IDF officer indicted for raping soldier
Maor Buchnik
Published: 23.01.12, 18:27
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1. Can someone explain .....
Ivan ,   South Africa   (01.23.12)
Why is this master-sergeant only charged now eight months after the alleged rape took place?
2. Rape at any time in any way and form is
Israeli 2   (01.23.12)
a NO! NO!
3. Both should be given NoLieMRI lie detector tests and
Rivkah   (01.23.12)
temperature changes around the eyes should also be measured to determine who is lying and who is telling the truth.
4. Sure Ivan, I will be glad to...
mea   (01.24.12)
You see, when someone brutalizes you to the point that they physically assault you and rape you, it is deeply, deeply traumatizing. A true rape is a horrible thing to endure. It rips across your sense of place and your ability to trust. On top of the immense psychological harm done, there is a added layer of pain caused by the often surprising shedding of doubt upon your claim of rape. While many men rush to the aid of a man who is accused, many men pull back from supporting a woman without doubt of her word. Rape victims learn very quickly that people are thoughtless and cruel in their doubts, and it begins almost immediately with police officers who receive no training in victims rights. After that she feels it from others and it takes more and more determination to stand up for your self against the bullying which often goes on against victims of rape. This man would be slaughtered in the media if he had been a goy in the US military and everybody would becalming for his death. But he is an IDF officer, the heroes of the TalkBackers who can do no wrong. This woman lives it in her life, the awful doubts after being raped on an IDF base. btw, a new report released by the US military focuses on the epidemic rates of rape in the US armed forces which is largely unreported since few are charged. Good for the IDF for getting this guy and thank G-d this woman is so strong!
5. to No 1 Katzav was indicted for something that happened....
Joe ,   Natania   (01.24.12)
....4 yrs before Rape is a rape at any time. We really dont know if the soldier was accused before he threatened the girl so until the case was made it could have passed some time. As I said before Katzv was accused after more than 4 years after the supposed harrasment and violation occurred. Any way the deffense attorney is an imbecile, the girl is raped and he insinuates that she is a trobled girl comming from a disfunctional family. So if somebody is raped because she comes from a disfunctional family she hasn't the right to complain. ?How can this lawyer come so low. Let's hope something like this doesnt happened to one of his daughters.
6. Sounds Like a "Fall Guy"
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.24.12)
Whether he committed the crime or not, the surprise is not that the charge comes eight months late but that it was made at all. This crime goes serially unpunnished in the IDF. He must have really gotten on the bad side of his superiors for him to be charged with this, and until proven guilty one can speculate that for the same reason he's going down for something that someone else did. In any case, the story indicated plenty of witnesses and immediate accounts - but none but this fall guy will be indicted.
7. for someone who served in the IDF...
yoni   (01.24.12)
3 men in my unit where charged by different girls of rape. All three ended up confessing that they were lying after proving that they were not present at the same place with different checks done by the MP. If girls would consider not lying about something so severe... the girls who really are raped would have such a hard time in proving themselves right.
8. If true this ratbag should be nuetered.
Dany Toren ,   Haifa Israel   (01.24.12)
9. This can be avoided...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.24.12)
by separation of gender in the IDF. May be the extreme measures of Haredi has their raison d etre ,because of such kind of crimes.
10. To #6 Ora
Spencer ,   Israel   (01.25.12)
When it comes to crimes involving sexual abuse of women I wouldn't mention the haredi community in the same breath. It must be embarassing to them!
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