PM, settlers reach compromise on Migron
Yair Altman
Published: 23.01.12, 22:46
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1. kol hakavod
Mike L ,   Detroit, MI   (01.23.12)
This is how we need to do it, work with each other, find comprimise, yet stand up for our Jewish state and our Jewish brothers and sisters. keep it up!
2. Compromise on Migron
nadya ,   Garden Grove, CA.,US   (01.24.12)
Since the land is owned by Palestinians, is this a farm left for the owner's of the land?? This compromise doesn't make sense, unless the landowner's want a farm on their land.
3. Migron ALWAYS was Jewish land, no-peace now lied.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.24.12)
4. Yes, but danger still lies ahead!
cokcok2   (01.24.12)
and what about the 8 houses giving homes to a at least a dozen or more families in Bet El's Ulpena quarter??? Those are solid concrete full-féledged houses that consist of a number of apartements. What will they do with them, since it's self-evident that they are unmovable.
5. plenty of land in the Negev
David G   (01.24.12)
There is tons of space for new settlements in the Negev and hundreds of small towns that want more families. The idea of subsidizing housing in Judea and Samaria (by building infrastructure and security) is financially foolish.
6. All this would've been dandy, had we been having any idea
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.24.12)
what our long-time goals/policies were? But like it is: we build&invest - we move&raise to the ground. We're "pro" - we're "against"... Gee, that sounds like I am making fun of Mr. Netanyahu?! I guess not every politician is lucky to preside over ..New Zealand
7. Keep on the pressure
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.24.12)
No one knows who Netanyahu is. Is he a faithful Likudnik following the Likud constitution who has to carefully maneuver between the hostile foreign-funded NGOs, AG and High Court? Or is he planning to be a new Ariel Sharon, stealing Likud votes and money to install the failure Barak and the corrupt Kadima in power so he can ethnically cleanse Judea and Samaria of Jews? Vote Likud to make sure Zionist MKs are in the Knesset, but don't support Netanyahu until he makes a clear irrevocable commitment to the Likud constitution.
8. #2 that is the point
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.24.12)
The land of Migron is not owned by Arabs, it is owned by Jews. If Arabs had owned it, they would have gone to a district court, proven ownership and received the land back or compensation. Instead, the "Shalom Achshav" organization (funded by the UK Foreign Office) went directly to the High Court alleging without proof the land was Arab owned so the Court ordered the eviction of the Jews. The Arab has in the meantime admitted he does not own the land.
9. Misleading article
Aviela Deitch ,   MIGRON, ISRAEL   (01.24.12)
While Migron has been asking repeatedly to speak with the government, no agreement of any sort has been reached. This is a very misleading article and ynet would do well to print a correction / retraction.
10. Response to #2 Nadya
Aviela Deitch ,   MIGRON, ISRAEL   (01.24.12)
Since the Supreme Court has thrown out the Arabs/Peace Now claim for compensation due to lack of any evidence to prove that the land belongs to any Arab, who are you to pin an Arab owner to the land? The Supreme Court hasn't been able to do it, so where are you coming from?
11. How to prove the land is NOT owned?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (01.24.12)
You can prove that land is owned with ownership papers, or even evidence that you've lived there for a certain amount of time. But how do you prove the opposite? Anyone can say "I own this land". How can you dis-prove that?
12. not trustworthy
jack bauer   (01.24.12)
this whole thing smacks of deceit bibi needs to just allow the vote. trying to hoodwink everyone does nothing but cause trouble in the long run throughout history one thing is clear lies = death truth = life
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