PM: Probe Jerusalem mufti who encouraged killing of Jews
Roi Kais
Published: 22.01.12, 15:07
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1. arrest that 'man'
2. These are the Islamo Nazis Haaretz and the NY Times support
Dan Kelso   (01.22.12)
Thomas Friedman as usual is silent.
3. Question
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.22.12)
Why are these despicable individuals even allowed to live and breed in our country? It is one thing to have a political opinion that may differ from mainstream views. It is quite another thing for a figure of authority to actively promote, and incite for, the murder of people. There is no room in Israel for someone as diseased as this despicable mufti. Get rid of him. Send him where he might find happiness. Gaza comes to mind.
4. Moderator Should Be Prosecuted
Beth Goodtree ,   NYC, USA   (01.22.12)
The moderator who introduced the Mufti said: "Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith." This man also, by his words is spreading hatred and anti-Semitism and should be proisecuted also. Or is being called "the descendants of apes and pigs" so common that Israel now excuses it? What would happen if a Jew called the Palis descendants of apes and pigs? You'd have riots, rockets and suicide bombers -- or, should I say, you'd have EVEN MORE rockets, murders and suicide bombers...
5. Where's the UN now?
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (01.22.12)
Another Muslim calling for Jewish genocide. I'm sure not the first this week, either. And, we are faulted for protecting ourselves. To further bolster the urgency for action, one need only look North, South and East, and you will see Islam at its murderous best. State & Islamic murder, torture and abuse is daily fodder, for the likes of Syria, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc... You want open borders in Gaza? All that is needed is Islamic responsibility. Where do I find that?
6. In Europe this man would be in Jail by now.
hadad ,   u.k   (01.22.12)
So whats wrong with this countrey Israel ? . Police arrested a haredi man recently for calling a woman immodest.This man is calling for killing all the Jews and calling them monkeis and apes and he is walking and talking freely. When are going to wake up?
7. Now what about Zoabi & Tibi?
Good start ,   Israel   (01.22.12)
Don't stop here
8. This is pure unadulterated racism
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.22.12)
Wether its Muslims perpetrating and peddling vile anti racist filth or the other way around - no racists should find no quarter anywhere Were anyone to call for Death to Muslims in the UK this would be an imprisonable offence. I dont care WHO it is. If it can be proven that the Imam had effectively incited racist violence he should be arrested and tried
9. The Nazi Pals are still very much alive
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.22.12)
since the days of the grand Mufti...
10. So much about the IMAGINARY "peace"
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.22.12)
11. Mufti
Yosef Y ,   Coral Springs, USA   (01.22.12)
When will the cowardly, "politically correct" Israeli government finally start acting like every other sovereign nation leadership would - try to express similar sentiments in the US., Russia or France...see what happens to the f@#$ing freedom of speech.
12. Years of Suicide bombings were results of these teachings
finally condemned ?!   (01.22.12)
13. that guy should be arrested and tried..
Robocop   (01.22.12)
nevertless as speaking of descendants of apes and pigs, he should look to his own people. The balestians are full of it !
14. Amazed!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.22.12)
Other countries (such as France or Germany) are passing laws to arrest people who deny the Holocaust or the Armenian genocide, and in Israel they allow antisemites to make statements that request the killing of the Jews!!!!!!!!! What is happening here? Why aren't Israeli laws stricter? They need to protect the Jews here more thn in any other country. It's high time these antisemite jihadists are arrested and deported straight to Gaza. Wake up Netanyahu!
15. Further proof....
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.22.12)
...that Israel should not yield an inch of territory to these murderers!
16. The evilness of Islam
Beary White ,   Norway   (01.22.12)
The mufti is an islamic leader, and like other islamic leaders they are proud of killings and violence. They show the true heart of islam, kill all non-muslims. The western world are still blind, but soon they have to act against this terror ideologi that includes islam. Islam has becomes the greatest danger in the western world.
17. mufti
Sam M ,   UK   (01.22.12)
This is the true face of radical islam and yet another example of arab anti-semitism like abbas's call for a Jewish free apartheid state on the 'west bank'. This jihadi hound dog should be put on trial and as he's condemned himself by quoting from these despicable passages the verdict would be a foregone conclusion. He should be in prison subject to a harsh regime with few creature comforts. I suggest a koran, a prayer mat and a bucket will suffice plus a spartan prison diet. At the end of his sentence he should be deported to jordan where no doubt he'll receive a rapturous reception and be carried shoulder high through the slums of amman by his cheering supporters. The Israeli authorities should stop soft peddling on arab hate crimes and impose penalties as in other western democracies only much harsher as this is a clear incitement to murder and goes way beyond mere racism which is already a prisonable offence.
18. Yakov # 5
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.22.12)
All that is needed is Islamic responsibility. Where do I find that? It could only be found in a fairy tale. As to the U.N. if I were to believe in evolution which I don't, I'd say THEY were descended from monkeys and pigs.
19. pure and simple..Jew-haters
Micha   (01.22.12)
forget anti-semitism. these are Jew-haters. there is no negotiation with them. they live in the 9th century. Uneducated except for their brainwashings. Get them back to their brethren in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere where they believe Jews are descendants of apes and pigs. (Perhaps that's their way of dismissing evolution...again, they are uneducated, unscientific, backwards thinking zealots.)
20. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is no better
Sam ,   Haifa   (01.22.12)
21. Exile Treasonous cleric
ik ,   USA   (01.22.12)
Since this is obviously treason against "his country", and in difference to his being a cleric he should be exiled to some other country and put on house arrest until such a country is found. Such inciteful hatred from a "holy man" must be eliminated.
22. Straight from the horse's mouth
ygalg ,   israel   (01.22.12)
hijacker of islam? misunderstander?
23. Yakov
Brad ,   USA   (01.22.12)
Where's the UN now? Where do you find Islamic responsibility? Answer: Nowhere.
24. Just give him a new job
Steve from Raleigh   (01.22.12)
Either Haaretz or +972Rag would love to have him.
25. if israel don't want to lose time and money...
stephane ,   france   (01.22.12)
no investigation, no arrest, no trial, no jail, just eliminate him as all terrorists who was eliminated before him.
26. This "Holy Man"
REK ,   US   (01.22.12)
Expecting him to say anything else is like expecting Ron Paul to start speaking Yiddish.
27. Jerusalem mufti
David ,   Germany   (01.22.12)
Israel’s PR department must do a better job of getting this kind of information printed in the European papers, especially the German ones! Every time this sort of thing happens, to include the rocket attacks, the European press reports next to nothing. You really need to change the low profile politics. The European opinion towards Israel would change if they were better informed. Then we coulg get the backing to cut their money! That will bring them to the table!
28. Cmon people stop overreacting :P
jack bauer   (01.22.12)
this idiot mufti comes from a long line of jew hating usurpers.... The mufti of jerusalem lived in berlin with hitler during WWII and was a co-author of the shoah. The founders of the PLO were nazi.... get that through your heads. So the PLO says something horrible, whats new? Why feign surprise when they say what imams say every week? This mufti just repeats what all muftis said before him.
29. I will be waiting behind a tree
Ken ,   Australia   (01.22.12)
If you see this jew behind a tree , you better run. What a bunch of balony, cant any body put a stop to this tottal freakin stupidity, what kind of idiots would waist there time with Such mental rubbish, i dont even know any jews who are behind trees, so good luck with that one, as for the nazi inspiration, here you have the top guy createing the fourth reich of crackpot muslims, I mean really, is this all they have , what a bunch of nutbags, dont they realize the nazis were anihalated, and so was everyone else who defied the jews, who are these people.
30. May Hashem Deal Appropriately With This Beast
Inetfraud ,   USA   (01.22.12)
'Nuff said.
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