PM to Migron residents: Evacuate willingly
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.01.12, 16:08
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1. Maybe the despicable Zippy is....
Gideon Reader   (01.22.12)
...correct after all and the Beebster is as despicable as she is. Poor Israel. When the fictional satire characters displayed so cuttingly in Caro Glick's Latma are appearantly better subjects to lead israel than the "real" thing the nation is in trouble. A voluntary disengagement? In other places such poltroonery is described as the first step towards national suicide. How,...well......despicable.
2. Citizens of Israel need to teach Netanyahu a lesson
Mora ,   Israel   (01.22.12)
3. Hell NO, WE WON"T GO!!!
Enough Bibi, Enough! ,   Israel   (01.22.12)
This is not the mandate we gave when we elected you. You were supposed to defend and protect us. Instead you are destroying our homes and ripping our hearts out.
4. bibi should "willingly" hold the vote
jack bauer   (01.22.12)
and oppenheimer should be put in jail, preferably with some fakestinians... maybe then he will change his tune
5. Attn. Likud: Bibi must go!
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.22.12)
Migron is 100% legal and it is an absolute disgrace for a Likud P.M. to call for it's evacuation. Bibi appears to have no loyalty whatsoever to Likud's Constitution and the wishes of the vast majority of Israelis. Likud is holding a leadership convention soon. It would be a travesty to reelect Bibi as head of Likud. Likud and Israel must be lead by someone able to stand up for Israel's rights. Attn. Likud: Bibi must go!
6. If people were less egoistic....
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.22.12)
there would be many more protests here.
7. Migron Facebook
Aviela Deitch ,   MIGRON, ISRAEL   (01.22.12)
For all those concerned with our fate here in Migron, please join the Migron (English) Facebook group. If Migron is, G-d forbid, destroyed, Route 60 will be extremely dangerous to travel. This community was started fully legally, through government encouragement and support. For tours, press engagements and parlor meetings, write me at
8. Right, and your picture
Aviela Deitch ,   MIGRON, ISRAEL   (01.22.12)
I find it important to once again point out that the pictures ynetnews uses for Migron articles are fairly consistently all of Ramat Migron, not of the 49-family, nearly 13-year-old community of Migron. This isn't a few kids with duffel bags on a hillside. There is a synagogue here, two kindergartens, daycare center, playgrounds, horseback riding clinic, high school program for at-risk boys, soldiers' quarters, gymboree, indoor playspaces for different ages, two youth groups, activities... let people have the real picture, ynet.
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