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Erekat: Free jailed Hamas officials
Published: 22.01.12, 17:22
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1. Lawmakers?
Fish ,   Tel-Aviv   (01.22.12)
We do live in a crazy world. Murderers are called law-makers, we negotiate with deadly enemies on our total surrender, while being much stronger than them, we accept demands from the people who want kill us. I won't be surpised if Bargouti is eventually released under some fancy pretext, mark my word.
2. Saeb Erekat:: We should demand the arrest of Abu Mazen ...
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.22.12)
for his part in the murder of 22 children and three adults in the Ma'alot terrorist attack! Sometimes Mr. Erekat, one should keep quiet and no open Pandora's Box!
3. they should be released and they
Barney ,   USA   (01.22.12)
should be carrying some hi tech Israeli virus that doesn't spread and has no antidote.
4. Bibi has betrayed the Jewish People
Bibi proudly releases terrorist that murdered Jews while he destroys Jewish homes.
jeff ,   mecca, arabia   (01.22.12)
Love what's good, hate whats evil. When your enemy comes to kill you kill him first.. Our enemies love their idols, yet The People of Israel let our names and our G-d be cursed daily, from Har-Zion. We must destroy evil before it destroys us. Hear O Israel Yah The Lord Is One, and thou shalt Love Him with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.. Yah is the Jealous God and consuming fire.. Only Love for Our King can save us.
6. erekat is totally full of merde
marcel   (01.22.12)
erekat is a full of bull and his ideas are worth nothing. Zweik and bargouti will not be release and if bibi does so, he will lose the chairmanship of likud to feiglin which hopefully he will in any case as he vaccillates too much.. The whole oslo was a diastrous mistake foisted on rabin by beilin who is has nothing valid to say about peace processes going forward. Abbas and his gang should be booted back to tunisia and hamas and its gang should be put in the mediterranean.
7. Lock him in a dark room for 5 years and no visitors.
Kyle Broflovski ,   South Park, USA   (01.22.12)
8. Molcho to Ereket
homer jones ,   nyc usa   (01.22.12)
dream on
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