01.21.12)
12. 2 Egyptians in JHB last Feb told me Islam will get 15% tops
Alan ,   SA   (01.21.12)
13. Prepare
Zivron   (01.21.12)
One would say based on scientific probabities that the eygyptians should leave egypt for africa down south far down south for sooner or later egypy will un inhabital .The jews and arabs of the Holy land ought also prepare as their dwelling there has been to corrupt and murderous and the land will eject them arab jew gentile jew christian islam and atheist humanitarian run for your lives run for your lives for once again the land will become uninhabitable for generations.
14. EUHuman rights court"Sharia not compatible with democracy"
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (01.21.12)
15. 38% +29% "democratic" MP`s replacing Mubarak choices
Joe ,   Canada   (01.21.12)
An other case where a democratic election leads to a takeover of a country by undemocratic ideologs or religious sectarians. The Arab Spring bypassing summer to end in an extended Winter. The new status to be reserved for Muslim women will be the first indication of the mindset of the new rulers of Egypt unless they first set their eyes on the even more popular propaganda target: Israel scapegoating.
16. #6 - Not everything has to do with Israel.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.21.12)
Mubarak oppressed some and others were just poor, but not directly affected by acts of the government. There are a lot of religious people in Egypt who are likely in favour of a more religious government. Many lack basic education and don't have the necessary background to make an informed decision. The people that were angry at Mubarak directly... They likely voted liberal so that the government they were bringing in would respect their rights more. (This won't happen now, of course). Israel probably was a factor in some votes though. Some Egyptians would feel weak and emasculated by the peace treaty and yes, for many ignorant people, Israel = USA. It's probably not the main factor in their votes. However, I should not pretend to know the mindset of the average Egyptian common person as I cannot. Can any of us? Let's be honest here as well. How many of us vote for someone or for a party just because people we trust say we should? How many Egyptian mothers and fathers have told their kids to vote for the Brotherhood and al-Nour? How many imams have told their followers? Most of us don't have the time to do all the necessary research and so we trust that those we place our trust in to give us advice in our best interest.
17. #7 -Except we are educated and therefore have no excuse.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.21.12)
I was impressed by the sparkle and shiny promises. I regret voting for the man, but I can't say I didn't know what I was doing... that I wasn't someone who had felt he had done enough research. I made a naÏve choice, but it was a choice I made.
18. Egypt Elections
Adam ,   London   (01.21.12)
Egypt for a while will be quiet while they (MB) get their act together and get there hands on the throat of their nation, and then they will start trying to put the pressure on. The Iranian regime needs to be collapsed quickly.
19. #8
goldylox ,   usa   (01.21.12)
And the German people elected Adolph Hitler. So much for democracy without constitutional protections of minority rights. "Pure" democracy is 2 fox and a chicken voting on what to eat for dinner.
20. #6 small world
Phil ,   Ireland   (01.21.12)
Are you saying the Egyptian people are that stupid to vote Islamic extremists into power who will rule them with an iron fist just because they hate Israel, USA and Mubarek? Stupid is as stupid does.
21. An idea:Secular Egyptian youth welcome in SECURE BIG ISRAEL?
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (01.21.12)
22. i see you upside down
cristian ,   ARGENTINA   (01.21.12)
who is merciful to the cruel-the antichrists- ends up being cruel to the pious-his servants-
23. I think We Can All Agree On One Thing
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.21.12)
Mr. Mubarek was run out of office because he didn't represent the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of his people. The Muslim Brotherhood was legally and democratically elected to represent at least a good percentage of the Egyptian people. I would add that Hamas can make the same claim. The thing that worries Bibi and company is that the government of Egypt will no longer always do the will of outsiders whether it be the USA, Israel, or any other country.
24. They get their antisemitism straight from the Qur'an &
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (01.22.12)
broadcast it. There for all to see on Memri
A WONDER-SJ. R. ,   MULTIVERSE   (01.21.12)
26. Yes We Can Agree...
leo ,   nyc   (01.22.12)
That the Egyptian economy will go down the toilet even faster and tourists will shy away even quicker...and oh all the remaining Copts will leave...and the search for scapegoats will increase as will the need for bloodletting...many already wish for the "good old" days of the Mubarak regime.
27. #23 "hopes, dreams, and aspirations"
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.22.12)
Name one Arab/Muslim leader whose actions demonstrate they care about the people? It's all about power, subjugating the people and limiting their rights. The Muslim Brotherhood will be worse than Mubarek especially when they enact Sharia Law. Hamas is no different.
28. Barbarians have chosen barbarism
Beauchard   (01.21.12)
In 2010, yes 2010, Pew published the results of a poll on Muslim views of harsh (sharia) punishments. In Egypt 82% supported stoning women who commit adultery, 77% supported whippings/cutting off of hands for theft and robbery and 84% supported the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim religion. So there is nothing surprising in the Egyptian election results. Taking into account that 10% of Egypt is Christian, the support of Muslims for the sharia parties is almost identical to the results of the poll. There is nothing wrong with democracy. There is something wrong with the Egyptian people. Barbarians have chosen barbarism.
29. #23 History repeats....
Phil ,   Ireland   (01.21.12)
The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas can both claim to be legally and democratically elected - as was Hitler.
30. #25 - Bloody hell. You actually made a comment that I agree
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.22.12)
with! We accept it, but only for a while. Once it starts interfering with Israel and with US interests then we will have to deal it.
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