A new kind of war
Assaf Gefen
Published: 24.01.12, 00:01
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1. Is this "writer" really working for Ynet?
Moise   (01.24.12)
LOL, This absurde article show that Israel is going down down the drain. So yeah he is write, this is very worrisom for Israelis.
2. Should have seen this coming: Israels pants down
Ezra ,   US   (01.24.12)
Yep: Israeli fail, major. Israel has always shown rapid adaptability but it is clumsy in forecasting potential threats and usually, erroneously, devotes all of it's resources to single fronts in the psy-ops and spy arena. As usual: we've become arrogant in our abilities: a typical Israeli trait (see Yom Kippur War). You'd think we would ne'er relax on such fronts but we have. It's embarrassing and a shame: always costs more than it should have. Look at the Israeli lobby for sanctioning Iran: major fail. Yeah, they passed the bills but now India and china are paying I. Gold, destroying the American dollar while driving up gold which India has tons of. Israel and the west had better smarten up or we'll simply become irrelevant, at least in the ME and Asia.
3. Ha! Now this is a funny article. The Vine gets some right,
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.24.12)
but I think he might be trolling for the most part. This article did make me laugh though.
4. Where did you get this clown?
Stephen in New York   (01.24.12)
5. lmao
zetzky   (01.24.12)
"We could send our Air Force commandoes to Twitter, or infiltrate Facebook and replace the profile photos of trendy Kuwaitis with scary images of swords, for example." ^kidding much? Looks like something written by a 10 year old spongebob cartoon watching kid
6. #1 Moise - Scroll up. It is a "satirical column."
Devorah   (01.24.12)
7. C'mon: We expect new"article" every hour, so we can show off
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.24.12)
in our TB's ! What do you want from Ynet, this is what they have to offer. Now let's get to the point.... Cyber-Gap, oh my God, We're LOOOOSING, ay-gevalt!!!!!!!!!
8. Does Ynet hire anyone to write a story ?
David ,   Israel   (01.24.12)
If Israel was to lose a war, we'd be pushed into the sea. The last war Israel "lost" was still a decisive victory against Hezbollah in terms of territory conquered and enemy losses. The only failed goals like removing hezbollah was caused by international political pressure placed on Israel. Secondly there is no way the rest of the Middle East can compare to Israel in terms of high tech. Not when you have the largest offices outside of the US of Google, IBM, Intel etc. Let's not forget our own aerospace industry like Rafael and Elbit. This article was pathetic and actually was able to lower the already low impression I have on this newspaper.
9. was this written by a 16 year old?
pini   (01.24.12)
10. Amazing and shoking how many...
Noam ,   Zurich   (01.24.12)
... people are so dumb that they cannot detect irony and satire unless you label it. And even then... Funny article btw :)
11. #6 - Boy, do I feel like an idiot!
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.24.12)
12. to 8
nadeen ,   jerusalem   (01.24.12)
i think it is not only how can you know about technology but how you can use it .. my knowledge in tech. is so little but iam interested tosay whatever i like i could reach this point may be ynet is the best to let evry one to tell a sory and a talkback is a good use of tech..
13. Cyber war.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (01.24.12)
A very good article. But also the internet is responsible for world wide spreading of antisemitism. Thousands of web sites lie day and night about the jews and Israel. Effective counter measures would be necessary very urgently.
14. Is this writer serious?
Guy ,   USA   (01.24.12)
What kind of article is this?! Totally incoherent and in all honesty very (unintentionally) funny.
15. Restraint is not fear
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.24.12)
Just because we have not gone the route of the Arabs doesn't mean we are incapable or frightened. The Arabs have a lot more to fear than we do. I think we should invite all the hackers to go after the Arabs and their governments. Keeping half of all the monies they manage to get, the rest to pay for our security. Bet the Arabs will be bankrupt before long.
16. Trust in Israel IT after this article?
Josh   (01.24.12)
The fact of the matter is that Israel "pride" is being manipulated by this "hacker spring" BS. If anyone has the finger on the pulse of hacking and control over billions of email messages and firewalls, it is Israel. The idea that one would commend a 12 year old or really anyone for taking Israels name and national security issues into their own hands based on the assumption that an attack actually did originate from Arab lands is unthinkable. Could it have been a tourist thee? Could it have been a hijacked computer? Anyone who knows hacking knows you can make any country look guilty of an attack by hijacking a vulnerable server and erasing your tracks. Sorry, but anyone taking matters of the state into their own hands should be arrested and made an example of The appeal to some type of fanatical Bedouin Hillbilly Drunkard mix of stupidity and pride also disturbs me. Can the world trust Israel with IT security seeing this article? Are we that shallow as to throw on a gold chain and punch someones lights out on a hunch? Kill millions because a website was hacked? Stupidity. Dangerous and very very expensive to talk this way for our people.
17. Guys, the article is intended as a joke. Just as #6 and #10
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.25.12)
have pointed out. I made the mistake of not reading the red thing at the top as well.
18. Sorry Henry from New York but you are wrong
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.25.12)
That was no joke. Try looking up some other articles by this jerk. He decided that because we didn't trust Goldstone that we were hiding things. No he is very serious and seriously stupid.
19. Consistent
San   (01.25.12)
Trust an idiot like Assaf to never change for the better
20. #18 - I am failing to see what part of "Satirical Column" is
Henry from New York ,   USA   (01.25.12)
not clear.
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