Mori Arkin suspected of tax evasion
Golan Hazani, Calcalist
Published: 23.01.12, 08:38
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1. Its guys like these that make jobs for the rest
Al   (01.23.12)
Dont push them out, for in the end you'll be the ones paying the bill. People dont inderstand that in most cases the bosses/owners in companies work their ass off 24/7 to create the jobs for their employees. If you chase them away and they up and leave for better climes, you end up being tthat much poorer.
2. to #1 Yes Al. Just like the owners of the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (01.23.12)
security company that I work for. They rob us blind and we do not make enough money to pay taxes and have decent pensions. Stealing is stealing whether it is from taxes, a bank, a gas station or workers.
3. Jason. If indded you are in security and you do make peanuts
Al   (01.24.12)
Then I am truly sorry for you. Look at it this two sons are in the IDF today and they earn less than peaniuts, so much so that I send them money from time to time simply to eat better grub than what they get on base. Yeah they may be a bit spoiled but they can drop a fly from 200M. Having said that I know damn well that they better get their education on track once they are out of the army which should be soon. They need an education and damn good one should they want to stay in Israel. I am not going to be around forever. The only thing I can give them is the tools to help themselves. I dont expect the army or anyone else to pay their way. And finally I do hope they become wealthy. There is nothing noble about being crack ass poor and blaming the other guy that you are.
4. does not sound naive
a greedy guy... ,   counts coins daily..   (01.24.12)
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